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2 The Old Order France was the richest and most powerful monarchy in Europe. Working men and women wanted a better life (more rights) Influenced by American Revolution

3 French Society Divided
The Estates General France’s caste (social) system First Estate – Clergy Second Estate - Nobility Third Estate – Everyone else 97% of population

4 French Society Divided (cont)
The Second and Third Estate began having grievances with each other The quality of life for the Third Estate was horrible Many nobles felt that they belonged living in a palace

5 Growing Unrest Third Estate began to call for change
A growing population raised the cost of living The government was also in a financial crisis

6 Calling The Estates Together
1789 The King called the Estates together which had not been called since 1614 Representatives from each estate met with the King. Third Estate wanted to be equal with other Estates.

7 Calling The Estates (cont)
The King would eventually lock the third estate out of the meeting The Third Estate would form the national Assembly and take the Tennis Court Oath

8 Constitutional Government
Violence swept the countryside the National Assembly worked to form a new government. Peasant unrest and violence forced the National Assembly to make reforms

9 Constitutional Government (cont)
Nobles voted to end their privileges Inspired by the American Revolution, The French wrote their own Declaration of Rights Constitutional Government in France led to unrest and violence

10 A Call For Revolt National Assembly
wanted to change French social order The kings planed to dissolve the National Assembly

11 Storming the Bastille The king refused to accept any new reforms and the declaration of rights. Oct. 1789 thousands of women demanded bread marched on the kings palace at Versailles The king agreed to move to Paris at the demands of French women.

12 Call For Revolt (cont) Violence also erupted in the countryside after the fall of the Bastille Peasants rebelled against feudal lords. This was called the Great Fear


14 The Declaration of Rights
Influenced by Locke, Montesquieu, and Rousseau All people are equal before the law It guaranteed freedom of speech, press, and religion It did not grant equal rights to women

15 The Constitution of 1791 Kept the monarchy Limited royal powers.
Unicameral house its members were chosen by voters. The right to vote was limited to males who paid a minimum tax. Some the reforms went too far for others not far enough.

16 Decline of the Monarchy
Constitutional Government limited the kings power The king was caught fleeing France during the “Great Fear” France fell into a war, social upheaval was the result

17 The French Republic France was now a republic instead of a Monarchy.
Political power in a legislature based on universal male suffrage. This begins a new era of freedom

18 Death of A King December 1792
Louis XVI was tried and convicted of conspiring against the liberty of a nation. In January 1793, Louis XVI was beheaded by the guillotine.

19 Louis XVI

20 Spreading the Revolution
European Monarchs feared the French Revolution. It influenced many monarchs to make changes. France’s leaders were determined to overthrow royalty everywhere.

21 Spreading the Revolution (cont)
To spread revolution, the National Convention adopted conscription. Jacobins and Girondists began to fight in the National Convention. Jacobins took over the Convention and accused Girondists of being royalists.

22 The Reign of Terror The Jacobins set out to crush all opposition within France. The Committee of Public Safety under Maximilian Robespierre Neighborhood watch committees hunted down suspected traitors

23 The Reign of Terror (cont)
Marie-Antoinette Louis XVI’s wife was taken to the guillotine Innocent people were put to death Robespierre was killed others feared he would have them killed


25 Robespierre

26 The Directory After Robespierre’s death
a new constitution was written. Brought control of the government under the middle class. Directors Executive committee of five men Ruled with two-house legislature

27 Review Who was Robespierre? What was the Reign of Terror?
What was the Committee of Public Safety?


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