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International Conference on Establishment Surveys III.

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1 International Conference on Establishment Surveys III

2 Organizing Committee Howard Hogan, U.S. Census Bureau (Chair) Dale Atkinson, U.S. Department of Agriculture/ National Agricultural Statistics Service Stephen H. Cohen, Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S.) Eva Elvers, Statistics Sweden Robert H. Rutchik, Energy Information Administration (U.S.) Julie Trépanier, Statistics Canada David Marker, Westat (U.S.)

3 Program Committee Eva Elvers, Statistics Sweden (Chair) Dale Atkinson, U.S. Department of Agriculture/ National Agricultural Statistics Service Frank J. Potter, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. (U.S.) Paul A. Smith, Office for National Statistics (UK) Kristin Stettler, U.S. Census Bureau Diane K. Willimack, U.S. Census Bureau Frank Yu, Australian Bureau of Statistics Wesley Yung, Statistics Canada

4 Support Teams Logistics and Coordination Donna R. Arrington, ASA Other Key Support Marjorie Hanson, U.S. Census Bureau Anna Holaus, U.S. Census Bureau Carol McDaniel, U.S. Census Bureau Ann Whitfield, Energy Information Administration Local Arrangements Team Nick Budko, Statistics Canada Carole Jean-Marie, Statistics Canada Audio-Visual Support Team Christopher Giles, Statistics Canada Julie O Connor, Statistics Canada Zdenek Patak, Statistics Canada

5 Supporting Agencies Professional Societies The ASA Section on Business and Economic Statistics United States Government Agencies Bureau of Labor Statistics U.S. Census Bureau National Agricultural Statistics Service Energy Information Administration National Center for Education Statistics National Science Foundation International Government Agencies Statistics Canada Statistics Sweden Office for National Statistics (UK) Statistics Netherlands Australian Bureau of Statistics Private Agencies Westat RTI International National Opinion Research Corporation Mathematica Policy Research

6 Sponsors American Statistical Association International Association of Survey Statisticians Statistical Society of Canada ASA Section on Survey Research Methods ASA Section on Government Statistics

7 Robert W. Edwards Director Statistics Department International Monetary Fund 1968 – 2004 Deputy Australian Statistician, Economic Statistics, Australian Bureau of Statistics 1995 Head of the United Nations Expert Group on Critical Problems in Economic Statistics 2004 Australian Public Service Medal for Distinguished Service in Economic Statistics

8 Business Surveys: Past, Present, and Challenges for the Future

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