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World War II Begins Lesson 4 Sherry Woods, Caywood Elementary School Lexington, TN.

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1 World War II Begins Lesson 4 Sherry Woods, Caywood Elementary School Lexington, TN

2 Worldwide Depression Countries short of supplies Still trying to recover from World War I Economic hardtimes worldwide

3 The Rise of Dictators Allies had expected Germany to pay for damages during World War I Didnt have enough money to do this Adolph Hitler, leader of Germany during the 20s, said Germany had been treated unfairly. Believed only Germans with blond hair and blue eyes were true Germans Blamed Jews for many of the problems.

4 National Socialists, or Nazis Political party with Hitler in charge Grew in power and started an army Soldiers, called storm troopers Attacked Jewish people and others opposed to Hitler Put prisoners into terrible prisons called concentration camps.

5 Nazis in Control 1933 took control of German government Hitler ruled as a dictator, an all- powerful ruler. Rebuilt Germanys economy by preparing for another war. Built tanks, guns and other war supplies Wanted to Rule the World

6 German Dictator, Adolph Hitler

7 Other Dictators Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union Dictatorship – country ruled by one all-powerful person Francisco Franco ruled Spain Benito Mussolini ruled Italy. Hirohito ruled Japan

8 The War Begins Japan, Italy, and Germany began taking over other countries. Sept. 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland British and French leaders had had enough! Declared war on Germany on Sept. 3, 1939. British and French not able to stop Germany from taking over other countries.

9 The United States Many thought we should stay out President Franklin Roosevelt promised to keep up out of the war. Prepared for attack just in case. 1st peacetime draft Men ages 21-39 had to register Started making war supplies

10 Japanese Invasion Spreads Japanese invaded Indochina, now what is Cambodia, Laos,and Vietnam American leaders were afraid Japan would threaten the Philippines and other Pacific islands They were RIGHT!

11 U.S. Enters the War December 7, 1941, Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands. Dropped bombs on American ships at the Pearl Harbor naval base. In less than two hours, Japan had destroyed most of the U.S. Pacific fleet. More than 2,000 sailors and 68 civilians were killed.


13 Declaration of War Day after the attack at Pearl Harbor President Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war on Japan Congress declared war that same day. Italy and Germany, Japans allies, declared war on the U.S. three days later.


15 Sides are Drawn Axis Powers Germany Japan Italy Allies United States Britain France

16 Americans at War Produced more and more airplanes, tanks, and other war supplies Created new jobs World War II ended the Great Depression Women took over many of the jobs Power of the federal government grew Rationing, or limited what Americans could buy so supplies could be sent overseas.

17 Problems for Japanese Americans Some military leaders distrusted Japanese Americans Were afraid they would help the enemy Roosevelt orderd 110,000 Japanese Americans into relocation camps Like prisons, fenced in with barbed wire Soldiers guarded the camps with guns Had to sell their homes, businesses, and belongings.

18 Problems Continue Moved to Utah, California, Arizona, Wyoming, Arkansas, and Idaho Had to wear identification tags Over 17,000 Japanese Americans served in Army units even though their friends and families were being locked away by their own country.

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