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Advisor Information Session 2009 Tau Beta Pi National Convention Presented by: Advisor Recruitment & Development Committee.

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1 Advisor Information Session 2009 Tau Beta Pi National Convention Presented by: Advisor Recruitment & Development Committee

2 TBP WEBSITE Midge Hill

3 TBP Websites National Website Advisor Website On-line reporting Headquarters contact information

4 TBP Website:

5 Advisor Website

6 Advisor Website contd

7 Reporting: On-Line Username/password Email: Name Chapter Reports Membership Other Member Lookup look up any Tau Bate Utilities Chapter Statistics: Number members Member Statistics: Membership information

8 Online Reporting: Sign-in page

9 Membership Within first 5 weeks At least 2 weeks before initiation Keys require 3-4 weeks Due 2 weeks after initiation

10 Membership: Eligibility submit report Excel Spreadsheet

11 Other Reports Other reports

12 Communication with National Office – General National Office contact - Handles chapter related issues 1-800-TAU-BETA Normal hours are 8am-4pm Eastern Standard Time Extended hours on Thurs/Fri noon-8pm EST during initiation season


14 TBPCONNECT 7,700 registered Tau Bates 4,000 new registrants this year 350 participants a month 10 content creators a month A group exists for each chapter. We need help getting chapters to take charge of groups and use them as communication tool.

15 Using TBPCONNECT inCircle is similar to other social network sites. You can report glitches/bugs and you can direct support issues to me as well. inCircle only makes large scale changes and many requests will not be processed but worth submitting. Can we increase activity?

16 Other Communication Tools Linked-In - targets professional members, verification of membership, good discussions, and frequent job opportunities. AlumNet - mentoring program Tau Beta Pi website; Average of approx. 30,000 hits/week Chapter website, Officials website, and main web site nuResume - Alerts and contests for internships

17 Benefits Old/New Hobsons GradView Widget - free resource to search for graduate schools. Women for Hire - free online membership Kaplan - Discount on test materials Long Term Financial Care Partners - long-term care education and insurance carriers. GIECO - additional discount for members in most states.

18 Miscellaneous Chapter Image materials free from HQ: Posters, brochures, and more Updated chapter website to come MindSET

19 AWARDS Sally Steadman

20 Awards Secretarys Commendation $100/$200/$300 Can ask Dean to match this. Request can come from HQ. Project Awards $500 -- 3 consecutive years National Awards: Outstanding Chapter & Most Improved HQ screening / Sec-Treas & Asst. Sec-Treas (Most Improved) 3 year history

21 Award Criteria Reports: accuracy, completeness, promptness 17 Graded Reports Constitutional Ratification Ballot (if needed) Projects: extent, quality Chapter Survey Financial Status

22 Award Criteria: Chapter Projects Extensive activity in five diverse areas Community / Liberal Culture University / College Profession / Engineering Chapter / Social Education / Professional Development Number of projects Significant, Appropriate, Separate Does not include required projects (meetings) Parts of larger projects are combined Total points / Number of projects : Project average

23 Evaluation Project Points Awarded for quality, time & effort, success Hosting Convention Normalized for size of chapter Total points / Number of eligible students

24 Chapter Survey Book Table of Contents Report Template – Download Photographs / project documentation Presentation – Awards Committee Can include chapter documentation: minutes (not included in evaluation)

25 Paper-Only Reports Most often missing, along with Officer Fall Address Not updated: Advisors / terms Forms are downloadable Officer Signatures Voting Delegate Expense ($0.00) Convention Credentials – 2 part Ratification Ballot – if necessary

26 Report Status Page Request extension


28 DISCUSSION OUTLINE Chapters Financial Needs Sources of Funding Good Accounting Practices Chapter Financial Management Timely Reporting & Audit Travel Expenses for Advisors

29 Chapters Financial Needs Need to develop a Budget to include Basic Expenses such as: Dues to be paid to TBP/HQ for each new initiate. Cost of Initiation Activities Cost of Initiation Banquet Cost of refreshments at Chapter meetings Cost of transportation (to be reimbursed by DD) for Chapter Delegation to attend TBP Regional Conference Expenses for Voting Delegate to travel to the Annual Convention (to be reimbursed by TBP)

30 Chapters Financial Needs contd The Budget should also include additional optional Expenses such as: Cost of Certificates and Awards made by the Chapter Expenses for an Alternate Delegate to travel to the Annual Convention, with TBP reimbursing only part (20%) of the airfare. Cost executing community projects.

31 Sources of Funding The Chapter should tap these usual sources of funding: One-time Initiation fees by new initiates Annual Chapter dues (if any) paid by each active Chapter member Reimbursement from the DD for the Chapters Delegation to travel to the Regional Conference Reimbursement in full from TBP HQ for the Voting Delegates travel expenses to the Annual Convention. The 20 % partial reimbursement for the airfare of the Alternate delegates travel to the Convention

32 Sources of Funding contd The Chapter should also aggressively pursue some usually overlooked sources: Allotments for each bona fide registered student activity available from the College of Engineering and from the University-wide Student Council Donations from each Engineering Dept in the College Fundraising activities such as sale of study guides and review sessions for the FE (available at a discount from NCEES).

33 Sources of Funding contd The Chapter should also work hard to earn these freebie awards from TBP: Sec-Treasurers Commendation Outstanding Projects Greater Interest in Government (GIG) Other sources can be tapped with the help of the Director of Development – Individual Alumni and Engineering Companies

34 Sources of Funding concluded The Chapter should also encourage its members to apply for these sources of individual funding from TBP: Scholarship for Juniors to use in their senior year Fellowship for seniors to use in Graduate School The Laureate Program Student Loans from TBP (6% per annum)

35 Good Accounting Practices A typical Chapter would have three accounts with: TBP HQ The University Comptroller A local Bank

36 The key Financial Personnel of Some Chapters are: The Treasurer Receives, keeps, and disburses Chapter Funds The President Oversees financial operations, authorizes expenditures, and is co-signer of Chapter checks A Chapter Advisor Provides advice Serves as a resource on Chapter financial operations Chairs the Audit Committee Chapter Financial Management

37 The following financial Reports should be prepared and filed: Bank signatures form IRS form 990N Chapter annual financial report to TBP/HQ Financial report at meetings of the Membership and Advisory Board, stating expenses, receipts, and balances in all three accounts Annual Chapter Audit Timely Reporting & Audit

38 Travel Expenses for Advisors Every effort should be made NOT to burden a Chapter with any expenses incurred by Advisors. Some Districts cover the full expense for room and board and travel for each Advisor who attends a Regional Conference. TBP/HQ provides room and board for each Advisor at the Annual Convention, and pays for travel for only a few (usually new) Advisors who are selected by their DD.

39 Travel Expenses for Advisors Some other possible sources of funding for Advisor travel to the Annual Convention: Travel allocation from a research or training grant, where allowed Departmental or Engineering College discretionary travel funds In the future, we hope to be able to convince Engineering Companies within a three to five hundred mile radius of a Convention site to each sponsor and pay for all the expenses of one Chapter Advisor to attend the Convention. This way, we could perhaps increase Advisor attendance at the Conventions by some 50 to 100 %.


41 It is a microcosm of what students will face after graduation. Provides a safe place to develop leadership skills. Advisors play a part in this safety net. Help student officers recognize, manage, and mitigate risks associated with trying new things. Chapter is a learning experience

42 Everything in Balance Be aware of how the chapter is being run by the students. Sit in on officer meetings. Mandatory once-per-semester advisory board meeting is not enough.

43 Different Chapter/Advisor Types Role of an advisor varies with chapter type and advisor type. Track A Chapters Track B Chapters Track C Chapters Academic (on-campus) Advisor Industry (off-campus) Advisor

44 Track A Chapter Struggling to initiate new members and elect new officers. Officer continuity is a problem. Trouble attracting new members.

45 Track B Chapter Initiation of new members and election of officers is going smoothly. Much of the work is being done by a few officers. Puts on one or two events.

46 Track C Chapter Initiation of new members going smoothly. Officer continuity is self sustaining. Has a set of traditional events and is developing new events/programs.

47 BREAK INTO GROUPS What do you see as your role as an Advisor?

48 Risk Management Example: Career Fair Name some of the risks involved. How does the chapter reduce or eliminate these risks?

49 Summary Be familiar with how your chapter is run. Encourage the officers in their leadership roles. Explore new ideas and take on new responsibilities. Develop these new ideas to their end product. Support the officers by providing contacts on- campus and in industry. Help manage and mitigate the risks to prevent serious damage to the chapter. As a last resort, step in and help them resolve problems.

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