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SVMI Leading the Way for CCSS September 7 th, 2011 Hayward School District.

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1 SVMI Leading the Way for CCSS September 7 th, 2011 Hayward School District

2 In the Era of the Common Core Standards David Foster Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative Assessment for Learning

3 45* States, DC, and US Virgin Islands Islands 3 *Washington and Idaho have adopted the CCSS conditionally/provisionally ** Minnesota has adopted the CCSS in ELA only

4 Race to the Top Assessment Program In September 2010, the U.S. Department of Education awarded $350 million of Race to the Top Funds as grants to the two consortia: Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) Task: To design and develop common K-12 Mathematics and English language assessment systems aligned to common, college-and career- readiness standards.

5 SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium Alabama *California *Connecticut *Idaho *Kansas *Maine *Missouri *Nevada North Carolina Ohio *Oregon South Carolina *Utah *Washington *Wisconsin Wyoming Colorado Delaware *Hawaii Iowa Kentucky *Michigan *Montana *New Hampshire North Dakota Pennsylvania South Dakota *Vermont *West Virginia * Governing States


7 Caveats These assessment consortia are state-led initiatives with many players - Many decisions have not been made yet -Some decisions are in flux The federal role is to provide support to the states for the development of innovative assessments There will be new assessments in 2014-15 -How innovative will the new assessments be?

8 Intention of SBAC Design To strategically balance summative, interim, and formative assessment through an integrated system of standards, curriculum, assessment, instruction, and teacher development, while providing accurate year-to year indicators of students progress toward college and career readiness. Center for K-12 Assessment and Performance Management at ETS

9 Current vs. CCSS Current STAR Assessments Grades 2-11, writing at 4 th and 7 th Only paper & pencil option Taken around 85% of the instructional days Only multiple choice Part of the state and federal accountability system Proposed CCSS Assessments Grades 3-8 and 11, Grades 9 and 10 available for states that choose to use them Delivered via computer (Paper and pencil option available for 3 years) and are computer adaptive Taken during the final 12 weeks of school Performance tasks and comprehensive end-of -year computer adaptive assessment which will some selected response items Accountability system has not been established yet

10 Proposed Elements to the Common Assessment Online testing College and career-readiness assessment aimed at 11 th grade Rapid reporting system to inform instruction Teachers involved in developing and scoring tests Item types – Short constructed response – Extended constructed response – Technology enhanced – Performance tasks – Selected response

11 Proposed Assessment System Components Summative assessment (computer adaptive) -supports accountability and measures growth Interim assessment (computer adaptive) -Optional comprehensive and content cluster assessment -Learning progressions -Available for administration throughout the year Formative process and tools -Optional resources for improving instructional learning -Assessment literacy

12 The System (Possible Scenario)

13 Proposed Timeline 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Development of formative tools, processes, and practices underway; Specifications for summative and interim assessments developed Summative and interim item development completed ; Interim item pool become available for use Field testing of items for adaptive summative assessment completed Preliminary achievement standards proposed and other policy definitions adopted Operational summative assessment administered; Final achievement standards verified and adopted Center for K-12 Assessment & Performance Management at ETS


15 Novice – short items focused on skills and routines Apprentice – medium performance tasks with scaffolding Expert – long tasks with high cognitive load and/or complexity. Types of Tasks in Mathematics

16 SBACs Specifications for Math Written by Hugh Burkhardt and Alan Shoenfeld as commissioned by Linda Darling Hammond for SBAC. 60% of the SBAC will be assessed using performance assessment and scored using an analytic point scoring rubric (fashion after MARS rubrics) 40% will be machined scored.

17 Exemplars in Appendix

18 Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative 53 Members School Districts and Charter School Networks Morgan Hill Charter School Mountain Mt Pleasant National Council of La Raza New York City Oakland Military Institute Oakland Unified Pacifica Pajaro Valley Palo Alto Antioch Unified Aspire Charter Schools Atlanta PS Bayshore Belmont Berryessa Bolinas - Lagunitas Brisbane Cambrian Cristo Rey School Network Cupertino Discovery Charter School East Side UHSD Emery Franklin - McKinley Hamilton County, Tn Hayward Jefferson Las Lomitas Los Altos Los Gatos Menlo Park Moreland Pittsburgh USD Portola Valley Ravenswood Salinas City Schools San Carlos San Carlos Charter School San Francisco USD (Mission Dist) San Ramon Valley Santa Clara Santa Cruz City Saratoga Scotts Valley SCCOE County Court Schools SMCOE County Court Schools South Cook Service District South San Francisco Walnut Creek Supporting Teaching and Learning of Mathematics Since 1996

19 September 27 or 29 October 18 or 20 November 15 or 17 December 6 or 8 January 24 or 26 Locations: Tilden Center, Oakland (Tuesdays), Moreland DO (Tuesday), Nesbit School Thursday, Pajaro Valley DO (Thursday)

20 Principal As Instructional Leader Patrick Callahan – Assistant Director of the California Math Project TBA Dates: Wednesday November 30 Thursday February 2

21 General MAC Meetings MAC Final Report and Tools for Teachers (October 5th at Santa Clara DRC) Distribute MAC 2012 Tests and Test Guidelines (February 8 at Santa Clara DRC) MAC 2012 Preliminary Results, ISR (May 16 at Fremont DO)

22 Other SVMI Events Lesson Study Project Math Network Meetings MAC Assessments – First Grade CCSS Transition Units Shell Centre Formative Assessment Lessons Number Talk Resources Problems of the Month

23 CCSS aligned Unit Outline

24 Welcome to the Inside Mathematics Website Welcome to Inside Mathematics, a professional resource for educators passionate about improving students' mathematics learning and performance. This site features classroom examples of innovative teaching methods and insights into student learning, tools for mathematics instruction that teachers can use immediately, and video tours of the ideas and materials on the site. Several allied initiatives dedicated to improving math teaching have contributed to this resource.

25 Field Testing of MAC Tasks Field Test in the Next Grade Level 4 th Grade (Entire Test) 5 th Grade (Entire Test) 6 th Grade (Entire Test) 7 th Grade (one task) 8 th Grade (two tasks) Course 1 (one task)

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