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Capacity Building Working Group 18 th July, 2013.

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1 Capacity Building Working Group 18 th July, 2013

2 Table of Contents Overview of At Large – Recent Statistics – Geographical Overview – ALS Penetration Rate – Language Variation across ALSes Geographic Classifications – Competing categorizations – Competing classifications Survey Post Durban 2013

3 ALS Growth Rate

4 ALS Penetration Rate RALONo. of ALSes Countri es w/ ALS Countri es w/ ccNSO Total Countri es Penetra tion Rate AP3117407423% AF2516295430% LAC4216243348% NA2634838% EU3316367920%

5 ccNSO Penetration Data ICANN RegionCountriesHas ccNSO AF5429 AP7440 EUR7936 LAC3324 NA84 Grand Total:248133

6 Language Variations LanguageNumber of Countries Armenian1 Bulgarian2 Catalan1 Dutch1 Dutch/French1 English35 Finnish1 French11 French/German2 French/German/Italian1 German11 Greek1 Italian2 Nepali1 Romanian1 Slovene1 Spanish10 Ukrainian/Russian2 (blank)70 Grand Total155

7 Geographic Classifications Africa (ICANN) has only 54 countries/regions as against Africa (UN) consisting of 57 Asia/Pacific (ICANN) has 74 countries/regions as against Asia (UN) consisting of 50 Europe (ICANN) has 79 countries/regions as against Europe (UN) consisting of 52 North America (ICANN) has only 8 countries/regions as against Americas (UN) consisting of 51 Latin America and Caribbean (ICANN) has only 33 countries/regions – UN clubs this in with NA in Americas Oceania (UN) classification does not exist in ICANN and identifies 25 countries

8 Competing classifications Ascension Island Antarctica Bouvet Island British Indian Ocean Territory French Southern Territories Important Territories where UN region does not match with ICANN region

9 Sub Groups Online Face to Face Content Social Media Survey

10 What We Need to Do? Launch Survey, post Durban – Host Call with RALOs and ALSes – Introduce the Survey Accelerate work in sub- working Group, tasks handed in Beijing to be completed by 15 th August, 2013 Attend to pending Action Items Fresh Timelines for new tasks will be given post Durban

11 Thank you

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