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LEAP States Summit Wrap-UP Action Plans and Next Steps.

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1 LEAP States Summit Wrap-UP Action Plans and Next Steps

2 General Education Have we made a sufficient and effective case for general education in the context of state systems? (relation to majors, lower division in addition to upper-level, etc.) The passport project could move the conversation about general education in new directions.

3 Transfer How can we constructively do the cross-walk between courses and outcomes? Are there good models (e.g. certification methods that incorporate outcomes frameworks) How to use the Lumina DP to advance transfer goalsbeyond the course/credit models? Is there a way to use it in a lower-stakes way to advance more constructive, quality-based transfer models? Concerns about state-mandated efforts related to outcomes, DP, etc.; how to do this without over- relying on legislative solutions? (keep efforts faculty driven)

4 Transfer What are the first steps we can take to facilitate transfer with the system we already have? How can we build on existing and emerging models?

5 High-Impact Practices Can we develop complete inventories of high- impact practices across campuses? Can we generate data on impact o high-impact practices and disaggregate the data? Can we more crisply define high-impact practices and/or develop sub-sets of them? What doesnt belong on the list? Are there models for capturing data on high-impact practices that arent associated with specific courses?

6 Leadership How to develop cross-state partnerships and collaborative leadership across multiple states or in regions? How do we link LEAP leadership with other national initiatives (common core, tuning, Complete College America, DP, etc.)? How to generate shared responsibility and leadership at all levels and in all spheres of influence and in sustainable ways even when leaders change? How do we generate academic leadership and understanding within system leadership and among regents and boards? How to connect with faculty governance structures in sustainable ways?

7 Leadership How to develop leadership for LEAP goals in both academic and student affairs?

8 Data Systems Data on high-impact practices and assessment must be generated from the campuses on the ground.

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