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UPC Database Planning Services RFP-11-67 Pre-Proposal Conference April 6, 2011 Kyle McClurg, IDOA Strategic Sourcing Analyst.

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1 UPC Database Planning Services RFP-11-67 Pre-Proposal Conference April 6, 2011 Kyle McClurg, IDOA Strategic Sourcing Analyst

2 Agenda General Information Purpose of RFP Background Scope of Work Contract Terms Key Dates Proposal Preparation Proposal Evaluation Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises Question and Answer Session

3 General Information Sign-In Sheet for Attendees Sign-In Sheet and PowerPoint will be posted on State’s Solicitation Website Hold questions until the end of the presentation All questions must be submitted in writing by Wednesday, April 13 th

4 Purpose of the RFP It is the intent of the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) Women, Infants, and Children (WIP) Program to contract with a vendor that can support the WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) System Planning Project by providing for a feasibility study of the best method and practices for creating an Indiana Authorized Product Listing (APL) with electronic connection to the National Universal Product Code (NUPC) database. Vendor should provide State services at a competitive price

5 Background The ISDH WIC sees the move towards an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) as requiring three (3) parts. –The 1st and 2nd part are to have a Management Information System (MIS) and banking system in place that will be able to provide and process EBT. –The 3rd part of an EBT system is the State’s Authorized Product List (APL) which is connected to the USDA’s National Universal Product Code database (NUPC). –Currently, ISDH WIC does not have or maintain such a list or database.

6 Background cont. Currently Indiana WIC is in the middle of a MIS Advanced Planning Document (PAPD) to review the current MIS system, other available systems, and the possible creation of a new system. At this time Indiana WIC is a paper based system and does not anticipate implementing EBT until several years in the future. Indiana WIC would like to begin creating the foundation for EBT and the first step is to create an APL. At this time the USDA/FNS is mandating that APLs connect to the NUPC within two (2) years of moving to EBT. –The closest thing right now to an APL is the Indiana WIC food card.

7 Scope of Work The final outcome of this contract will be a recommendation and implementation process to connect ISDH WIC to the NUPC through a statewide Authorized Product List (APL). Indiana WIC has four goals for the project: –Goal 1: Determine if the current MIS and banking system has the technology available to interface with the NUPC. –Goal 2: Determine alternatives to creating an APL with the potential to interface with the NUPC in the future. –Goal 3: Recommend a method and implementation process to create a foundational APL for Indiana WIC that would have the technology for future connection to the NUPC. –Goal 4: Determine if there is value in ISDH WIC creating a connection to the NUPC prior to implementation of the EBT system.

8 Baseline Cost Baseline cost for the administration of this contract is $40,000.

9 Contract Terms Eighteen (18) months from the date of contract execution.

10 Key Dates ActivityDate Issue of RFP March 31, 2011 Pre-Proposal Conference April 6, 2011 Deadline to Submit Written Questions April 13, 2011 Response to Written Questions/RFP Amendments April 20, 2011 Submission of Proposals May 31, 2011 The dates for the following activities are target dates only. These activities may be completed earlier or later than the date shown. Proposal Evaluation June 8, 2011 Proposal Discussions/Clarifications (if necessary) June 10, 2011 Oral Presentations (if necessary) June 10, 2011 Best and Final Offers (if necessary) June 16, 2011 Contract Award July 1, 2011

11 Business Proposal Contract Terms Section –Respondent should review State contract and note exceptions of State mandatory and non-mandatory clauses in Transmittal Letter Preferences (Section 2.3.14) –Respondent can only claim one (1) of the following: Indiana Small Business Buy Indiana Initiative/Company –Must have this certified and completed by the proposal due date

12 Technical Proposal The Technical Proposal must be divided into the sections described in Section 2.4. Address the points in the order the prompts are given. May include extra attachments.

13 Cost Proposal (Attachment D) Respondent must estimate the cost for completion of this contract using the template found in Attachment D. –Completing the template, the Respondent will have calculated a “Total Bid Amount.” –The “Total Bid Amount” will be measured against the baseline cost for this contract when each proposal is evaluated.

14 Indiana Economic Impact (Attachment C) In lines 18 and 21 of the Indiana Economic Impact (IEI) form, Respondents are asked to provide the FTE of in- state workers committed to this program. –Both primary and subcontractor FTE FTE=Full Time Equivalent –Not Full Time Employee –Example: If a Respondent has 5 full time employees and is bidding on its 5 th contract, and all contracts get an equal amount of commitment from the employees then each employee commits 20% of his or her time to the new contract: 0.2 x 5 employees= 1 FTE.

15 Proposal Evaluation Summary of Evaluation Criteria: 1. Adherence to Mandatory Requirements –Pass/Fail 2. Management Assessment/Quality (Business & Technical) –30 points 3. Cost (Cost Proposal) –25 points (plus addition 5 pts possible) 4. Indiana Economic Impact –15 points 5. Buy Indiana –10 points 6. Minority (10) and Women Business (10) –Subcontractor Commitment 20 points * 100 Total Points

16 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises Charles Hill, M/WBE Division – Goals for Proposal –8% Minority Business Enterprise –8% Women’s Business Enterprise Complete Attachment A –Accompanying letter(s) must contain the % of the bid amount committed to the M/WBE and services to be provided. –Must be on subcontractor letterhead and be addressed to the Prime Contractor.

17 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises Prime Contractors must ensure that the proposed subcontractors meet the following criteria: Must be listed on the IDOA Directory of Certified Firms Each firm may only serve as once classification – MBE or WBE A Prime Contractor who is an MBE or WBE must meet subcontractor goals by using other listed certified firms. Certified Prime Contractors cannot count their own workforce or companies to meet this requirement. Must serve a commercially useful function. The firm must serve a value-added purpose on the engagement. Must provide goods or service only in the industry area for which it is certified as listed in the directory at Must be used to provide the goods or services specific to the contract National Corporate Diversity Plans are generally not acceptable


19 Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises

20 Additional Information/Helpful Links Indiana Department of Administration: –View current solicitations and updates (Click “State of Indiana Opportunities”) –Register as a bidder with the State of Indiana (Click “Bidding on State Contracts”) – link to Buy Indiana information and vendor registration with IDOA. For inquiries regarding substantial Indiana Economic Impact, contact link to more information and full listing of IDOA certified Minority and Women owned Businesses Indiana Secretary of State: –For registration assistance, call (317) 232-6576 Indiana Office of Technology: –Link to Information Technology (IT) Standards and Policies.

21 Questions and Answers

22 Thank You Kyle McClurg

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