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By Ksenia Primizenkina 8K

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1 By Ksenia Primizenkina 8K
Computer Security By Ksenia Primizenkina 8K Contents page The end

2 Contents: Hacking Viruses Backups

3 Viruses

4 What is a virus and what damage can it do???
Is a software that can cause damage like deleting or just damaging the data and documents. A virus can spread in a simple way ( not coughing or sneezing) is you just open and you can get a virus, you could go onto a web site and get a virus but if you stay alerted and install a antivirus software you will be fine. A virus is a computer programme which can copy itself and infect a computer system.

5 What are the different types if virus????
There are lots of types of viruses, but the most common one which people tend to get it the ‘ I Love You’ virus. You can get it in and and once you open it all the people you have ever sent or received an from will get the same you got. And so on......

6 How can you stop yourself from getting a virus???
Well its quite easy all you have to do is install a antivirus software and update it, you also have to scan and clean your computer at least once a week but it is recommended to clean it every once in two days. If you wont update you antivirus software then there will be no point of installing one as it wont make much difference. An example of an anti-virus software is McAfee and Kaspersky .

7 Are there any drawbacks to using anti-virus software?
Anti-virus software can take up lots of space on your computer They can be very expensive and the ones that are free are not always that good It can slow down your internet connection It can also damage some files/ documents on your computer

8 STUXNET This is a virus which is released only in summer
It’s a computer worm Was discovered in July 2010 Kaspersky Labs concluded that the sophisticated attack could only have been conducted "with nation-state support” This virus started spreading round in April 2010 The countries that are affected are: Japan,Pakistan, Malaysia, Uk, Australia, US, India, Indonesia and Iran People think that people who created stuxnet are from US and Israel even though they are effected by them It was transferred by a memory stick

9 Hacking

10 What is hacking and what damage can they do???
Hacking is getting into someone's computer without their permission. Hackers usually try to get some important files and documents from your computer. Hackers can enter a virus into your computer They can damage an delete your files In technical terms hacking is the act of gaining access without legal authorisation.

11 How can you stop hackers being able to get to your computer??
You can install a software which will detect any hackers or and spy programs on your computer. You can clean your computer regulary to stop from any hackers getting access to your computer. You could put a password on your computer, but it has to include letters, numbers and symbols. It cant be less than at least three symbols.

12 Backups

13 Why is it important to backup your work/ information and what should you backup your work to??
Its important to backup your work so that just in case you get a virus or your computer has been hached and all your files will get accidentaly deleted. You should back up your work to a software like Windows Xp.

14 Where should you keep you backed up worked and how can you make sure it will be safe???
You could keep you backed up work on a USB stick or to another computer. To make sure the files will be safe they could put a password on their computer and back it up somewhere else.

15 Peoples comparison Tom 14 years old
‘ My computer has been hacked and all my data has been deleted. So I lost everything that’s why I want other people to make sure they do backup their work and please do install anti-hacker software. Be save and stay safe’ Hannah 13 years old ‘In my secondary school teachers keep telling as about how we should back up our work, but I see no point in it I have got a McAfee anti-virus programme that in point of view will protect me from everything even thought my IT teacher say it wont. I don’t believe them maybe they are hackers them selves.’

16 Thats how I backed up my work

17 Thank you for watching and listening!!!
Bibliography: Wikipedia My Brain :) Thank you for watching and listening!!!

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