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Towards a simpler and more efficient BR June 19, 2007 ICES-III Montréal (QC)

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1 Towards a simpler and more efficient BR June 19, 2007 ICES-III Montréal (QC)

2 2 Agenda Context of the BR Redesign Redesign Objectives Redesign changes –Conceptual –Applications –Operations Conclusion

3 3 Context of the BR Redesign The role of Statistics Canadas BR –Master survey frame for all enterprises/institutions that operate within Canada –Encompasses the basic SNA concepts –Also used to record information regarding business contacts and response burden –100 surveys / 1,500 employees Issues with the current BR –Computer system: complex architecture & obsolete software –Update mechanisms: stringent rules & predominantly data-entry driven –Difficulties with adapting to new business world realities

4 4 BR Redesign Objectives Simplification of the BR environment in order to facilitate updating tasks and the production of survey files. Accessibility through improved access to information contained within the Register so that more staff can both consult and make updates to the data according to access privileges Timeliness of data in the survey frame so as to minimize impacts in subsequent process of survey data. Integration of modules within the BR so as to increase its efficiency and provide better links with administrative and survey data. Complete Coverage through improved management and monitoring of response burden and by developing a more flexible environment so that the survey frame can be used for all economic surveys.

5 5 BR Redesign Changes Conceptual –Integrated structure Application –User friendly modules Operations –Training plan –MIS & QE –Reorganisation of the work

6 6 Changes – integrated structure Explicit relation between the legal and operating structures »Enterprises are delineated in 4 distinct files Statistical Structure Operating Structure Legal StructureBN File Integrated Structure CE2 CE3 Enterprise & Company Establishment & location Enterprise Company Establishment Location CE1 Statistical Flags will be derived directly on the integrated structure based on simple rules

7 7 …Changes – integrated structure Enhanced understanding of the business structure Link survey collection entity directly with the operating structure (improve communication with respondents) More flexible environment for connecting entities to the BR (e.g., government structures, health field) Simplify the system

8 8 Changes - Applications User friendly modules –Provide interfaces common to all users –Navigate through all information concerning a business Use of software in Windows environment allows easy & efficient browsing as well as other interface features –Facilitate updates made directly on the database Batch processes (administrative data) Elimination of feedback tool –Access to historical snapshots (in replacement of the Time Travel concept) –Notifications sent to frame specialists for cases which require review (e.g., incomplete update, updates on critical businesses)

9 9 Changes – Applications

10 10 Changes - Operations Training Plan –Customized for Collection personnel Staff of subject matter divisions BR employees MIS –Detailed reports on the different operations performed by users –Able to support our strategic choices –React quickly to actions/processes that might negatively affect the database Reorganisation of the work –Implementation of Quality Evaluation program

11 11 Conclusions Simpler –Concepts –Procedures –Systems Accessible & user friendly Integrated with other major survey systems Timely (quicker updates) Improved from a respondent communication perspective

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