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Truman Cold War & Domestic Policy.

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1 Truman Cold War & Domestic Policy

2 United Nations Definition Soviet Union vs. U.S. Security Council
Big Five

3 Russia Expanding Poland Baltic Republics “friendly states” Churchill
Fulton Missouri Iron Curtain


5 Beware of Russia George F. Kennan Dean Acheson Containment

6 European Recovery Program
Marshall, Czech. Revolution, $12 billion

7 “Had Enough” – 80th Congress
Undo New Deal Taft-Hartley Act 22nd Amendment Pres. Succession Act

8 Truman vs. Congress “Fair Deal” Committee on Civil Rights 1946
Desegregation of Armed Forces1948

9 “Do-Nothing” Congress
Truman Doctrine Marshall Plan National Security Act National Security Council CIA

10 Potsdam Conference Stalin, Truman, and Churchill Germany – zones
Nuremberg Trials

11 Germany Western Zone Single Unit Eur. Recovery Act Berlin Blockade


13 N A T O Creation, April 4, 1949 Article 5 Gen. Eisenhower
Commander of the NATO forces

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