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Pearson MyLabs and Mastering Tutorial & Assessment Programs Whats New in Product Development Greg Tobin Mary Ann Perry.

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1 Pearson MyLabs and Mastering Tutorial & Assessment Programs Whats New in Product Development Greg Tobin Mary Ann Perry

2 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Contents Introduction to Pearson MyLabs New Products this Year – MyMathLab for eCollege – MyMathTest Closer Look at Online Analysis & Reporting – Mastering – MyMathLab

3 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Pearson Themes Excellence in Online Products: Proven Content, Efficacy, Ease of Use, System Performance Service & Support: Support is a core value - Increasing program and institutional services Partnership with Campus, Faculty, Students A Global Perspective

4 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Discipline-Specific Development

5 Using MyLabs with Campus Systems

6 Copyright© Pearson 2008 MyMathLab Has Led the Way MyMath in CourseCompas MyMathLab for Blackboard MyMathLab for Vista Newest addition: MyMathLab for eCollege

7 Copyright© Pearson 2008 eCollege Recently acquired by Pearson Nationally hosted, on-demand course management system, bundled with Program Administration System and services eLearning solutions to post-secondary and K-12 programs Leading choice for online programs Premium choice for emporium or hybrid on-campus courses 24/7 Support

8 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Single log in to campus eCollege for all MML content Campus management of all courses in eCollege Campus management of all student enrollment One-time student access code entry or purchase Complete MyMathLab experience MML and eCollege gradebook integration: Scores from MML pass to eCollege gradebook 24/7 Support - administrators, faculty, students for

9 Copyright© Pearson 2008 MyMathLab for eCollege - Home MML-eCollege courses include the same MyMathLab features

10 Copyright© Pearson 2008 MyMathLab Homework Assignments Students access MyMathLab homework assignments from the eCollege course

11 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Doing Homework in MyMathLab Easy math palette Free Response exercises Multimedia learning aids

12 Copyright© Pearson 2008 MyMathLab Instructor Tools The MyMathLab instructor tools are all accessible from the eCollege course (Instructor tools are unavailable to students)

13 Copyright© Pearson 2008 MyMathLab Gradebook The MyMathLab gradebook is available with detailed tracking, reporting, and grade management features

14 Copyright© Pearson 2008 MML-eCollege Integrated Gradebook The MyMathLab and eCollege gradebooks can be synchronized for management of scores in the eCollege gradebook.

15 MyMathTest - Placement with Diagnostics & Practice

16 Copyright© Pearson 2008

17 A testing and placement tool Assesses students strengths and knowledge gaps Also for short-term refresher courses Not text specific MyMathTest

18 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Create a MyMathTest Program

19 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Students Take Test

20 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Check Grades & Place Students

21 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Place Student

22 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Personal Study PLan

23 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Access & Purchase Model Six-week subscription Bookstore Online purchase Institution Purchase

24 A Look at Analysis & Reporting

25 Copyright© Pearson 2008 MasteringBiology Student Home: Students click on Assignment List to do homework

26 Copyright© Pearson 2008 MasteringBiologys List of Assignments Student clicks on Homework Assignment Option to print; work off line

27 Copyright© Pearson 2008 MasteringBiologys Current Assignment Student clicks an Item to begin

28 Copyright© Pearson 2008 This Tutorial Reviews Cellular Respiration Student has the option to watch the BioFlix 3D Animation

29 Copyright© Pearson 2008 BioFlix: 3D Animations BioFlix\ProteinSynthesis\ProteinSynthesis.mpg

30 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Student begins the activity

31 Copyright© Pearson 2008 The feedback address the students specific error, providing targeted coaching. Different Feedback Boxes appear for different common errors. Students can try again or ask for Hints

32 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Student selects just the amount of help she needs. Hints break the question down in to simpler parts, the way you would during office hours

33 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Student is successfully coached to the correct answer CORRECT Follow up reinforces learning

34 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Tutorials use Answer Types unique to each discipline Enter Chemical Equations Draw Molecules or Lewis Structures Sort Items Mastering Tools Match the Needs of Each Discipline

35 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Click on Students Score, See time on task, show all work Check class performance at a glance – shading shows students below class avg

36 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Diagnostics-At-A-Glance: Instructors may customize data into easy-to-view graphs. They see students who are under performing, the easiest question, or the problem that took the most time. The most difficult problems The top student performers. (You can sort to reverse the order.) Click on a Students Name or Question Title to drill down for more data

37 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Compare Your Class Data to System Statistics: Difficulty and Duration Color Bar Statistics: System Average:My Class Average: Green: 99% Solved the Item99% Solved the Item Red: 1% Gave Up 1% Gave Up Orange:Avg of 3.62 Wrong Answers per studentAvg 2.85 Wrong Answers Yellow:Avg of 0.85 per student Used HintsAvg 0.65 Used Hints

38 Copyright© Pearson 2008 MyMathLab Analysis & Reporting

39 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Course Design Based on Learning Outcomes

40 Copyright© Pearson 2008 You create assessments based on course learning outcomes

41 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Students take a test, Study Plan is generated – by objective

42 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Pre-Test Item Analysis – Most objectives not mastered

43 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Post Test Item Analysis – Most Objectives Are Mastered

44 Copyright© Pearson 2008 Export Multiple Sections at Once – Reporting Course Outcomes

45 Thank you!

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