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Welcome Parents!! Mr. Kevin Bergmann (ELA/ Social Studies)

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1 Welcome Parents!! Mr. Kevin Bergmann (ELA/ Social Studies)
Mrs. Pamela Fraser (Math/Science) Mrs. Pat Campo (307 – Intervention Specialist)

2 6th Grade Expectations 1) Be prepared every day 2) Respect yourself
Sharpened pencils or pens on your desk Homework completed from night before 2) Respect yourself 3) Respect others 4) Work together as a team to create a positive learning environment

3 A Day in the life of 6th Grade
90 minutes of ELA Reading Workshop - Read Alouds - listening comprehension - model skills for students - Independent Reading -Conferences with students - Read independent reading books mins. - Complete a reader response on text - Guided Reading -Small group instruction

4 A Day in the life of 6th Grade
Writing (incorporated into reading activities) Lessons based on craft and structure Individual conferences to strengthen writing skills Published pieces /on-demand tasks 90 minutes Math instruction Review previous days skills through HW check Launch a concept Explore the concept/topic Summarize the concept Homework for practice

5 A Day in the life of 6th Grade
45 minutes Social Studies Non-fiction comprehension strategies developed. Map skills, informational reading, DBQ’s Includes writing projects 45 minutes Science Note-taking and study skill strategies developed Science investigations Please note Science and Social Studies classes are 4 times per week

6 Expeditionary Learning Curriculum
Reading Goals: summarize the text analyze the characters compare characters/stories identify themes identify author’s purpose quote the text to support ideas identify point of view make connections to the text recognize structures of informational text Writing Goals: establish structure of beginning, middle, and end develop strategies for editing and revising written works develop texts appropriate to tasks and audience Use details to support ideas Produce the following: - reader responses - literature - persuasive pieces - informational texts

7 Tips for reading success!
Read with your child Read together regularly (This allows you to know their level and interests. You can have great conversations on books) Encourage your child to build his or her own library Search for reading activities on the Internet Provide different kinds of general interest magazines for your child Visit your local library and introduce your child to the children's librarian

8 Math Curriculum Math Units: 1. Prime Time: Factors and Multiples
2. Comparing Bits and Pieces: Ratios, Rational Numbers and Equivalence 3. Let’s Be Rational: Understanding Fraction Operations 4. Covering and Surrounding: Two-Dimensional Measurements 5. Decimal Ops: Computing with Decimals and Percents 6. Variables and Patterns: Focus on Algebra 7. Data About Us: Statistics and Data Analysis

9 Tips for Math success Memorize multiplication facts
Complete daily homework Show ALL math work Come to class prepared and ready to learn Think differently about math

10 Assessments Throughout the year students will be assessed using
TC reading assessments On demand responses (similar to writing component of state exam) Practice state exams Unit assessments (quizzes, tests, projects, exit slips): Math Social Studies Science Please see handbook for scoring breakdowns

11 Homework Policy Homework is an extension of the day’s activities. Homework will always be a review of what has been taught in class during the day. Homework is assigned on a nightly basis Read 30 minutes and record on log (M- F and weekends) Math (M-F) Social Studies (TBD) Science (TBD) Please check planner nightly to see which assignments have been completed. All missing assignments will be highlighted in yellow!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is expected that students be responsible for completing all assignments fully, neatly, and on time If your child is unable to complete an assignment, please send in a note.

12 Behavior Policy Ladder Behavior System. Points will be rewarded for students at the end of the day who are in one of the top 3 spots on the ladder. Uncooperative behaviors will be recorded in a behavior log. Periodically, notes will be sent home to inform parents of this behavior. (check planner for these notes)

13 Out to Lunch Special Lunch Privilege for students grades 5-8
Need parental and teacher permission to leave school grounds for lunch May not be held on rainy/snowy days Please note that students who do not complete homework assignments or follow classroom rules will have privileges suspended.

14 Communication Strong parent/teacher relationships establish a successful school year. Feel free to contact us through Conferences Tuesday afternoons have been designed to provide 40 minutes for parent contact. Appts. may be set up during this time Phone calls Notes

15 Any questions?? Thank you for coming! Have a good day! 

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