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ESPON Workshops 5 and 6 October 2010 in Bruxelles The ESPON 2013 Programme: Achievements and Prospects.

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1 ESPON Workshops 5 and 6 October 2010 in Bruxelles The ESPON 2013 Programme: Achievements and Prospects

2 The ESPON 2013 Programme Role in Structural Funds 2007-2013: – Support policy development with evidence on European territorial structures, trends, perspectives and policy impacts based on comparable information on regions and cities revealing territorial capital and potentials. Budget 2007-13: – 47 mill Euro (ERDF 34 mill. Euro and 13 mill. Euro from 31 countries) Programme Priorities: – P 1: Applied Research – P 2: Targeted Analyses based on stakeholder interest – P 3: Scientific Platform with Tools – P 4: Capitalisation

3 P1: Applied Research (1) 17 Project themes ongoing: – Cities and Urban Agglomerations/Functionality and development opportunities for European competitiveness and cohesion (FOCI) – Development Opportunities in different types of Rural Areas (EDORA) – Demography and Migratory Flows affecting European regions and cities (DEMIFER) – Effects of Rising Energy Prices on Regional Competitiveness (RERISK) – Territorial Impact Assessment of Policies (TIP TAP) – Climate Change and Territorial Effects on regions and local economies (CLIMATE)

4 P1: Applied Research (2) – Attractiveness of European regions and cities for residents and visitors – European patterns of land use – Territorial cooperation in transnational areas and across internal/external borders – Accessibility at regional/local scale and patterns in Europe – Secondary growth poles in territorial development – European perspective on specific types of territories – Territorial dimension of innovation and knowledge economy – Continental territorial structures and flows (globalisation) – Territorial and Regional sensitivity of EU Directives – Services of General Interest – European Seas in Territorial Development Last 6-8 Applied Research projects for calls in 2011

5 P2: Targeted Analyses, use of ESPON results (1) 16 projects ongoing – The Case for Agglomeration Economies in Europe/CAEE (Manchester, Barcelona, Dublin and Lyon) – The Development of the Islands – European Islands and Cohesion Policy/EUROISLANDS (Ministry of Economy and Finance, GR plus 9 stakeholders) – Cross-Border Polycentric Metropolitan Regions/ MetroBorder (Ministries in CH, LU, BE, DE and FR) – Success for Convergence Regions’ Economies/SURE (Campania Region plus regions in PO, ES and GR) – Spatial Scenarios: New Tools for Local-Regional Territories/SS-LR (Regions of Barcelona, Torino and Herault) – Territorial Diversity/TeDi (Ministries in NO, FI, CH, CY, MT, RO and SE)

6 P2: Targeted Analyses (2) – Potential of Rural Regions/PURR (Notodden municipality, Cesis District, North Yorkshire county and Wales) – Transnational Support Method for European Cooperation/ TranSMEC (North West Europe Programme) – ESPON and TIA/EATIA (Ministries UK, Portugal and Slovenia) – Yardsticks for Cross-border Spatial Development/ULYSSES (Region Alsace plus 17 cross-border regions) – Regional Integrated Strategies/RISE (West-Midlands (UK), Västerbotten (SE), Sealand (DK) and Randstad Flanders Brussels) – Polycentric Metropolisation in Central Europe/POLYCE (Vienna, Bratislava, Ljubljana and Prague plus Hungary) – Territorial Performance Monitoring/TPM (Belgium (Flanders), Catalonia, North-Rhine Westphalia, Navarra and Dublin Region) – Development conditions for Paris, Berlin, Warsaw/BEST METROPOLISES (Cities of Warsaw, Berlin and Paris)

7 P2: Targeted Analyses (3) – Migration and gender balance in rural regions/SEMIGRA (Saxony-Anhalt Region plus development agencies of Hungary, Finland and Sweden) – Smart Institutions for Territorial Development/SMART-IST (Ministries of Italy and France ) 2 projects launched on 24 August 2010 – Airports as Drivers in Peripheral Regions/ADES (Regions of Savona and Western Greece plus City of Jyveskyla) – Advanced Monitoring of regional R&D/AMCER (Regions of Tuscany, Catalonia, Andalusia, Alpes Cote d’Azur, Brittany, Ostrobotnia, Lower-Saxony and Flanders) 4-5 Targeted Analyses for Calls in 2011 – Call for Expression of Interest in January 2011 – Call for Proposals in August 2011

8 P3: Scientific Platform and Tools Ongoing larger projects: – ESPON Database phase I – Territorial Indicators/Indices Project launched on 24 August 2010 – ESPON 2013 Database – phase II Larger additional project for 2010-2011 – Territorial Monitoring and Reporting

9 Transnational Networking Activities 2 projects ongoing involving partners of the ESPON Contact Point Network: – ESPON in Integrated Strategies/ESPON-INTERSTRAT – Nordic-Baltic Dialogue on Spatial Planning/NORBA 2 new projects approved by the MC: – ESPON Concepts/CaDEC – ESPON results at different scales/SCALES 2-3 additional projects in call by January 2011

10 Summing up: Progress by end 2010 Programme Implementation progress: Applied Research projects: −17 projects ongoing or final −6-8 additional Applied Research projects remain Targeted Analyses (based on stakeholder demand): −18 ongoing −4-5 additional Targeted Analyses coming up Scientific Platform and Tools: −3 major projects ongoing −1 major projects remaining Transnational Networking Activities: ‒ 2+2 projects ongoing ‒ 2-3 additional projects foreseen

11 Summing up: Future Calls Future rounds of calls ‒ 24 August – 19 October 2010 ‒ Call for Proposals for 2 Targeted Analyses ‒ Call for Proposals for Database II ‒ 23 November 2010 – 21 January 2011 ‒ Call for Expression of Interest on becoming expert in Knowledge Support System ‒ January 2011 and September 2011 will include: ‒ Call for Proposals for 6-8 Applied Research projects ‒ Call for Expression of Interest for Targeted Analyses ‒ Call for Proposals on 4-5 Targeted Analyses ‒ Call for Proposals on Territorial Monitoring ‒ Call for Proposals on Transnational Networking Activities

12 Major Capitalisation activities in 2010 Media and Publications – Territorial Observation 3 on Lisbon/Europe 2020 – First Synthesis Report in October 2010 – First Scientific Report in December 2010 Events – ESPON Seminar on 15-16 November 2010 in Liege (together with the Belgian EU Presidency) – ESPON Workshop in December 2010

13 More Information Thank you for your attention Please visit

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