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Agenda Introductions Company Overview 4100ES TrueInsight

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1 Agenda Introductions Company Overview 4100ES TrueInsight Questions-Discussion

2 SimplexGrinnell at a Glance
North American leader in fire & life safety Market leader in fire alarm Largest fire sprinkler contractor 150-year heritage in fire protection Combined strength of Simplex & Grinnell A Tyco International company 11,800 employees, 150 offices Over 1 million customers SimplexGrinnell at a Glance SimplexGrinnell is an exceptionally strong and experienced company that serves over 1 million customers in the United States and Canada. North American leader in fire & life safety: We are the market leader in electronic fire alarm systems and the largest fire sprinkler contractor in North America. 150-year heritage in fire protection: SimplexGrinnell was formed in 2001, following a merger between Simplex and Grinnell. Today, SimplexGrinnell features the combined strength and heritage of those two longtime industry leaders. Our history in fire protection goes back over 150 years. Frederick Grinnell, a forefather of our current-day company, patented the first automatic sprinkler in the mid 1800s. That invention ultimately led to the establishment of Grinnell Fire Protection, and represented the beginning of Grinnell’s extraordinary record of leadership in fire sprinkler and suppression. On the electronic fire alarm side of our business, we proudly carry on the tradition and accomplishment of Simplex. Founded in 1894 as a time clock company, Simplex was the leader in fire alarm systems for decades before the company was acquired by Tyco International. A Tyco International Company: As a Tyco International business, we are part of a diversified, global company that provides vital products and services to customers in more than 60 countries. Tyco is a leading provider of security products and services, fire protection and detection products and services, valves and controls, and other industrial products. 11,800 employees, 150 offices: SimplexGrinnell today has 11,800 employees, most of whom work in our 150 company-owned district offices throughout the United States and Canada.

3 A Complete Life-Safety Portfolio
End Markets Electronic Institutional Schools/Universities Hospitals Defense Government buildings Airports Commercial Hotels Retailer Office buildings Shopping centers Financial institutions Industrial Oil & gas Manufacturing Marine Mining Fire alarms, mass notification, hospital nurse call, integrated systems Sprinkler Sprinklers, engineered solutions, special hazards, water spray, foam, gas systems A Complete Life-Safety Portfolio SimplexGrinnell offers a complete portfolio of life-safety systems and services. Electronic: Our electronic business includes: Fire alarm Mass notification/emergency communications Integrated security systems (access control, video systems and intrusion security) Nurse call and asset management for hospitals, assisted living and long-term care facilities Sprinkler: Our sprinkler business includes: Fire sprinkler systems Engineered solutions Special hazards protection Water spray, foam and gas systems Suppression: Our suppression business includes: Chemical, clean agent gas, and water-based suppression systems Fire extinguishers End Markets: We use this wide array of products and services to provide best-in-class solutions in a wide range of markets and environments Institutional (schools & universities, hospitals, defense, government, airports) Commercial (hotels, retail, office buildings, shopping centers, financial institutions) Industrial (power plants, petrochemical facilities, manufacturing, marine, mining) Suppression Specialty systems, fire extinguishers

4 Knowledge & Experience
The knowledge and experience of our people differentiate SimplexGrinnell as a leader in fire alarm systems. Commitment to employee training & certification In-house factory-trained technicians Over 1,600 NICET-certified employees Deep understanding of local & national codes Strong relationships with local fire officials Specialized vertical market knowledge Large-scale project experience Design expertise 3D design capabilities Fire alarm centers of excellence to support local offices Knowledge & Experience The knowledge and experience of our people differentiate SimplexGrinnell as a leader in fire alarm systems. Commitment to employee training & certification: As an organization, SimplexGrinnell is committed to having the best and most highly trained employees in the life-safety industry. Our local offices are staffed with highly skilled life-safety professionals, many of them with decades of experience. SimplexGrinnell is focused on about having our technicians trained on our fire alarm products, and has intensified our training requirements over the past few months. We also want our technicians and other professionals to be certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies. More than 1,600 of our employees are NICET certified. Deep understanding of local & national codes: With our knowledge and experience, SimplexGrinnell can offer customers a deep understanding of fire and life-safety codes, whether it’s NFPA 101: Life Safety Code or NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm Code. This knowledge is helpful in providing code-compliant systems and services. Strong relationships with local fire officials With our longtime experience in fire and life safety, SimplexGrinnell has developed strong relationships with authorities having jurisdiction – the local fire officials responsible for code enforcement. These relationships, combined with our knowledge of codes and standards, are helpful in working with customers on code compliance. Specialized vertical market knowledge: We have the specialized knowledge necessary to provide systems and services in challenging environments such as hospitals, schools and universities, power plants, petrochemical facilities, government buildings and data centers. Large-scale project experience: We have proven experience with large, multi-million projects that require significant organizational resources and specialized knowledge to be delivered successfully and on time. Design expertise: We have strong design expertise (including 3D capabilities) in our local offices and at a corporate support level. Fire alarm centers of excellence: We operate Fire Alarm Centers of Excellence to provide application/CAD support for our local offices and major customers.

5 Single-Source Life-Safety Solutions
We can meet the breadth of your life-safety needs with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. Turnkey fire and life-safety packages Fire alarm Needs analysis Fire sprinkler & suppression System design Emergency communications Installation Integrated security Project management Sound & communications Commissioning Nurse call Service & support Wide array of life-safety services Testing & inspection Preventive maintenance 24/7 emergency repair Central monitoring We can finance your entire life-safety solution Simplicity, efficiency & value of working with one point of contact Single-Source Life-Safety Solutions SimplexGrinnell is the industry’s strongest single-source provider. We can meet the breadth of life-safety needs with a portfolio that includes fire alarm; fire sprinkler and suppression; emergency communications; integrated security; sound and communications and nurse call. Turnkey fire and life-safety packages: With our end-to-end turnkey capabilities, we can handle a project from conception through to ongoing service and support, for new construction as well as retrofits and upgrades. We can analyze customer needs; design, install, project manage and commission the system; and then provide service and support to keep it in top working order. Wide array of life-safety services: Our array of life-safety services includes testing and inspection; preventive maintenance; 24/7 emergency repair; and central monitoring. We can finance your entire life-safety solution: We can even finance your entire life-safety solution through our own in-house financing organization. Simplicity, efficiency & value: Our single-source capabilities offer customers the simplicity, efficiency and value of handling their life-safety needs through one point of contact.

6 Notable Local Fire Alarm Projects and/or Mass Notification Projects
To be populated by the district

7 Introducing: The 4100ES

8 4100 to 4100ES Evolution 4100 4100ES Est. 150,000 + installed
1988 – Launched 4100 on April 11th 512 Pt Fire Control Panel 1990 – Launched TrueAlarm® 127 Addressable detectors on (1)SLC 1992 – Updated 4100 to 4100+ New CPU and Display 1,000 Pt Capacity Priority 2 Alarm Display 1992 – Launched 4120 Network Style 7 Token passing Network nodes are 4100s with network cards Miniplex Transponders 2001 – Launched 4100U 2,000 Pt Fire Control Panel Upgrade Kit for 4100 and 4100+ 2002 – Launched 4100U Voice Digital Simultaneous Audio (8 channels) Redundant command centers Agency Listed non-alarm audio 2003 – Launched Fiber Modem Multiplex Data and Voice over single fiber network loop 2006 – Launched InfoAlarm (large screen display) 2007 – Launched Multi-candela addressable appliances Programmable candela settings at panel Built-in diagnostics (voltage & current draw at each appliance) 2011 – Launch 4100ES Remote diagnostics Building information network Est. 150,000 + installed 4100 4100ES 2011 – 2xxx This slide shows the evolution of the 4100 to the current 4100U. The 4100U has its origins in 1988 with the introduction of a 4100, 512-point panel that could only use conventional detectors. Throughout the years many key features were added such as addressable analog sensors, a 1,000-point CPU, the 4120 Network, a 2,000-point CPU, 4100U digital voice, an internet connection module, a large screen display, and a Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor base to name a few. Click 1 The customer who bought that initial system back in 1988 can upgrade to the new 4100ES with all of the features above and include mass storage, remote downloads over their LAN with the Building Network Interface card, make the upgrade process less disruptive by using the Install Mode and increase the efficiency of their system maintenance by upgrading to TrueInsight Remote Services.

9 IDNet Addressable Components
Addressable Device Types: Intelligent NAC Extenders ZAMs (Zone Adapter Modules, IDC, I/O, or Control) Smoke Detectors (Photo, Ion, Duct, Heat, Photo/heat) Pull Stations IAMs (Individual Addressable Module, input, output types) Multi-point IAMs Isolators (Communications, Power) AMZ (4-20 mA Analog Monitor Zam for Compatible Gas Det) VESDA En-Gauge Extinguisher Monitors TrueAlert Messenger Board and more…. 4009

10 Requires on site storage of site specific software, site drawings etc.
4100ES Mass Storage Device The 2010 Edition of NFPA 72 Requires on site storage of site specific software, site drawings etc. Click 1 Due to past difficulties with the storage of site specific information for Fire Alarm systems, the 2010 Edition of NFPA 72 requires on site storage of site specific software, site drawings, manufacturer's instructions and other critical system information.

11 4100ES Mass Storage Device Manufacturers have developed some creative solutions to meet this new NFPA requirement that involve separate cabinets for the storage of records and software, USB type storage devices and others. However, these require additional wall space and are not supervised….SimplexGrinnell has come up with another solution that will not take up any additional wall space and is fully supervised.

12 4100ES CPU Card 2 Gigabytes of System Configuration backup files
NOT hot swappable Data Storage for: Previous CFIG Master Executives Audio files, etc Test Reports Use compact flash to recover/restore software if system is damaged. Click 1 The 4100ES CPU has an onboard 2 Gigabyte data storage chip. Click 2 This new storage device will allow the archive of all Previous C-FIGs, master executive files, audio files and test reports. In the past, all of this information could have been lost if a technician’s laptop was either stolen or was damaged. This storage card is supervised so that if it is removed a trouble will appear on the panel. Further the use of a SimplexGrinnell programming unit would be required to access any data on the card, so that no technician can gain unauthorized access to the data. Be careful, this chip cannot be swapped while the system is live without risking damage to the system. Jeff Brooks our Senior Product Manager for Large Systems describes the importance of the new mass storage card: Run Jeff Brooks 4100-ES Video clip: Run the clip from 2:18 to 3:11

13 Remote Downloads Bldg B Bldg A West Gate Command East Gate Command
Program Received 4100U Programming Unit Bldg A Bldg B Customer’s LAN West Gate Command East Gate Command Therefore a multiple node network program can be downloaded from a single location and the programs for the nodes on the network can be updated almost simultaneously over a customer’s LAN. This customer LAN connection does not replace our agency listed peer to peer fire alarm network but is a secondary network used for service purposes only. Bldg D Bldg C Customer’s LAN Remote Building

4100ES – Install Mode 4100U programmed with 21 devices in System Configuration Software DEVICES IN SHADED AREA NOT YET INSTALLED RESULT: 4100ES System annunciates 14 “Device Missing/Failed” troubles

4100ES – Install Mode 4100U programmed with 21 devices in System Configuration Software DEVICES IN SHADED AREA NOT YET INSTALLED MARK ALL UNINSTALLED DEVICES AS “INSTALL MODE” RESULT: 4100ES System annunciates 1 “INSTALL MODE ACTIVE” trouble

16 “Did I fix it ???? Let me go see!”
Remote Gateway A PC application that connects to the 4100ES panel computer port (service port, RS232 port, Ethernet port) Enables two-way remote communication between the user and the panel via or instant messaging Live chat with your fire panel Wish that a service person could see what the panel’s doing while out in the building? “Did I fix it ???? Let me go see!”

17 4100ES – Remote Gateway WWW Remote Gateway Cat5 Cable or Serial Cable
SMOKE ALARM ROOM 407 SMOKE ALARM ROOM 407 Aircard SMOKE ALARM ROOM 407 Service Laptop with Dongle Room 406 Room 407 Room 408 or SMS (text message) client

18 Setting new standards for fire safety system service
TrueInsight Setting new standards for fire safety system service I want to thank you for allowing us the time to discuss this exciting new offering as I know you are busy. This offering branded as TrueInsight is something only SimplexGrinnell currently offers as our competitors either can not afford the investment due to their size or do not have the infrastructure to support it. The most challenging component of this service offering is having the established business processes and infrastructure to provide you with consistent world-class customer service. Due to our structure we are uniquely positioned to deliver this service as our Technical support, Service Resource Center, Product Management and R&D organizations are all in one location. In addition, our 150 districts are owned and operated by SimplexGrinnell 18

19 What is TrueInsight? TrueInsight is a breakthrough, Internet-based diagnostic capability that provides real-time visibility into the operation of the 4100U fire alarm system. TrueInsight is a breakthrough, Internet-based diagnostic capability that provides real-time visibility into the operation of the 4100U fire alarm system. We’ve invested in a technology platform that automates the detection and notification of abnormal conditions in the 4100U fire panel. Our goal is to provide a faster level of service by remotely identifying issues through automated alerts and providing diagnostic information to dispatch the right technician with the right parts to repair the system on the first customer site visit. 19

20 End User Benefits Faster Response Time Better First Time Fix Rate
Reduced Unplanned Business Disruption Reduced False Alarm Costs TrueInsight remote service gives us an actionable inside view into the workings and status of your Simplex fire alarm system in real time. We leverage this information to proactively diagnose any system conditions that may occur. Based on this advanced diagnostic capability, when our technician arrives at your location they are better prepared to resolve the issue on the first visit accelerating the resolution time With this information we can be more proactive and reduce unplanned business disruption through increased system uptime improving property and life safety protection Given the reaction of our customers to TrueInsight remote service , our R&D organization is continuing to develop and evaluate additional product features to take advantage of the remote service capability. We see this technology as providing significant value added capability to our customers and we are going to continue to invest in this area Reduced Fire Watch Costs Faster Overall Recovery Time 20 20

21 Solution Features SimplexGrinnell is notified automatically
when a “Trouble” condition occurs in your fire alarm panel Automated Real-time Alerting of Trouble Conditions SimplexGrinnell support technicians can diagnose remotely and isolate the problem before dispatching Remote Problem Diagnosis Since the problem has been diagnosed first, SimplexGrinnell can dispatch the right part with the right skill set Intelligent Dispatch There are 3 main features to the TrueInsight Technology and business process Click #1- The first is the automated notification of fire alarm trouble conditions to SimplexGrinnell through the internet Click #2 – The second is the benefit of having a certified remote fire alarm technician reviewing all actionable alerts isolating the problem Click #3- The third is having our Service Resource Center assign the technician with the correct skills that has access to the correct parts 21

22 TrueInsight Solution Overview
SimplexGrinnell Customer Enterprise Server RS Agent Internet Click #1 – Lets take a high level look at how it works. A small embedded computer is installed in your 4100U Fire Alarm Control Panel. This computer is roughly the size of a deck of cards and is connected to the standard serial port on the Fire Alarm Control Panel. The only other connections are power and network through a standard RJ-45 connector. This Linux based computer acts as an interface between the 4100U and the remote service software agent. Click #2 – The remote service software agent establishes a tunnel to the internet through your firewall using port 443. The agent supports DHCP or Fixed IP addressing. Click #3 – The communication tunnel is connected through the firewall on our end to the enterprise servers where the information is compiled for viewing and archiving. Click#4 – The information is presented through the remote service software agent to the centralized Technical Support team for system diagnostics. Sales representative note: Tunnel can only be established from the remote service agents side. Remote Technical Support Fire Alarm Panel

23 Typical Incident Activity Summary
TrueInsight Service Center automatically notified by fire panel. Customer will be contacted TrueInsight Tech diagnoses fault Remote Service Tech enters Recommendations into Electronic Service Request Service Resource Center schedules best available technician for the job and dispatches call District Tech can collaborate with remote services technician 1 2 3 4 5 Click #1 – When a trouble condition is detected by the 4100U a notification is sent to the TrueInsight Service Center. The notification gives detailed information about the trouble condition. The customer is contacted to verify there are no onsite issues contributing to the situation Click #2 The TrueInsight Remote Technician can then drill into the diagnostic information to identify the probable cause of the trouble and make parts recommendations as appropriate. It is also possible for the technician to access additional information from the panel should it be necessary. Click #3 – After the remote technician completes diagnostic process the information is added to a Service Request and sent to the Service Response Center for dispatching. Click # 4 – Using the information provided on the Service Request, the Service Response Center contacts the customer and schedules the service call. The Service resource Center representative will have visibility to suggested parts requirements and skill levels that can be leveraged during the scheduling process. Every effort should be made to secure the parts prior to the service call. Click #5 – One of the unique features of TrueInsight is that the on site technician can collaborate with the remote technician in a streamlined fashion due to the technology, should additional assistance be required. .

24 Additional Discussion Points/Next Steps (Optional)
Timing of network drops TrueInsight business process will take place from 8-5 EDT After hours emergency service process remains the same Need to have service contract addendum signed This is not a central station monitoring service There is no charge for TrueInsight If service agreement coverage are downgraded, we could disconnect service Click #1- The installation of TrueInsight in each 4100U panel is free of charge since you have our “Full” Coverage” Service Agreement. The only responsibility you have is to provide a network drop near each 4100U panel if one doesn’t currently exist Sales Representative Note: Ask the customer for an estimate as to how long it would take them to install a network drop near each panel. If the customer isn’t able to estimate the timeline ask them if they could perform the task within a month. Its important to get some kind of an estimate as leaving it open ended may lead to a lengthy timeline . Click #2- TrueInsight diagnostics will run during normal business hours only. After hours service will be handled as you do today. Click #3- There is a basic addendum you will need to sign. Its written in common language and there is not a lot of legal jargon. Sales Representative note: Hand the addendum to the customer responsible for getting it signed. Its important to bring the contract with you to the meeting. The reason for the addendum is we want to make sure you understand that: Click #4 The main intent of the addendum is to separate TrueInsight from Central Station Monitoring which we also offer. With TrueInsight we will not be notifying the authorities as we do with central station monitoring. With TrueInsight we are only reviewing trouble conditions. Click#5- Due to your status of being a full coverage service agreement customer we are offering TrueInsight at no charge Click#6- Lastly, If you terminate or downgrade your service agreement, SimplexGrinnell reserves the right to disconnect the service Sales Representative note: Before ending the meeting go to the next slide and ask if there are any questions 24

25 Questions? Thank you!

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