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Business 70 Introduction to eCommerce On Line Distance Learning.

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1 Business 70 Introduction to eCommerce On Line Distance Learning

2 How To Access The Class To login to Catalyst: Go to the Catalyst login page at Enter your username and password in the box that appears.

3 Catalyst Main Page ► After your login you should see your main catalyst page similar to this one: These are the online courses that you have been enroll on. If you don’t see one of your courses in here, contact De Anza Enrollment Office and find out why you don’t see your course. In this page you see Bus 085 and Bus 70 courses I am facilitating.

4 What You Will See This is the class home page. The class is divided into section blocks. This is very important. Each week I will post a Weekly Activities page like this one. You will open this page and read all the materials. The Class Project block contains information about the Project we will do in the class. Click here to go to the discussion forum tool that has the discussion questions (DQs) for each week. Start by reading each of the different document types shown in the page. Each week I will post a Start Here RTF document that will tell you what we will do for the week. In addition you will find a power point summary for each chapter you are assigned to read for the week. The Assignments document contain instructions for the assignments. Click here to go to the Assignments page tool to upload your assignments for the week.

5 Week Discussion Forum The Questions thread is used for students to post any question they may have. This could be related to the class, assignments or lectures. The Discussion questions are shown in the hyperlink labeled DQ1 and DQ2. These are the threads we will use to engage on weekly discussions. In week one we will use the Introductions thread to introduce each other in the class, kind of breaking the ice.

6 Discussion Threads This is the DQ1 Thread with the open ended question. To post your answer to the question click on the Reply button below: Your answer will show indented, or subordinate to the DQ. To comment on a student’s post click on the reply button again. The reply shows indented or subordinate to the student’s replay

7 The Reply Screen Type your answer here. There is No Excuse for spelling errors. Click here for checking your spelling. You can upload and attach a file to substantiate your answer if you want. Click here to conclude and post your answer

8 Working with the team After the teams are assigned in week three, a Team Working Area block will open up. Use your assigned team areas to work with your team. The Team forum is for the team to work together to plan and do the team assignments. The Chat Room is for the team to hold scheduled chats as desired. All students need to participate in the team to earn the assigned points. I will post graded team assignments in this forum. Each team will have a thread with the evaluated assignment attached. Students will be able to open the threads from their assigned teams.

9 Graded Team Assignments View Each team will be able to open their team threads only. Click on the topic to open the thread. You will see my post with the attached evaluated assignments.

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