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Civil War & the Reconstruction

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1 Civil War & the Reconstruction
Sherry Woods, Caywood Elementary School Lexington, TN Chapter 4

2 Taking Sides Most Northerners supported the Union
Most Southerners supported the Confederacy.

3 Border States Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware
Allowed slavery, BUT supported the Union. Some fought for the North Some fought for the South

4 Tennessee East Tennessee mountain people sided with North

5 Virginia Western part of Virginia supported the North
Divided into two states West Virginia joined the Union in 1863

6 Henry Clay’s Grandsons
4 fought for the North 3 fought for the South

7 Abraham Lincoln’s Family
His wife’s brothers 4 brothers fought for the South even though their brother-in-law was President of the Union.

8 Robert E. Lee General for the United States Born in Virginia
Decided to LEAVE the Union and join the Confederacy after his home state of Virginia seceded the Union. “I cannot raise my hand against my birthplace, my home, my children.”

9 Battle Plans Determined The Battle of Bull Run
A stream near Manassas Junction, Virginia Many came bringing picnics to watch the North crush the South. Southerners were fighting to DEFEND their land. Outnumbered…Out supplied…But more Determined

10 North’s War Strategies
Lincoln called for MORE officers Needed new battle plans 1. Blockade South’s ships entering and leaving. 2. Take over the Mississippi River 3. Invade the South and CAPTURE their capital, RICHMOND, Virginia Anaconda Plan

11 South’s War Strategies
Break the blockade so their ships could get through Get help from Britain and France because they needed the South’s cotton. Invade and DESTROY Washington, D.C.

12 Life on the Home Front Hard for everyone, North and South
Most civilians were women Took over factory work, businesses, and the farm work. Grew food, made clothes, bandages, and collected supplies. Worked as nurses Served as SPIES Dressed as men and FOUGHT in the war!

13 The War and Slavery South’s supplies were running out
Lincoln thought about abolishing slavery Held back because of the Border States Didn’t want to make them mad because even though they supported the Union, they still allowed slavery.

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