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Tajikistan Documentary Heritage

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1 Tajikistan Documentary Heritage
Alla Aslitdinova Academy Library

2 Central Asia is the land and place of historical meeting and intellectual interaction between East and West, and Tajikistan is important part of this process. Located in the very heart of Central Asia, Tajikistan occupies an aria of 143,1000 square kilometers, with mountains ranging from 300 to 7,495 meters comprising 93% of the land. Half of the country in more than 3,000 meters above sea level.

3 The Tajik are descendant of branch of Indo-European family of nations who for thousands of years peacefully inhabited the fertile oases of Central Asia. Tajiks have ancient and one of the richest culture in the over the world. Books and literature constitute a fundamental part of the identity and dignity of a people.


5 Library Resources in Tajikistan
1,5 thousand public, university, special, school librarie,12 mln books 800 thousand patrons, including almost 100 thousand students more then 200 thousand pupils.

6 National Library of Tajikistan
National Library of Tajikistan named after Firdavsi was founded in 1933 year, library houses some 3 million volumes, including 2,000 historical manuscripts, 10,000 rare printed books and a significant collection of audio materials. Library helps students, faculty and other visitors locate research materials and information.

7 Library of the Tajik National State University
University Library- was founded in Library host almost 1mln. books and journals. Library started to work under the electronic catalogs in 2002 year. University Main Building

8 Central scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences Library
The Central Scientific Library of the Academy of Sciences is one of the largest libraries in the country, holding 1.5 million items, including 15,000 volumes designated as rare books, a large and important cartographic collection and a unique card-based Tajikistanica information catalogue of 4 million items. Academy library services users. Academy of Sciences Building in Dushanbe

9 Library Electronic Resources
Electronic Catalog Electronic Library(Greenstone software ) Rare Books Collection Digitazation

10 Documentation Heritage Digitalization
The Academic library has prepared a CD with works of S. Oldenburg and Sa’di Shirazi “Gulistan” that are kept in the library collection. This publication is the first CD issued in the planned series of electronic publications.

11 Islam and Islamic Studies
Library has a valuable collection of the Russian books of XIX century about Islam and Islamic Studies. These books were scanned for publication on CD and were printed by hard copy for patrons.

12 CD Published The main goal of the series is making available the contents of the Rare Book collection of the Central Scientific library of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan.

13 Manuscripts and the written heritage in general, play a special role in the history of Tajik people. The national culture and spirit heritage of Tajik- Persian Literature have international significance and Tajik literature heritage had an influence on world history and literature. The national culture and spirit heritage of Tajik- Persian Literature have international significance and Tajik literature heritage had an influence on world history and literature. Works of the ancestor of the Tajik literature Rudaki, great Avicenna's works, names of Firdavsi, Omar Khayam, Rumi, Saadi, Zakoni, Khafiz, Jami, and many others Tajik classic sparkle with bright stars on the sky of the world civilization.

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