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Disaster Reduction & Challenges Ahead AU/NEPAD - UN/ISDR Africa.

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1 Disaster Reduction & Challenges Ahead AU/NEPAD - UN/ISDR Africa

2 Presentation overview Trends in disasters & their impacts Progress in disaster reduction Challenges Ahead Expected support from the ISDR Task Force

3 375 498 378 0 100 200 300 400 500 1980s1990s2000s Number of disasters in Africa by decade

4 136.38 147.62 74.65 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Millions 1980s1990s2000s Disaster affected populations in Africa by decade

5 591.32 73.0821.92 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 Thousands 1980s1990s2000s Disaster fatalities in Africa by decade

6 Major disaster impacts on Africans Disasters: threaten Africans lives & livelihood destroy crops and cultivated land disrupt modest social services available damage property & infrastructure set back progress made in poverty alleviation and sustainable development

7 Joint DR initiatives between African institutions & UN/ISDR Africa Sub-regional reviews in IGAD, SADC, ECOWAS, IOC Development of African regional strategy on DRM: AU/NEPAD/UN/ISDR. Process inclusive e.g ADB and IFRC Development guidelines to mainstream DRM into development initatives: ADB and UN/ISDR Africa Development ISDR national platforms with national government (3), more requests Development of educational materials in disaster reduction for children and community leaders, in collaboration with pvt sector, universities, churches, and DMC in Nairobi Promoting gender concerns and encourating womens active participation in disaster reduction All the above initiatives UN/ISDR Africa has carried out in collaboration with other UN Agencies: UNEP, UNDP... All results of these initiatives will be used as input for the Regional Strtaegy on DRM

8 Major challenges ahead Incorporate disaster reduction into disaster relief, poverty alleviation & sustainable development Link disaster risk reduction with initiatives of climate change, water resource management, environment Increase institutions and human capacities, competences and skills in disaster reduction & early warning Raise public awareness and understanding of disaster risk reduction in different major regional languages such as French, Portuguese and Arabic Foster multi-level and multi-sectoral cooperation and coordination Secure political and financial support to disaster reduction from national authorities and international communities

9 Expected support from ISDR task force Mobilize more human and financial support to UN/ISDR Africa and join the on-going initiatives led by AU/NEPAD, supported by UN/ISDR Africa Advocate for linking disaster reduction with each UN agencys development and humanitarian development activities in Africa such as water, food, agriculture, climate change, environment, poverty reduction and social economic development in AFRICA Measure success of UN agency support in disaster reduction, poverty reduction, humanitarian assistance and sustainable development by actual cost/benefits relations as well as the actual impact on human security and socio-development in Africa

10 Thank You For more detailed information please refer to the UN/ISDR Africa annual report which was prepared in Cooperation with AU/NEPAD /DMCN

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