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U.S. Prepares for War -”Cash and Carry “ policy begins -Axis Powers formed -_________________ begins draft process -Roosevelt seeks ________ term -_________.

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1 U.S. Prepares for War -”Cash and Carry “ policy begins -Axis Powers formed -_________________ begins draft process -Roosevelt seeks ________ term -_________ meant to help supply allies-Arsenal of Democracy -_____________signed between U.S. and Britain resembles 14 points of Wilson Selective Service 3rd Atlantic Charter Lend-Lease Policy

2 U.S. enters the War -U.S. has embargo on Japan for actions in the Pacific -U.S. had warning of a possible Japanese attack somewhere -Dec. 7 th, 1941 is “A day which will live in infamy”

3 Americans in the Service -millions volunteered and millions more were drafted -GI’s went to basic training for 8 weeks GI stands for______________ -Who volunteered for the Auxiliary Corps? -Minorities served in segregated units Tuskegee Airmen Government Issues

4 Life on the Home Front -___________________ industries were retooled to make war materials, this board oversaw this retooling -____________ are mobilized to help with war, invented and improved things like radar, sonar, penicillin _______________ and ___________ helped build the atomic bomb (Manhattan Project) -Entertainment propaganda War Production Board Scientists Oppenheimer Einstein

5 Life on the Home Front - women stepped into many war materials jobs -Entertainment propaganda - ______________ used to promote your feelings and beliefs during wartime “Rosie the Riviter” Propaganda

6 Government Control -Inflation controlled by price freezes -many products rationed to conserve resources -_________________ increased -_____________ sold to help pay for war Income taxes War bonds

7 Japanese Victories -_______________ surprise Japanese attack on the U.S. Japanese victory, Japan doing well in Pacific -___________, U.S. General, retreats from the Philippines, troops go on march known as the “Bataan Death March” -”We will return to the Philippines” - MacArthur Pearl Harbor MacArthur

8 Government Control Civil Rights -________________ issue debated in the case Korematsu v. United States discriminatory policy??? Japanese Internment

9 America Recovers -Bombing of Tokyo April 1942 -_____________, Japan vs. U.S., shows air power in the navy, first time a naval battle aged from the air -________________, 1942, U.S. military led by Adm. Chester Nimitz inflicted great damage to much larger Japanese fleet -Japan never recovered its naval power Battle of Coral Sea Battle of Midway

10 Island Hopping -as the U.S. built its naval and air advantage the Japanese fortified every island -U.S. bypasses many island and takes weaker ones for airfields -Guadalcanal, 1942, Japan vs. U.S. – attrition and limited supplies = U.S. win -Philippines, 1944, MacArthur Returns, U.S. regains territory

11 High Costs -Japanese defending with every man ________________ – suicide missions by Japanese Pilots -______________, 1945, U.S. victory, but 6,000 Marines die Kamikaze attacks Iwo Jima

12 American Life Anti-Japanese and Anti-German Policies Roosevelt will seek a _____ term before the end of war Roosevelt is re-elected in 1944 4th

13 High Costs -Roosevelt dies, Truman takes the helm -Okinawa, 1945 higher death totals Q: Invade Japan? -warnings of what invasion would cost

14 Manhattan Project -about 600,000 people worked in the project -__________________ led the project at Los Alamos NM -_______________ a popular scientist also helped in this project -some scientists urged the gov’t not to use the weapon -__________ made the decision to use the weapon on Japan J. Robert Oppenheimer Albert Einstein Truman

15 Ultimate Weapon -August, 1945 the bomber Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb, called ______________ over Hiroshima -Second bomb, called _____________ was dropped on Nagasaki -Japanese surrender “Little Boy” “Fat Man”

16 President Truman Decides: Drop Atom Bombs!!! Truman decides to drop the bomb, why? It will end the war It will save lives (pimarily American & Allied lives) Einstein regrets helping with the bomb, after it is dropped

17 Rebuilding the World -___________, 1945 meeting of the Big Three -Creation of the United Nations, to do what??? -__________, July 1945, Allis decide how to division of Germany -________________ leaders put on trial for war crimes, several executed Yalta Potsdam Nuremburg Trials -General Douglas MacArthur -reformed Japan’s economy -established democratic government -guaranteed basic freedoms Constitution still exists as Japan’s government Occupation of Japan

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