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V. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine Kiev – Washington 2010.

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1 V. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine Kiev – Washington 2010

2 V. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine is: the largest library in Ukraine one of the main scientific information centers of the Eastern Europe General fund of the Library contains 15 millions volumes

3 The Librarys holdings include: the most complete collection of Slavonic written artifacts inside Ukraine archives and book collections of outstanding Ukrainian and world scientists collection of the Presidents of Ukraine (documents, books, gifts) archive copies of Ukrainian printings since 1917 archives of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

4 The Most Popular Library in Ukraine Each Year the Library draws over 5 million documents to more then readers: scientists, engineers, artists, students and post-graduate students Daily the Librarys site visit over users and they receive 50 Gb of information The library also provides information services for governmental bodies: Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine the Presidents administration Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

5 Our treasures Peresopnytsa Gospel (Peresopnytske Yevanheliie) XVI century Sacred relic of the Ukrainian people, which became the symbol of the Ukrainian spirituality Three Ukrainian Presidents took the oath of office on the evangelistary

6 Orshan Gospel (Orshanske Evangelie) XIII century The first manuscript written in the Eastern Ukraine Our treasures

7 Institute of manuscript (over 500 thousands units of handwritten materials ) Kyiv Glagolic Leaflets (Kyivski glagolichni lystky) IX-X centuries The oldest Slavic translation of the Latin Missal or Sacramentarium (the part sang by the priest)

8 Collection of Pinkasim Record Books of Jewish Autonomous Communities (XVIII – the first quarter of XX cc.)

9 Collection of Jewish Musical Folklore ( ) Wax phonocylinders, note and text decodings (manuscripts, typewriting) The worlds foremost repository of Jewish folk music recorded on Edison wax cylinders, included to the International UNESCO Memory of the World Register in 2005

10 Albums of Kyiv- Pechersk Lavra Icon-Painting School kuzhbushki (XVIII c.)

11 The first Constitution of Ukraine (1710)

12 The national repository of scientific periodicals 250,000 open access articles from 1,300 academic journals

13 The Library provides materials exchange with more than research and academic institutions and libraries from 80 countries The Library regularly meets foreign delegations and takes part in the international events The Institution of Universal Importance

14 V. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine is always open to the collaboration and partnership We will glad to see you at our web-site: Thank You for Your Attention!

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