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Great Tools for Securing and Testing Your Network Ernest Staats MS Information Assurance, CISSP, MCSE, CNA, CWNA, CCNA, Security+,

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1 Great Tools for Securing and Testing Your Network Ernest Staats MS Information Assurance, CISSP, MCSE, CNA, CWNA, CCNA, Security+, I-Net+, Network+, Server+, A+ Resources available @

2 Outline Silver Bullet Most Used Tools CD/USB Security Perimeter Security Vulnerability Assessment Password Recovery Networking Scanning Data Rescue and Restoration Application and Data Base Tools Encryption Software Wireless Tools Virtual Machines New USB Exploits Digital Forensic Tools Backup Software Tools that Cost but Have Great Value

3 No Silver Bullet No Silver Bullet for network and system testing: –Determine your needs –Finding the right tools –Using the right tool for the job

4 My Most Used Tools: Google (Get Google Hacking book) –The Google Hacking Database (GHDB) SuperScan 4 –Network Scanner find open ports (I prefer version 3) resources/proddesc/superscan.htm resources/proddesc/superscan.htm Cain and Abel –(the Swiss Army knife) Crack passwords crack VOIP and so much more NMap –(Scanning and Foot printing) Nessus –(Great system wide Vulnerability scanner)

5 Cain and Abel Local Passwords

6 Nessus Summary

7 My Most Used Tools 2: Ethereal or Wireshark –(packet sniffers Use to find passwords going across network) SSL Passwords are often sent in clear text before logging on – » Metasploit –(Hacking made very easy) BackTrack or UBCD4WIN Boot CD –(Cleaning infected PCs or ultimate hacking environment will run from USB) – Read notify –(registered email) Virtual Machine for pen testing –(Leaves no trace)

8 Security Testing Boot CD/USB: Bart PE or UBCD4WIN –http://www.bartpe.com –http://www.ubcd4win.com Back Track (one of the more powerful cracking network auditing packages) –http://www.remoteexploit.org Other Linux CD –Trinity Rescue Kit (recover/repair dead Windows or Linux systems) ont_id=12 ont_id=12 –KNOPPIX (recover/repair dead systems and several security tools)

9 Demo of UBCD/BackTrack

10 BackTrack

11 Secure Your Perimeter: DNS-stuff and DNS-reports http://www.dnsreports.comhttp://www.dnsstuff.com –Are you blacklisted? –Test your e-mail system –Check your HTML code for errors – (Also use WIN HTTrack for offline testing) Shields UP and Leak test – – Other Firewall checkers –

12 Tools to Assess Vulnerability Nessus(vulnerability scanners) –http://www.nessus.org Snort (IDS - intrusion detection system) –http://www.snort.org Metasploit Framework (vulnerability exploitation tools) Use with great caution and have permission – work/ work/

13 Password Recovery Tools: Fgdump (Mass password auditing for Windows) – Cain and Abel (password cracker and so much more….) – John The Ripper (password crackers) – RainbowCrack : An Innovative Password Hash Cracker tool that makes use of a large-scale time-memory trade-off. – D=776fc0bb788953e190cf415e60c781a5 D=776fc0bb788953e190cf415e60c781a5

14 Change/Discover Win Passwords Windows Password recovery - Can retrieve forgotten admin and users' passwords in minutes. Safest possible option, does not write anything to hard drive.Windows Password recovery Offline NT Password & Registry Editor - A great boot CD/Floppy that can reset the local administrator's password.Offline NT Password & Registry Editor John the Ripper - Good boot floppy with cracking capabilities.John the Ripper Emergency Boot CD - Bootable CD, intended for system recovery in the case of software or hardware faults.Emergency Boot CD Austrumi - Bootable CD for recovering passwords and other cool tools.Austrumi

15 Networking Scanning MS Baseline Analyzer – 7B51EC2E5AC9&displaylang=en 7B51EC2E5AC9&displaylang=en The Dude (Great mapper and traffic analyzer) – Getif (Network SNMP discovery and exploit tool) – SoftPerfect Network Scanner – HPing2 (Packet assembler/analyzer) –http://www.hping.org Netcat (TCP/IP Swiss Army Knife) –http://netcat.sourceforge.net TCPDump (packet sniffers) Linux or Windump for windows – and LanSpy (local, Domain, NetBios, and much more) –

16 File Rescue and Restoration: Zero Assumption Digital Image rescue recovery.htm recovery.htm Restoration File recovery – Free undelete –http://www.pc- ue/http://www.pc- ue/ Effective File Search : Find data inside of files or data bases –

17 Discover & Securely Delete Important Information: Windows and Office Key finder/Encrypting –Win KeyFinder (also encrypts the keys) –ProduKey (also finds SQL server key) Secure Delete software –Secure Delete DUMPSEC (Dump all of the registry and share permissions) – Win Finger Print (Scans for Windows shares, enumerates usernames, groups, sids and much more ) –http://winfingerprint.sourceforge.net

18 Application and Data Base Tools N-Stealth – an effective HTTP Security Scanner – WINHTTrack – Website copier SQLRecon (SQLRecon performs both active and passive scans of your network in order to identify all of the SQL Server/MSDE installations) – 65/Default.aspx 65/Default.aspx Absinthe (Tool that automates the process of downloading the schema & contents of a database that is vulnerable to Blind SQL Injection.) –

19 AppDetective AppDetective discovers database applications and assesses their security strength AppDetective assess two primary application tiers - application / middleware, and back-end databases - through a single interface AppDetective locates, examines, reports, and fixes security holes and misconfigurations mssql Cost $900

20 Encryption Software: Hard drive or Jump Drives –True Crypt for cross platform encryption with lots of options –Dekart its free version is very simple to use paid version has more options – Email or messaging –PGP for encrypting email

21 Wireless Tools: Aircrack : The fastest available WEP/WPA cracking tool Aircrack is a suite of tools for 802.11a/b/g WEP and WPA cracking. It can recover a 40 through 512-bit WEP or WPA 1 or 2Aircrack –The suite includes airodump (an 802.11 packet capture program) aireplay (an 802.11 packet injection program) aircrack (static WEP and WPA-PSK cracking) airdecap (decrypts WEP/WPA capture files) – Net Stumbler (finds wireless networks works well) –http://wwww.netsumbler.com Kismet (wireless tools or packet sniffers) –http://wwww.kismetwireless.net

22 Virtual Machines Xen for Linux – VM server or VM workstation for booting Part Pe ISOs or Remote Exploit – MS Virtual Server (slower but very easy to use) – irtualserver/software/privacy.mspx irtualserver/software/privacy.mspx VMs can be used to run auditing applications that typically would require a dedicated server

23 Network Toolbox U3 Analyzers Network monitors Traffic Generators Network Scanners IDS Network Utilities Network Clients Secure Clients SNMP Web Auditing Tools Password revealers System Tools Supplementary tools (Dos prompt, Unix shell, etc..) – htm htm

24 USB Switchblade Access all stored passwords on a windows computer –[System info] [Dump SAM] [Dump Product Keys] [Dump LSA secrets (IE PWs)] [Dump Network PW] [Dump messenger PW] [Dump URL History] Available at Plug U3 Drive in any windows XP/2000/2003 computer Wait about 1 minute Eject Drive Go to run on the start menu, then type x:\Documents\logfiles (x = flash drive letter) then press enter Look at username and passwords or start cracking hashed windows passwords

25 Digital Forensic Tools The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy Browser. Both are open source digital investigation tools (digital forensic tools) – Boot CD –UBCD4WIN –BACKTRACK

26 Backup Software SyncBack – –Secure: Encrypt a zip file with a 256-bit AES encryption –Copy Open Files (XP/2003) –Compression: You can compress an unlimited size, and an unlimited number of files. (Paid) –Performance & Throttling limit bandwidth usage, (Paid) –FTP and Email :Backup or sync files with an FTP server. Auto email the results of your backup –Overview PPT on my web site

27 Tools That Cost But Have Great Value: Spy Dynamics Web Inspect QualysGuard EtherPeek Netscan tools Pro (250.00 full network forensic reporting and incident handling) LanGuard Network Scanner AppDetective (Data base scanner and security testing software) Air Magnet (one of the best WIFI analyzers and rouge blocking) RFprotect Mobile Core Impact (complete vulnerability scanning and reporting) WinHex– (Complete file inspection and recovery even if corrupt ) Forensics and data recovery

28 Q&A Resources are available at –Files and suggestions –Security and Information Assurance Links –PPT for this and VM Security Best Step by Step Security Videos Free –http://www.irongeek.com Shameless plug –Virtual Server Security Presentation –Thursday 9:30AM Location: Salon 7

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