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Capacity to Care Caregiver Awareness Campaign January 24, 2013 Hosted by RARE Operations Partners: Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement, Minnesota.

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1 Capacity to Care Caregiver Awareness Campaign January 24, 2013 Hosted by RARE Operations Partners: Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement, Minnesota Hospital Association, Stratis Health

2 Our host today will be… Kim McCoy Kim McCoy, provides leadership on health care quality initiatives throughout Minnesota. She supports development and implementation of Minnesotas participation in the Patient Safety and Clinical Pharmacy Services Collaborative, a national initiative to reduce adverse drug events. Kim provides technical assistance to participating pharmacists and health care teams to successfully integrate medication therapy management and clinical pharmacy services into their organizations. She also provides leadership for the RARE Campaign. Kim holds a Master of Science degree in Health Services Research and a Master of Public Health degree in Public Health Administration from the University of Minnesota.

3 Why RARE Conversations? Networking opportunities Share Learn Conversation Engage

4 Januarys Conversation… Capacity to Care Caregiver Awareness Campaign Sharing their work: Amherst H. Wilder Foundation

5 More about the presenters… Kirsten Johnson is the Community Initiatives Manager at the Wilder Center for Communities. Johnsons work focuses on engagement, collaboration and systems change addressing complex challenges impacting the communities that Wilder serves. Johnson studied Political Science and Womens Studies at the University of Minnesota and has worked in the nonprofit sector on program and community development for fifteen years. Prior to coming to the Wilder Foundation, Johnsons work supported a variety of nonprofit organizations including the StreetWorks Collaborative, VEAP, and Arc Greater Twin Cities. Kirsten M. Johnson

6 More about the presenters… Maureen Kenney is the Caregiver Services Program Manager at Wilders Community Services for Aging. Kenney leads a team supporting informal caregivers of older adults through resource referral, education, support and consultation. Kenney has Master of Public Affairs degree from the Humphrey Institute and has worked in healthcare and the nonprofit sector for over 25 years. Prior to joining the team at Wilder, Kenney worked to assist families transitioning off public assistance in rural MN and transforming community- based service delivery for waiver eligible older adults and persons with physical or mental health disabilities in rural Wisconsin. Maureen Kenney

7 Capacity to Care Caregiver Awareness Campaign

8 care·giv·er noun: family member, friend, or neighbor who takes care of a frail or disabled older person.

9 Approximately 43.5 million Americans provide part or full-time care for another adult age 50 or over. Almost half (46%) of family caregivers perform medical/nursing tasks – the majority of these caregivers (53%) also act as care coordinators. Source: National Alliance for Caregiving, 2009; Home Alone: Family Caregivers Providing Complex Chronic Care – AARP, United Hospital Fund.

10 More than 500,000 Minnesotans provide care for a family member, friend or neighbor. Less than 19% of these people identify as a caregiver. Source: 2005 Survey of Older Minnesotans; 2001 AARP Caregiver Identification Study

11 People who dont know they are caregivers dont seek support. Identifying as a caregiver is the first, and most important step, a person in this role can take. Source: 2001 AARP Caregiver Identification Study

12 Purpose: Increase Caregiver Identification Target Audience: Current caregivers – primarily people age 40-65 caring for an aging parent or age 65-85 caring for a spouse Dissemination Strategies: Media – Print, radio, transit shelters Social Media – Facebook, Google Partnership – Dissemination Toolkit Caregiver Awareness Campaign








20 Framing our impact: – Goal was awareness not action – Difficult to measure light bulb moment Over 16,000 unique visitors to Generated 1.6 million Media Impressions According to KC the standard in the industry is that.2% is a successful click thru rate for advertising efforts. – Facebook Ad Click-Thru Rate: 0.02% – Google Click-Thru Rate: 0.03% – Landing Page Click-Thru Rate:.4% Campaign Impact

21 Interested in using the campaign? Wilder has created a Tool Kit CD with sized artwork for posters, brochures, e-blasts, magnets and more! If you are interested in receiving the Tool-Kit CD please email Tool Kit CD – Available now!

22 Continuation & Dissemination – Distributed over 130 Tool Kit CDs – Corporate Sponsorship strategy Phase 2 – Identification to Action – Social Media Partnership – AARP Next Steps

23 Discussion Please answer polling questions from your computer. Polling Questions: Whos on the call? –Hospital Staff –Nursing Home Staff –Clinic Staff How many of you would say your care setting views caregivers as part of the care team? –Definitely –Somewhat –Not Really –Not at All

24 Discussion Polling Questions: Do you identify caregivers in your EHR? –Yes –No –Implementation in progress

25 RARE Conversations Upcoming RARE Events: RARE Webinar, Role of Community Health Workers in Preventing Avoidable Readmissions, Tuesday February 26, 2013, 12 noon -1p.m. RARE Rapid Action Learning Day, April, 2013

26 RARE Conversations To suggest future topics for this series, RARE Conversations networking, contact Kathy Cummings,

27 Thank You for Your Participation! A recording of this RARE Conversation will be available within 3 days and posted on the RARE website,

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