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Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development

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1 Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development
Integrating Central Asia into the World Economy: The Role of Energy and Transport Infrastructure October

2 AKFED GLOBAL PRESENCE Canada West Africa Côte d’Ivoire Sénégal Mali
Burkina Faso Central Africa Dem. Rep. of the Congo East Africa & Indian Ocean Kenya Uganda Tanzania Rwanda Mozambique Madagascar Middle East Syria South Asia Pakistan Bangladesh Central Asia Tajikistan Afghanistan Kyrgyzstan

3 Industrial Promotion Services Tourism Promotion Services
About AKFED For profit agency involved in long-term investment Over 90 project companies in 5 sectors More than 30,000 employees Industrial Promotion Services Tourism Promotion Services Financial Services Media Services Aviation Services

4 AKFED ‘s Approach to Development
Entrepreneurship promoted with economically sound enterprises in the developing world Long-term investments with: Strong equity positions Provision of management expertise Investments in fragile and complex environments: Prospects of improving the lives of people Profits entirely reinvested in further development initiatives

5 AKFED in Central Asia Tourism: Financial Services:
Islamabad Serena Hotel + Swat/Gilgit Kabul Serena Hotel Dushanbe Serena Hotel Khorog Serena Inn Financial Services: Habib Bank (Pakistan, Afghanistan) First Microfinance Banks/Microfinance programs (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan) Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank (Kyrgyzstan) Insurance companies (Pakistan) Industry/Infrastructure Pamir Energy (Tajikistan) Indigo (Tajikistan) Roshan (Afghanistan)

6 AKFED’s Regional Partners
TeliaSonera: Publicly traded Scandinavian telecommunications company, with a large footprint in the Caucuses and Central Asia; Co-shareholder at Roshan (Afghanistan) and Indigo (Tajikistan) Monaco Telecom International/Cable&Wireless: 37.25% investor in Roshan / Technical partner Asian Development Bank (ADB): Lead partner in senior debt financing in Roshan ($70 million) Committed to finance private projects with AKFED DEG, PROPARCO: $30 million financing in Roshan IFC and World Bank: $>15 million Financing/grants in Pamir Energy Norfund, FMO, IFC: >$30 million financing to Serena Hotels in Afghanistan and Pakistan

7 Telecom Sector – Our Experience in Central Asia
The largest partnership in telecoms in the region Roshan (Afghanistan): 1.8 million customers Largest coverage (200 cities, rural areas, border roads) Largest private sector employer – over 20,000 direct & indirect employment Largest taxpayer, representing 6% of the government’s budget Largest private investor with over $350 million investment by end 2007 Indigo (Tajikistan): 600,000 customers Largest coverage including remote areas Some $70 million investment by end 2007

8 90% of populated area in Tajikistan
Telecoms in Central Asia End 2007 Estimated Roshan (Afghanistan) Indigo (Tajikistan) Total Investment $350 mio $70 mio $420 mio Customers 1,800,000 600,000 2,400,000 Coverage 200 cities 45% population All major roads 90% of populated area in Tajikistan n/a Gov. rev. $75 mio $5 mio $80 mio Expatriates 90 Nil Employment (incl. indirect) 20,000 3,000 23,000

9 Market Overview Roshan established mid 2003 after transparent license tender Drove the industry from 80K subscribers to 3.5 mio subscribers in 4 years: The fastest growing market today in terms of penetration Entry barrier dropped from $400 to around $30 today Today, there are 5 operators in the market, but how many can survive? Predominantly pre-paid market Growth in country and region requires better connectivity such as fibre: Drives quality of service

10 Roshan – A Case Study International shareholders with expertise in emerging markets and Central Asia: AKFED – 51% MTI – 36.75% TeliaSonera – 12.25% The name Roshan means “Light” and “Hope” in Pashto and Dari, Afghanistan’s two main languages Social development is part of our DNA Roshan strives to be the benchmark in terms of corporate governance “Roshan is not just a telecoms company, we are a catalyst for growth and an intrinsic part of the reconstruction of Afghanistan”

11 Roshan Coverage

12 Touching the Customer Built the largest distribution network in Afghanistan: 200 Points of Presence >3,000 Scratch Card distribution points Established >1,500 PCOs First Western style Customer Care Center: 200 CSRs Customer Care Centers in 25 cities Fluent in Dari, Pashto, English, Urdu and other languages First Telemarketing organization

13 One Smile Can Build A Relationship
Touching the Customer One Smile Can Build A Relationship It’s all about dreams. Its about hopes. Its about the future. Its about Roshan Roshan – your connection to everyone. Whether you want to get in touch with your Friends, family or business partners, Roshan is there for you. Be a part of the Roshan family today. Because we help you progress One Relationship Can Lead to Progress Established concept of Roshan Family “Relationships & Progress” Started the first tag-line: “Nazdik Shodan”

14 Leveraging Communications
Telemedicine project in Kabul: In conjunction with Cisco, Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi, and the French Medical Institute for Children Provide in country access to specialist diagnosis and training resources Bringing Mobile Banking to Afghanistan in conjunction with Vodafone

15 International Recognition
Best GSM Marketing Campaign, GSM Conference (February 2005) Best Telecom Brand in Middle East & Africa, COMMS MEA Awards (September 2006) Best Operator in Developing Marketing, World Communications Awards (November 2006) Special Recognition for Excellence in Corporate Philanthropy, CECP (February 2007) Best Customer Service Award, COMMS MEA Awards (September 2007) “This is the first time I feel I am part of a country. I am proud to be an Afghan and proud to be a part of Roshan” Roshan Employee

16 Establishing the Right Enabling Environment
The right Enabling Environment is a necessity to spur private sector investment: Stable regulatory environment: Telecom Law Independent and experienced Regulator Appeal Process Universal Fund to be managed transparently Establish interconnection rates Stable fiscal environment : Customs & Tariffs A known tax regime Encourage investment Level playing field

17 Key Benefits of working with AKFED
Transparency Best practice Commitment to the region Financial strength World class partners Universal service Speed of implementation Collaboration with the Government Fiscal discipline Social development Job creation AKFED’s commitment - high level promotion of the region

18 SOCIAL DVD to be played at the end
(length 4 mins)

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