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Update to NCPH on WHOIS GNSO NCPH Inter-Sessional Meeting 29 Jan 2013.

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1 Update to NCPH on WHOIS GNSO NCPH Inter-Sessional Meeting 29 Jan 2013

2 Two Track Approach Re-examine purpose & propose new model for managing Next Generation gTLD Directory Services Enforce current obligations & increase communications on gTLD WHOIS 2 November 2012 Board Resolution

3 gTLD WHOISStrategic Priority 3 Highlighted in operating plans & budgets; key focus of CEO Expanded Compliance Team under CEO; Strategic Initiatives Team addressing WHOIS CEO overseeing improvements to enforcement of contracts Implementation underway on WHOIS RT Recommendations per Board Resolution

4 Compliance 4 WHOIS inaccuracy compliance investigation cycle shortened Regular updates issued on Compliance activities 3-year Audit Program launched, includes review of inaccuracy responses Centralizing, streamlining Compliance systems, tools Developing Compliance metrics and improving reporting Increased efforts to ensure compliance with existing gTLD WHOIS policy & conditions

5 Data Accuracy & Access 5 Exploring automated tools to help address inaccuracy Exploring creation of privacy/proxy accreditation program Advancing accuracy & access goals in RAA negotiations Evaluating other contract changes to implement the Boards WHOIS resolution Advancing accuracy & access objectives

6 New Initiative - gTLD Directory Services Expert Working Group (EWG) to re- examine WHOIS purpose, propose Next Generation Model for gTLD Directory Services Lay foundation for new policy development work, requisite contract changes, etc. EWG work to be evaluated by GNSO PDP Board-requested Preliminary Issue Report to be published prior to Beijing Meeting 6 Next Generation Model New Policy Initiative

7 Development of Next Gen Directory Service As a foundation for new gTLD policy and contractual negotiations... 7 Board directed CEO to launch a new effort to: Redefine the purpose of collecting, maintaining and providing access to gTLD registration data, and Consider safeguards for protecting data

8 Expert Working Group Facilitator- Jean- Francois Baril Background in standards setting at RosettaNet & experienced in consensus building among diverse interests Type of volunteers sought: – Significant operational experience & knowledge of registration data collection, access, accuracy, use, privacy, security, law enforcement, standards and protocols – Not intended to be comprised solely of Community representatives- ICANN outsiders to be considered 8

9 Expert Working Group Launched Call for volunteers closed. Working Group to be announced shortly Work during Feb- April 13 – Conference calls & 2 FTF meetings, travel costs provided – Periodic updates to the ICANN Community – Community discussion to be sought online and in Beijing Board Liaisons to Expert Group-Steve Crocker and Chris Disspain For more information, see: 14dec12-en.htm en.htm 9

10 Questions 10

11 Thank you

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