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Global nutrition cluster’s information management tools

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1 Global nutrition cluster’s information management tools
Anna Ziolkovska

2 Outputs of the discussion
IM tools to be developed by the GNC identified Previously raised comments on the partner reporting templates discussed and agreed upon

3 Proposed GNC IM toolkit
Contact lists templates: Cluster partners Inter-cluster, government and OCHA focal points Strategic Advisory Group members Working Groups/Task Forces members Meeting management: meeting minutes template meeting agenda template meeting information note template

4 Proposed GNC IM toolkit
Partner reporting templates: 3/4/5Ws; regular partner reporting (monthly/weekly); survey reporting Database for partner reporting Cluster reporting template Visuals: 3/4/5Ws analysis template (including maps) situation snapshot template Nutrition Cluster dashboard template

5 Proposed GNC IM toolkit
Country website templates Independent cluster website OCHA website template Other? Cluster bulletin template

6 Proposed GNC toolkit Generic ToRs Cluster performance monitoring tool
NCCs (national, sub-national) IMOs (national, sub-national) Cluster performance monitoring tool From OCHA General summary / guidance for all tools: “Information Management handbook / toolkit”

7 Partner reporting templates

8 The process for development of partner reporting tools
General call for reporting tools Analysis of existing tools Gaps identification and filling in the gaps Development of 4W and other IM tools (based on existing tools) Review by country clusters and incorporating feedback Guidance development Field test and incorporating feedback Roll out

9 Gaps identified in countries’ templates
Omitted areas of intervention Number of beneficiaries not always specified Cross-cutting issues are not addressed (except sometimes gender) Standard indicators are not used No standard indicators at global level Mainly only quantity (not quality) of programs monitored

10 Properties of the new reporting templates
User-friendly (familiar, easy to fill in) Easily adaptable at country level Can be adapted for L3 as well as for smaller or longer term complex emergencies Partners want to fill a template in (can be adapted for intra-agency reporting, useful for partners) Provide all necessary for CC information, but not more than needed Address cross-cutting issues (gender, age, HIV) Number of beneficiaries always specified Both programme and results oriented Give some monitoring of quality of programs Screening: not only screening, but also referrals

11 How to adapt to country context
Indicators should be linked to strategic objectives of a cluster / sector Number of indicators should be minimised to focus on priority areas

12 Proposed GNC IM tools 3-4-5Ws reporting template
Monthly / weekly reporting template Survey reporting template Guidance note for adaptation at country level

13 Feedback received Somalia South Sudan Bangladesh Ethiopia Kenya
Mauritania Nepal Pakistan Thank you!

14 Feedback follow up Comments were incorporated
If comments were not incorporated a justification was sent to a requesting country Some comments needs further discussion (today)

15 Comments for discussion: ALL TEMPLATES
Longitude and latitude vs p-codes Status of the project: Planned, ongoing, temporary closed, permanently closed Proposed/ unfunded; Ongoing; Completed; Fund is released/ secured; Suspended Scheduled, ongoing, completed, suspended

16 Comments for discussion: 3-4-5 Ws
Beneficiaries: targeted vs reached “Does the partner have a capacity/intention to conduct a survey (yes/no) or to build capacity of staff (yes/no) in this location?” Better to disaggregate beneficiaries more e.g. PLW, Adolescent For CMAM site – to add if the site is Fixed/static or mobile/outreach Other (ex. government/NGO)?

17 Comments for discussion: REPORTING TEMPLATE
Screening vs BSFP screening CMAM sheet - Include an indicator for #children under two/caregivers screened for IYCF practices to encourage IYCF screening for all caretakers coming into the CMAM site CMAM sheet – to disaggregate “other admissions” into their separate components and have another indicator for children relapsed IFE: Better not to mention BMS distribution, it may promote BMS distribution BMS Code monitoring – do we need it and how?

18 Comments for discussion: SURVEY TEMPLATE
Include column on interpretation of results or even comparison with previous survey or threshold (SMART only?) Nutrition surveys: also include MUAC <12.5 cm, MUAC <11.5 cm

19 Next steps Incorporate comments from today’s discussion
Field test / new comments Roll out

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