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The UN Volunteers Programme and UNICEF in the Americas & Caribbean.

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1 The UN Volunteers Programme and UNICEF in the Americas & Caribbean

2 UNICEF 2004 UNV-UNICEF IN LAC What is the UNV Programme? Created by the General Assembly in 1970 with the main objetive of serving as an operational partner in development cooperation, at the request of UN member states. It reports to the Governing Council of UNDP, and works through UNDPs field offices around the world. 2003: 5.631 UNVs, 669 in LAC (16,9%) 2004: almost 5000 UNVs UNVs are men and women; -from more than 160 nationalities 70% countries in development 30 % industrialized countries - with university degree plus an average of 9 years work experience

3 UNICEF 2004 UNV-UNICEF IN LAC UNICEF/ UNV Cooperation It was initiated in 1971 First 6 UNVs in Pakistan In 1990 Teresa Albanez and 1993 Marta Maurás, Regional Director, promoted this new source in LAC. In 2000 IUNV recruiting procedures were formalized by DHR Guidelines ( CF/AI/2000) In January 2002: TACRO and UNV signed: Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aim at promoting and protecting Child and Adolescent Rights in LAC.

4 UNICEF 2004 UNV-UNICEF IN LAC ABOUT the UNVs… What kind of Volunteers are offered? a)International Specialists Volunteers (IUNV) - Bachelors/postgraduates, 2 UN lenguages, - Specialists with many years of relevant experience in human rights, int. cooperation and human dev. - Special motivation and willingness to work under difficult circumstances - Working under the Charter of the UNs objetives with no expectancy of economic benefits - USD 35/45 thousand ( duty station, dependants, etc.)

5 UNICEF 2004 UNV-UNICEF IN LAC b) National Specialists Volunteers (NUNV): - Bachelors/postgraduates, 1 UN languages, communication skills - Deeper local knowledge, supporting development & humanitarian programmes, as much as IUNVs work ( team work). - USD 16.000 c) Community Promoters Volunteers (NUNV) d) Corporate/ Private Sector Volunteers e) On-line Volunteers f) Volunteers in agreement with Universities

6 UNICEF 2004 UNV-UNICEF IN LAC How to finance a UNV? a)UNICEF funds: RR or OR. UNV specialists costs are usually fully covered by UNICEF. In case of emergency it could be advanced by emerg. funds b)Fully funded (donors) through UNV Bonn. c)Cofinancing UNICEF-UNV UNICEF, UNV, or coordinated projects to donor

7 UNICEF 2004 UNV-UNICEF IN LAC How to establish a UNV post? COUNTRY OFFICES: Including a request in CPMP and IBP (Integrated Budget Proposal) to be submitted to PBR. The application should be accompanied by: - Justification for a new post - Job Description for UNV Assignment Including costs of UNV + travel and associated costs (office space, equipment, etc.). No fully funded Budget officer (NY) will enter the info in IMIS & PAT TACRO: Post & budget should be approved by PBR in NY HQ

8 UNICEF 2004 UNV-UNICEF IN LAC Recruitment of IUNV Forward official request to UNV HQ through UNDP (RR) accompanied by: a) Job description b) additional info of the program/project c) duration of the post d) copy to TACRO HR and UNV Coordinator UNV HQ send a bio-data of candidates (through UNDP) (this roster includes UNICEF identified candidates) UNICEF notifies UNV HQ of the preferred candidates, through UNDP.

9 UNICEF 2004 UNV-UNICEF IN LAC Contract: UNDP RR is authorized to issue and sign UNV contracts, which will start on the date of arrival VLA: ( Volunteer Living Allowance): It is intended to cover their basic living expenses It has two components; 1) living allowance and 2) costs of accomodation It contains a medical insurance (Van Breda) It ranges from USD 850 to USD 2650; depending on country and primary dependants It is paid through local UNDP offices VLA increases will be negotiated through UNDP

10 UNICEF 2004 UNV-UNICEF IN LAC Recruitment of NUNV Same posts establishment Identification, recruitment, selection and evaluation by UNDP ( establishment of an interview committee) All info about the proccess will be sent to UNV HQ VLA is around USD 900, monthly

11 Thank you!

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