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1 Address Supporting Organization - towards global address policy - 13 July, 2000 Takashi Arano Vice Chair, Address Council (NTT Communications)

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1 1 Address Supporting Organization - towards global address policy - 13 July, 2000 Takashi Arano Vice Chair, Address Council (NTT Communications)

2 2 Internet Resources zDomain Names zProtocol Numbers zIP Addresses yIPv4, IPv6 zAS Numbers zDNS inverse lookup,

3 3 5 Conflicting Goals of Address Policy zUniqueness zRegistration zAggregation zConservation zFairness in the APNIC policy documents

4 4 Address Policy Scheme zCurrent Scheme is … yEach registry serves for a certain region xnon profit organization xonly one registry for one geographical region yHierarchical Registries Structure xA registry is responsible for the whole area xThe upper one checks performance of the lowers. yRegistry allocates addresses based on demonstrated needs zThis is only one feasible way…


6 6 Like Domain Names… zIf registry function were open for any profit organizations… yDifficult to achieve fairness and conservation zIf dispute policy were employed for fairness… yDispute for the amount of addresses justified yTechnically complicated and practically impossilble zIf new spaces were provided… yYes, its a reasonable solution! yActually RIRs started IPv6 allocation services, but practically speaking, transition is not so easy.

7 7 Issues zOne Consistent Global Policy yRegional policy are almost same but not consistent in certain points zOpen and Transparent Decision Processes ypolicy development from various aspects, not only registries view zLegal background of Address allocations ICANN ASO

8 8 ASO Background ICANN RIRs Signing MoU about ASO Purpose and Scope of ASO Composition of ASO Duties of the Address Council Annual Open Meeting (General Assembly) Relationship between individual RIRs and ICANN Appointments of ICANN directors Min. Req. of new RIRs MoU

9 9 ASO History z1999-07 RIRs submited a draft of MoU to ICANN z1999-08-26 ICANN accepted proposal z1999-10-18 MoU Signed z1999-10-19 Complete address council selected z1999-10-25 AC phone conf. Selection of Directors z1999-11-02 AC opne meeting z2000-05-19 the first ASO General Assembly at Budapest

10 10 ASO Structure zAddress Council (AC) y3 from each RIR (currently 9 members) y1 observer from each emerging RIR zGeneral Assembly yAC holds GA more than once a year yOpen for everyone zSecretariat yRIR takes this duty one after the other in one year term

11 11 Address Councils Role zAdvisory Role yadvise the ICANN Board on matters about addresses zPolicy Development yglobal policy (v4, v6, AS, reverse lookup of DNS, etc…) zAppointment of three ICANN Board of Directors

12 12 AC appointments to the board A new board member replacing Pindar Wong is being elected now.

13 13 How to elect Address Council zEach RIR selects 3 persons in an open and transparent way. z3 year term (Initially 1, 2 and 3 years)

14 14 Address Council members

15 15 Current Issues zEmerging RIR Criteria zAddress block delegation from ICANN zGlobal Address Policy zASO Internal Issues

16 16 Emerging RIR Criteria zAfriNIC and LACNIC is almost ready zNot intended for strict rules of emerging RIR zIntended to help the ICANN board recognize emerging RIRs zNot intended for requirements to the current RIRs. But current RIRs are implicitly supposed to satisfy these requirements zDraft process so far yver. 0.1 1999-12-22 yver. 0.2 2000-3-4 yver. 0.3 2000-?? yNow its the final stage.

17 17 Criteria zRegion of Coverage yFragmentation or Competition is not desirable in one region zCommunity Support yNeeds consensus for the whole regional support zBottom-up Self Governance zNeutrality and Impartiality zTechnical Expertise zAdherence to Global Policies zActivity Plan zFunding Model zRecord Keeping zConfidentiality

18 18 Address block delegation from IANA zWho is eligible for address allocations? yCurrently drafted and being discussed yBasically Only RIRs. yExperimental purposes? zHow does IANA delegate address blocks to RIRs? yGuideline needed ywill be drafted soon.

19 19 Global Address Policy zAssignment rules (RFC2050) Revision zNew policies yallocation policy ypolicy for each application such as CATV internet, web hosting, mobile network, etc. zWhat is consistency with local rules?? zIPv6 Address Policy development

20 20 IPv6 Address Policy zCurrent policy does not define some points such as end user assignment yet zAfter gaining more experiments, we will discuss and revise policies.

21 21 ASO Internal Issues zinternal procedure drafted yDecision making was sometimes ad-hoc and sometimes delayed because procedure was not clear zMonthly tele-conference zE-voting

22 22 Requests : Board ICANN Public RIRs Individual AC members ……... TICKET OPEN & ACKNOWLEDGMENT SENT TO SENDER ( 2 days by the chair) + AC-COORD LIST AC discussion on FEASIBILITY & CLASSIFICATION (< 1 month) NO TICKET CLOSE (2 days by the chair) YES ADMIN - POLICY - RECOMMENDATION - OTHER (?) RIRs TICKET CLOSE PROCESS (minimum 90 days) « REGIONAL » APPROPRIATE OPEN + OTHER REGIONS « GLOBAL » ASO DISCUSSION NOTIFICATION FORUM ( process to be termined) OF THE CONCERNED REGION OUT COME (TICKET CLOSED ?) RIRs Discussion With AC Public comment (30 days) ( ASO & RIRs end information out to any concerned list) COMPILE RESULTS By the AC Imput from EXPERTS or WG Page one to sender AC asks for further developments AC PROCEDURES Impact on @ No impact on @ RESPONSE TO SENDER (SO?) AND ICANN BOARD AC vote

23 23 Summary zUnlike domain names case, it is practical and feasible for non-profit and independent registries to allocate address for the divided area. zASO was created for global policy development/coordination zASO is still young and now developing its own internal framework and tackling with some urgent issues.

24 24 More Information zASO Web Page y zMailing Lists x

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