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“Technology based economic development through open innovation” © 2014.

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1 “Technology based economic development through open innovation” © 2014

2 Center for Innovation Non Profit NGO Founded in 2001 Global, National, Regional, Local Strategic Focus –Deal Flow –Capital –Talent & Know How © 2014

3 Industry Universities Capital Economic Development Government Partnerships with 7 Federal Agencies Beta Lab Network Access to 33 Federal Labs Partnerships with USPTO Pro Bono Inventor Assistance, through Lawyer Referral For Profit Affiliate Access to Capital Equity Corporate formation & Incubation Venture Capital Partnerships with SBA Unmanned Systems Bio Economy Healthcare Alternative Energy * Manufacturing * Advanced Water Technologies Produced Waters* Corrosion Control* Technology Challenges Featured Technologies TechMatch Database Webinars * (in development)

4 Federal Agency Network Defense (120 labs) Agriculture (90 labs & research centers) Homeland Security (1 lab and 8 research centers) HHS/National Institutes of Health (27 institutes) Energy (17 labs) Environmental Protection Agency (7 labs) Department of Interior (64 labs) Patent Trademark Office (Inventor Assistance Office) Small Business Administration Commerce/International Trade Administration © 2014

5 Affiliate Partner Network Premise – to provide an international open innovation network with each partner serving as a conduit to a greater number of local and regional entities, including venture funds and research institutions Structure Business and Industry Universities Economic development organizations Venture funds Municipalities & Airports © 2014

6 VenComm is a “for profit” LLC affiliate of the Center for Innovation Serves as a holding corporation for CFI projects Enables incubation of for profit corporate entities Enables the effective use and integration of public and private sector capital MOU with SBA VenComm

7 USPTO Pro Bono Assistance Office CFI manages the Texas Office for the USPTO Pro Bono Inventors Assistance Program under America Invents Act

8 Industry Consortia Communities of Practice Marketplace –Tech Challenge –Webinars –Featured Technologies –TechMatch+++ Open Innovation Network © 2014

9 Consortia Structure Executive Committee Advisory Board Technical Guidance Committee “Investor based, industry driven”

10 Consortia Strategic Objectives Industry sector development Research, development, and commercialization Education, workforce development, and training Development of policy and standards Access to capital

11 Next Steps

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