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Confidential Proposed Complimentary Health Center (CHC) for Asheville, NC.

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1 confidential Proposed Complimentary Health Center (CHC) for Asheville, NC

2 confidential Complimentary Health Center of Asheville Vision: To create a destination village of health incorporating holistic treatment, retail, hotel, and recreation opportunities serving the health-conscious consumer

3 confidential Complimentary Health Center Why Now? Emerging Market –Complimentary Medicine spending at $32B and growing. –Aging population with more $ and knowledge –Cottage industry that begs for coordination –Next logical step from spa settings.

4 confidential Asheville has always been a healing place Presently have installed practitioner base of $10m. Much more if retail included Climatically friendly and Biodiversity superior environment This will provide an accelerated Creative Class work dimension to the community Complimentary Health Center Why Here?

5 confidential Resource Center –Information hub –Entrance point to IMC Clinical Center –Multi-Disciplinary Approach –Out/In Patient facility –Operating model Mayo-like Hotel/Lifestyle/Retail Complex Complimentary Health Center Elements of the Center

6 confidential Advisory Committee Formation –Local practitioners, MDs –Financial Consultants –Developer Group Core Director Group Project Leader Outside Consultant(s) Complimentary Health Center Human Capital Requirements

7 confidential Select Consultant to flush out concept –Broad Brush opportunity costs –Refine Staffing requirements –Construction timeline/cost –Operational Plan Outline –Master Schedule development Complimentary Health Center Feasibility Study

8 confidential Develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a comprehensive feasibility study by : –Estimating the costs of developing a (RFP) using an experienced consultant, and –Investigating funding sources both private and public to perform the (RFP) Complimentary Health Center Next Steps

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