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Journalist`s review........... page 2 Teenagers` opinions........ page 3 Statistics …………………... page 8 Contacts …………………. page 9 1.

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2 Journalist`s review........... page 2 Teenagers` opinions........ page 3 Statistics …………………... page 8 Contacts …………………. page 9 1

3 Hi! I`m Olga. I`m a journalist. My job is to take interviews. In our days teenager`s life is very important so I ask to myself what is the way teenagers live? There is a great number of answers to this question. Let me introduce the teenage lifestyle of my town. Most of young people are satisfied with their age. They have an opportunity to get education and are offered a wide range of spare-time activities. Moreover a lot of teenagers know how to entertain themselves. They even spend time in the social life, on discos, in parks and other places. But of course there are a lot of young people who smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs, become teenage mothers. We suppose these teenagers need our help. It’s not easy to talk about the way teenagers live. Now I’d like to share some opinions on what it means to be young. 2

4 I like my teen’s life although adults say that it’s horrible. But they are deeply mistaken. And I will prove it. Young people like to read, watch TV, listen to music, they go in for sport and they like to help their parents. Teens often visit museums, theatres and libraries. A lot of adults think that social problems do not interest young people but teenagers often discuss them. There are many youth organizations helping people, who are in need. Of course, young people have personal, school, drinking and drugs problems. But every teenager try to help himself and other people. I think that teen’s life in spite of its advantages is very hard. 3

5 Teen’s life is wonderful. But I think that it is as wonderful as adult’s life. Everybody says that more and more teens are turning to drugs and alcohol. But I can say it about adults. I agree that there is a lot of pressure to drink and smoke, but I’m free to decide what is good for me and nobody can make me do what I don’t want. I like to read books, watch TV and walk with my friends in my free time. Politics, anything serious… It’s not for me. Being a teenager is great fun. Take it easy. 4

6 It’s said that the most beautiful period in our life is when we are teenagers. It’s true that teens don’t have to work, care about their families or have any duties. But they have many problems in fact. The main problem is smoking. Young people think that they look more mature when they hold a cigarette. The second problem of teenagers is school. School is very important for young people, but isn’t it possible to learn all the time, especially if every teacher considers his subject the most important one. The third problem is parents. They often give advice. 5

7 I think that it is not easy to be young. My parents and teachers (especially the teacher of English) want me to do too much… Parents do not allow me to drink beer with my friends and boyfriends, and I have a lot of homework. I can’t drive the car. I can’t take a heap of money or buy a Dobermann or a Bull- dog. But there are also good sides. I needn’t work because my family is all right. I enjoy being a teenager. As you see while some teens mention only problems in growing up, I try to find the ways to cope with them. One of them is to pay more attention to the process of learning. It can be fascinating. I know it! 6

8 things in your life. I think that the main aim of modern teenagers is getting the good grades at school. Now a lot of dangers threaten teenagers. Alcohol, drugs, smoking and many other things can exert influence not only on their health and on their relatives’ health as well. I think that the best way to spend free time is to go in for sport. Sport is the useful alternative to bad habits. One more important side of teenagers’ life is communication with friends. It can help to relax after work or study. So it is easy to be young. If teenager believes in it then it becomes true. I think it is interesting to be young. It is a very important period of the life. Many people think that teenagers’ possibilities are limited. But I don’t think so. A lot of ways are opened to them. Each teenager must form his life himself. Only you can choose your future profession and other important 7

9 8

10 If you have any problems with your parents, classmates, friends you can visit our website: or call us: +7(395) - 091- 36 – 22 You will get piece of advice from our high- qualified specialists. 9

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