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2 Let’s talk about NUTS!

3 Peanuts are a Super food on the program. One handful can be used as a snack and two handfuls can be used as a meal. Try putting a snack portion in a Diet Coke as a snack. For a meal idea fry the entire peanut and hull in TCO Oil. When entire shell becomes soft, salt and eat the hull and all as a snack. Of course don’t do this everyday, but it can be enjoyable occasionally. Peanuts!

4 Almonds are the best fat burning nut. 1 handful is a snack and 2 handfuls is a meal. I like to parch these in the TCO Oil and add in Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup and Splenda. One Handful like this would be a snack. Almonds

5 Macadamias are one of my favorites. Follow your portion rules for snacks and meals. Macadamias have a higher percentage of fat than most nuts. If I am trying to lose weight and am having Perfect Days and the scales are stuck after a week I turn to Macadamias to get going. Getting in a high fat to carb ratio occasionally can get the fat burning process going again and the scales moving in the right direction. Try this when you hit a wall. You can do this 1-3 days. Breakfast: 2-3 Ounces of Macadamias Lunch: 2-3 Ounces of Macadamias Dinner: 2-3 Ounces of Macadamias Macadamias

6 Pecans Pecans are a favorite of mine especially when charring in the TCO Oil and putting my favorite Walden Farms Calorie Free Syrups on them. Use Splenda or Xylitol to further sweeten.

7 Walnuts Nuts are high in fat so they are great for appetite control, but stick strictly to correct portions because high fat also means high calories. One of my mom’s favorite. They are delicious but do require a lot of work so get them already split and packaged.

8 Pistachios are the lowest calorie nuts. Therefore, you can have 3 heaping handfuls as 1 snack, but that is 3 heaping handfuls still in the shell. Out of the shell you can have 2 heaping handfuls as a snack. Delicious and goes a long way for those who like to eat throughout the day. Pistachios

9 Sunflower Seeds follow the same rules for snacks and meals as the other nuts, but I like to get them still in the shell. I love to suck on salty sunflower seeds in the shell. Great way to occupy your mind when you have cravings. They are freebies this way. There are even seasoned sunflower seeds available now. I love the dill pickle flavored ones. Sunflower Seeds

10 Peanut Spreads are great for weight loss. Any peanut butter is acceptable as long as it has no hydrogenated or fractionated oils. These fats are poisonous to your body in the quantities that they put in peanut butter. Here are my favorite Peanut Butters: Better N Peanut Butter Peanut Butter and Company Chocolate Fudge Dreams PB2 Power Butter Walden Farms Chocolate Peanut Spread &Farms Cinnamon Raisin Spread Peanut Butter

11 While it isn’t a nut, it has a nutty flavor! Hemp Hearts One of the most nutritious foods on the planet, they can be consumed like nuts. Hemp Hearts can also help you break through weight loss plateaus. Ask your Thrive Coach for the hemp heart challenge. If they don’t have it then supply your email and ask them to email it to you. What’s the best?

12 Reasons to eat nuts: Nuts help lower bad cholesterol. Nuts are great for satiety. Nuts are filling. They are a healthy source of calories. They are a healthy source of mono and polyunsaturated fats. It is an anti-estrogen food. Nuts elevate the metabolism. Nuts aid weight loss. Why go Nuts!?!?!?!

13 Check out the following recipes on Thrive Care: Cajun Boiled Nuts Carbquick Cinnamon Walnut Muffins Feta and Walnut Cheese Spread Mark and Lola’s Homemade Hemp Bar Honey Pecan Chicken Apple Pecan Dressing Pumpkin Pecan Smoothie Thrive for Life Pecans with Chocolate Glaze Thrive Care Recipes with Nuts


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