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WALK, RUN, JUMP, LEAP: MOVING ESSENTIAL LEARNING OUTCOMES CENTER STAGE AAC&U Meeting New Orleans February 23-25, 2012 General Education and Assessment:

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1 WALK, RUN, JUMP, LEAP: MOVING ESSENTIAL LEARNING OUTCOMES CENTER STAGE AAC&U Meeting New Orleans February 23-25, 2012 General Education and Assessment: New Contexts, New Cultures Maureen Andrade, Kathie Debenham, KD Taylor Utah Valley University

2 Utah Valley University - At A Glance Member of LEAP Campus Action Network Participant in 2011 Shared Futures Project: Global Learning and Social Responsibility/GE USHE State GE Task Force/Lumina Tuning Project Carnegie Community Engaged designation Surviving and implementing recent GE re-visioning

3 Overview: Moving ELOs Center Stage Common Challenges to ELO Assessment UVUs Four-Step Approach Identify simplified language to market the Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) Refine communication processes Provide professional development opportunities Assess progress Attendee Strategies and Solutions

4 Challenges – Recognize any of these? Stakeholders unfamiliar with ELOs Course syllabi do not list ELOs Course syllabi list different ELOs for the same course Lack of knowledge about the GE program Faculty connected to disciplines, not GE Large number of adjuncts teaching GE courses Coordination of core themes, ELOs, GEOs & responsibilities for assessment Accreditation recommendation Publish outcomes Develop consistent assessment practices Improve learning

5 UVUs Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) Integrated and Applied Learning Engaged Learning Integrated Learning Applied Learning Intellectual and Practical Skills Foundation Communication Quantitative Reasoning Qualitative Reasoning: Critical, Analytical, and Creative Thinking Information Literacy Technical Literacy People of Integrity Ethical Reasoning and Understanding Personal and Social Responsibility Professional Competency Ability to Adapt and Change Teamwork Problem Formation and Solution Stewards of Place Local Community Global Community Interdependence Among Communities Knowledge Foundation Core and Distribution

6 Identify GE program connection to ELOs ELOs- Detailed and Complex Integrated and Applied Learning Intellectual and Practical Skills Foundation Qualitative Reasoning: Critical, Analytical, and Creative Thinking People of Integrity Professional Competency Stewards of Place Knowledge Foundation GEOs-Transparent and Memorable Communication Critical and Creative Thinking Community Core & Distribution courses

7 Community A student will demonstrate the ability to be personally and socially responsible through collaboration, ethical reasoning and understanding, and stewardship of local, national, and global communities. Engaged, Integrated, and Applied Learning Professional Competency People of Integrity Stewards of Place

8 GOAL: Integrate Elements of Overlap in ELOs Engaged, Integrative, and Applied Learning Collaborate successfully on projects Work effectively in teams Professional Competency Work in groups using intellectual tools to assess and improve the groups effectiveness All included under Community in re-thinking how to simplify GE outcomes

9 GOAL: Enable Autonomy Community. Students will be personally and socially responsible. This can include Working effectively in groups Having a sense of moral obligation and ethical awareness Cultivating an appreciation and respect for diversity Programs may want to add specific outcomes related to Stewardship of local, national, and global communities. The resolution of governance, political, economic, educational, health, human rights and/or environmental issues Departments determine definitions and relevance

10 Content maintained Reorganization Simplification Approval Processes Needed


12 Core Themes and ELOs


14 Exploring the ELOs Student focus groups Omnibus survey Lunch n learn

15 Marketing & Public Relations Internal Community Trustees Administration Department Chairs Faculty Advisors Staff Students External Community Commissioners Office Board of Regents Other institutions, state committees Service region Prospective students & friends of UVU Employers

16 Internal Community Presentations Web site ads with links Catalog Syllabi Digital signage Magazines & brochures Banners Student orientation Student handbook Student newspaper Forums Social media Common course shell for all GE courses in Canvas Fall Faculty Convocation External Community Speakers & panel discussions with civic leaders Website News media Magazines & brochures Career & internship fair Recruitment events Billboards Work with VP Engagement with Chambers of Commerce, business clubs & associations Social media

17 Use Common GE Course Shell in Canvas Why Provide an identity for GE courses in LMS Students see the continuity of GE outcomes related to the ELOs To facilitate assessment via significant assignments required in shell Provide access to uploading assignments in eportfolio How Summer Seminar for pilot group of faculty from departments teaching gateway courses Identify necessary common elements Provide significant faculty freedom for elements not needing to be common

18 Employee Incentives Informed campus citizen Ability to assist students Professional development opportunities Special events and recognitions Guilt Student Incentives Degree Career preparation & marketability Personal achievement Knowledge of educational & workforce expectations Responsible citizenship

19 Course Objectives & Syllabi COMET: Curriculum Online Management Enterprise Tool Inclusion of ELOs in course/program design List the ELO(s) that each GE course meets 257 GE courses Must be added manually Needs approvals by Curriculum Committee and Academic Affairs Council SYLLABI Prepare syllabus addendum explaining ELOs for all classes Require course syllabus to include information about ELOs and how course meets specific ELO(s). Suggest ways to summarize ELO(s) in e-portfolio

20 ELO Catalog Markers ELO Description Possible abbreviated codes shown below


22 Faculty Center Learning Circles New faculty orientation Summer training Canvas GE course shell ELOs Assessment Signature/significant assignment Rubrics


24 Assessment of Strategies Institutional Research data Community response Employer response Faculty response Social media feedback Student survey on ELOs done as baseline Fall 2012 in Omnibus Survey; follow up two years later

25 Achievement of ELOs Embedded assessments in GE and major courses First year experience course First year seminar Capstone courses E-portfolios

26 E-Portfolio Project GE Committee Learning Circle Zubizarreta, J. The learning portfolio, 2 nd ed. San Francisco: Jossey- Bass. Guiding Questions Why do want an e-portfolio system? What key elements are we seeking from a system/platform? What are the portfolio contents and design? Stakeholder Meetings Education and Business Grants for Engaged Learning Institute for Professional Engagement Courses English 1010 History 1700 Digital Media

27 Current Directions Student experiences with e-portfolios and ELOs Summer faculty training Canvas GE course template Signature assignments Rubrics Fall pilots Student support kiosks Data collection Continued campus conversations


29 Resources UVU GE ELOs Core Themes cycle/Core_Theme_Indicators%20with%20Rationale.pdf cycle/Core_Theme_Indicators%20with%20Rationale.pdf Engaged Learning Student Omnibus ection%20-%20Fall%202009.pdf ection%20-%20Fall%202009.pdf Service Learning Graduating Student Survey AAC&U LEAP Overview LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes Principles of Excellence High Impact Practices

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