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MANdatory Men of MANdatory do what others are unwilling to do to be successful Norm Jones, Ph.D. Dean of Diversity & Assistant to the President Dickinson.

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1 MANdatory Men of MANdatory do what others are unwilling to do to be successful Norm Jones, Ph.D. Dean of Diversity & Assistant to the President Dickinson College

2 We want something that looks like a shield or a crest

3 Brief History and Overview Grew out of conversation in early summer 10 Deficit conversation Critical question: What are we trying to achieve? Approach: open enrollment First cohort: 28 enrolled, 21 completed Second cohort: 9 enrolled, 9 completed Third cohort: 10 enrolled, 10 completed**

4 Brief History and Overview Mostly freshmen after the first year 40 graduates – 15 African American – 12 Hispanic/Latino – 7 Asian/Asian American – 4 South East Asian/Pacific Islander – 2 Intl. (Nigeria, Kenya) Mostly first generation

5 What is MANdatory MANdatory is an academic enrichment/leadership program which seeks to create a safe space for men of color to process their experience in the context of race and gender. Through powerful speakers and interactive exercises, participants reframe notions of success based on their own standards of expectation.

6 Sampling of Programs Team building (orientation) Stereotype threat Academic Readiness Identity and gender expression Platform skills The Art of Debate Persuasive Writing Earning Power Interviewing Wellness/Flourishing Unpacking the Asian American Experience The Man Behind the Bowtie

7 Unpacking Success Many times, its not just achievement that needs to be raised but rather our standards of expectation around achievement. ** The Deans Challenge

8 Perspectives on Success Example: Who comes to college? Imposition of definition for success- connected to notions of privilege. These men are the men who made it. They maximized their environments. They did what they were supposed to do It is the environment that has deficits, not them.

9 Pressures of Life Catalysts Becoming Savvy Resource Never Too Late to Learn Roadblocks The Needs of Others First Money Worries Pathways to Completion Catalysts Standing Out in the Crowd Cultivating a Sense of Purpose Roadblocks When a Choice is Not a Choice Settling for Less Webs of Support Catalysts A Family of Support Exposure to Good and Bad Examples Roadblocks The Struggle to Ask The Support Deficit 9 The Educational Experience of Young Men of Color: Capturing the Student Voice

10 Unpacking Success Even those of us with the best intentions run the risk of suffering from internalized propaganda regarding men of color and the achievement gap.

11 Unpacking Success The risk of unconsciously framing our initiative as deficit-based holds us accountable for what weve dubbed success articulation

12 Success Articulation Stereotype Threat Meta Cognition Invitation to Rigor (I.T.R.)

13 Stereotype Threat Grew out of a charge from Dr. David Wall Rice, Professor of Psychology at Morehouse College He told them to Whistle Vivaldi There is a certain power in naming and uncovering. Owning the fact that this takes place right on our campus. Addressing internalized otherness Particularly important for Asian, Asian-American and Southeast Asian men. Knew they were other but not racialized.

14 Meta Cognition Otherness depends heavily on how one is socialized. We found that there was a collective otherness felt by each individual. Though nuanced (based on the K-12 experience) it all pointed back to exuded expectation. The notion of unpacking exposes systemic revelations about otherness and inequities.

15 Metacognition New CORE value: writing The Presidents Journal- given out Day 1 Three scenarios: Youve just won the lottery, now what? You have one year to live, now what? If you could be anywhere where would you be and what would you be doing? What are you doing here? What do success look like, smell like, taste like, sound like, feel like? Graduation speeches Interview with Malcolm Gladwell about Outliers

16 Invitation to Rigor Three words that say so much Reality framed positively Syllabus used as metaphor for the learning contract between professor and student. Literal de-construction of a syllabus over one class period Followed up by a session with faculty of color using a real student (senior) and a real syllabus and role play.

17 What weve learned Through survey feedback, interviews, and informal program evaluation, heres what we know… There must be something offered both semesters There must be two layers of outreach Students appreciate the rigor of the program because its done in a safe space Students appreciate acknowledgement of diverse experiences

18 What weve learned Students appreciate being held accountable by peers (e.g. class attendance or asking for help) Alumni of the program are engaged at an institutional level because of their MANdatory experience (e.g. attendance at graduation or a session) Lunchtime discussion is critical 6 to 8; 10 to 2 is code

19 Curricular Assessment Gather data about the pre-collegiate experience. Build early habits of mind around best practices Benchmark against the new normal Co-create learning goals and opportunities for faculty interface Practice and follow up on the conversations Encourage written reflection Infuse messages about learning into campus diversity programs Audit the inclusion of diverse others as scholars

20 What theyve said I treated it like a fifth class I never stepped foot in the library before my junior year I didnt make deans list but I came close If I can go from being a D student to being a B student, getting an A is possible Instead of taking naps I reviewed for class I do better when I let my roommate quiz me

21 Next Steps Upcoming school year we will focus on data collection and analysis. MANdatory documentary Continue to search for funding Formalize the alumni network Bring otherwise disengaged alumni of color (particularly men) into this journey Think about opportunities for interactional diversity using MANdatory students as a cohort.

22 Unpacking Success Thank you! Norm Jones, Ph.D. Dean of Diversity & Assistant to the President

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