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USCG Auxiliary Uniforms Protocol Division Chief Uniform

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1 USCG Auxiliary Uniforms Protocol Division Chief Uniform
Jackson Whitaker Jan Presentation

2 Topics: Looking good Duck Uniforms Protocol Communication


4 Auxiliary or Active Duty
Looks like a duck Sounds like a duck Walks like a duck Must be a duck!




8 Uniforms Why it is so Important

9 Where should I start? I know we are talking volunteers so the
issue needs care in how it is presented to keep volunteers on the roles. I fully understand that, however I would like to see more about the proper pants (No Dickies Brand), Plain Black shoes, (no loafers) and V neck T shirts worn with trops. I have class rooms in the region that Aux members use frequently for meetings and training.

10 Members need to be aware that active duty members wear the uniform with pride and when they see an Auxiliarist improperly dressed it can be seen as offensive to the service. Additionally, most Auxiliarist interact with stations where the young influential active duty members are abundant. Here, it is especially important to set the proper uniform image at all levels. Finally, one of my continued efforts as a director is to promote the auxiliary resource when and wherever I can. Nothing can kill my effort faster than having to address a senior officer or even a junior on the lacking appearance of Auxiliarist wearing improper makeshift uniforms. These are the potential future leaders making the future big decisions on budgets and operations

11 If it doesn't match the material and construction it is no-longer uniform.
My Opinion is that if one cannot afford the cost of a proper uniform do not to spend the money on creating a look alike. Someone right out of boot camp can spot the difference quicker than saying semper Paratus. I would rather see the member in civilian attire than a improper uniform. I will get off the soap box, and I will do what I can to support your efforts. /r

12 I cannot tell a lie, I have LOTS of questions
I cannot tell a lie, I have LOTS of questions.  I found your contact info in the procurement guide. I have been online to determine my size for a dress coat & pants.  Shirts and shoes I can figure out. Following directions for the flat front slacks, I am being advised to purchase a size 18.  That's OK if they will actually fit.  If I were to go shopping, I would buy size 12 pants. Does this sound reasonable? Jacket is a 14, no surprise. Do they run true to size? I should also order AUX buttons, ADCBF28L (coat) AND APBM24L (Pocket). Correct? I need sleeve lace for DCDR, I have the insignia.  I have the tie. What is the "part" number to order lace? I don't know what goes on my cap.  I have the basic cap. What do I order to put on it? Thank you for your help!!! O. Winfrey

13 New uniforms

14 Uniform Standards Wear the uniform with Pride, as a representative of the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard. Elected officers should set example.

15 Source: Coast Guard Uniform Regulations
COMDTINST M (series), except were noted in AUXMAN Ch. 10. Auxiliary Manual COMDTINST M (series), Chapter 10

16 When Wearing Uniform is Prohibited
In public places of dubious reputation When engaged in political activities When in a foreign country Don’t wear distinctive parts of the uniform or insignia with civilian clothes. Home made uniforms not allowed.

17 “Service Peculiar” Standards (continued)
Men cannot wear earrings. Women can wear small silver or pearl studs. Diamond studs can be worn with dress uniform. Necklaces, chains, suspenders, pens, handkerchiefs, etc…should not be visible. Hair should be neat and clean and above the collar (for men) or at the collar (for women).

18 DRESS UNIFORM OPERATIONAL (ODU) UNISEX It is not a Liberty Uniform.
Uniform sew-on devices will now display a black “A” for Auxiliary. The Red and Blue “A” designation has been discontinued. It is not a Liberty Uniform. 18

19 Hats/Caps Combination Cap Garrison Cap Can be worn with most uniforms
Men’s and women’s styles Garrison Cap Can be worn with service dress, etc.. With small cap device (left) and small metal office insignia (right)

20 Name Tags White with CG blue lettering.
3 3/16 in. wide and 5/8 in. high. Surname only. US. Coast Guard Auxiliary below name.

21 Collar Devices Open collared short sleeve shirt - placed on center of collar flap, along a line bisecting collar Long sleeved Light blue and winter blue (with tie) - placed parallel to front edge of collar

22 Undergarments WRONG! RIGHT!!!
A word about V-Neck T-Shirts WRONG! RIGHT!!! The Navy wears crew neck T-Shirts, the CG doesn’t

23 Blue Blazer and Other Items
Auxiliary rings, lapel pins and blazer patch okay Auxiliary Blue Blazer may substitute for all uniforms, except ODU’s. Blue Blazer worn with white or gray pants or skirt, white shirt, black shoes and tie for men.



26 PROTOCOL Oct. 2010

27 Auxiliary Boot Camp Starts Where? at the Flotilla What do you learn?
A) Uniforms B) Protocol C) Ranks D) saluting E) Military Jargon

28 Questions? Joseph G. O’Leary Director of Human Resources
© 2011 by United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

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