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Integrated Management for the Next Generation Network

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1 Integrated Management for the Next Generation Network
Ilsoo Ahn NMS R&D Lab Samsung Electronics Co., LTD. Samsung Confidential

2 Outline Next Generation Network Next Generation OSS
Integrated Management

3 Next Generation Network Packet Network (IP/ATM)
Intelligent Network Convergence Voice, data, video : multi-media services Narrowband and broadband Wireline and wireless Local and long distance SoftSwitch technology Packet transport network : IP and ATM Intelligent Network : Service Creation / Control Open systems Commercial-off-the-shelf technology SoftSwitch Access Gateway Packet Network (IP/ATM) Wireline Internet Wireless

4 Network Architecture DB Application Server Media Server Softswitch
SS7 Network DB Billing Server SMS Network Management Center OSS SCE Application Server STP Service Management RADIUS Server SIP Media Server INAP SIP Proxy/Redirect Server SIP MGCP GateKeeper H.323 SIP-T Element Management System Softswitch Softswitch Enterprise Network MGCP/ Megaco MGCP/ Megaco PSTN PACKET Network (ATM/IP) AGW TGW Access Network POTS xDSL Leased Line TGW WMG PBX SIP Phone Enterprise Network H.323 Phone RGW MSC/BSC IP phones Mobile Network PSTN/ISDN

5 Packet Network (IP/ATM)
SoftSwitch SoftSwitch Control call connection for MG MGCP,MEGACO/H.248 Multimedia services voice, data, video PSTN and packet signaling SS7, SIP Open Interfaces PSTN, MGW, Application Server Intelligent Network Softswitch Application Server Packet Network (IP/ATM) PSTN Internet Wireless

6 Access Gateway (AGW) Access Gateway
Interface to a packet transport network as well as existing PSTN using V5.2 or GR303 various user access interfaces : POTS xDSL Interface Leased Line ( ATM, FR, TDM ) PBX Trunk Group ISDN Interface (PRI, BRI) Softswitch MGCP,MEGACO/H.248 PSTN V5.2 POTS/PBX ISDN IP/ATM xDSL Leased Line Access G/W

7 International Standards
OSS Generations Generations 1 G 2 G ( 3 G ) International Standards IETF SNMP ITU-T TMN (1988) TMF NGOSS ITU-T M.3020 ( ) Proprietary Characteristics Interface Protocols ASCII X.25 TCP/IP SNMP CMIP SNMP CMIP CORBA IIOP Software Technology ad-hoc SNMP / TMN Toolkits Object-Oriented COTS SW User Interface Character-based, Graphical X Windows Visual C++ Java Web XML

8 Next Generation OSS for NGN
TMN in transition : M.3020 ( ) TMN Interface Specification Methodology Requirements Analysis Design Implementation Business Spec. Protocol Neutral Information Spec. Protocol Specific Information Spec. Test Spec. UML Use Case Diagram UML Use Case Diagram State Diagram Activity Diagram Class Diagram GDMO CMIP IDL IIOP (CORBA) Translation SNMP

9 … OSS through Java Initiative (OSS/J) TMF : NGOSSTM
open, standard set of JavaTM API’s OSS Common, Service Activation, Quality of Service, Trouble Ticket, Billing, Inventory API’s TMF : NGOSSTM New Generation Operations Systems & Software Based on contract specifications and shared information OSS integration with components supporting contracts Common communication infrastructure : messaging bus Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Software : plug & play A lot of progress, but still lacking the Standard Too many, too little, too late : burden on the industry

10 Integrated Management
Scope : TMF e-TOM (Telecom Operations Map) Horizontal integration : end to end Customer Operations Processes : Fulfilment, Assurance, Billing Multiple network elements : SoftSwitches, Access GW, Trunking GW, Wireless GW, Home GW, Application Servers … Multiple technologies : Voice & data, Circuit & packet … New applications/services Next Gen. Wireless Service : 2.5G, 3G (CDMA-2000, W-CDMA) Mobile Internet, Wireless LAN Broadband internet access : xDSL, Cable Modem, FTTx Location based services, Multi-media applications Multiple protocols : TL-1, CMIP, SNMP, CORBA, XML …

11 … Vertical integration : top to bottom Management of user terminals
Business management : CRM, Supplier/Partner RM, Billing Service management and Operations : QoS, SLA Resource Management and Operations Correlation of network events to customer impacts Management of user terminals Home Networking with intelligent gateways Mobile devices : PDA’s, Handsets … Remote Management Fault Diagnostics / Localization, Loop Management Auto Configuration, Remote Download Efficiency : technical as well as economical Financial constraint on the Telecom industry Commercial-off-the-shelf rather than custom solutions

12 Implementation One large system does it all ?
A set of loosely coupled distributed systems Integrated EMS for muntiple NE’s : SoftSwitch, Access Gateway, Application Servers … Integrated systems for each management functions : Fault, QoS, Provisioning, Inventory, … Common platform Common internal architecture : client/server Common look & feel : Java & Web-based, user-friendly GUI Mediation for multiple protocols : CMIP, SNMP, TL-1 … Multiple external interfaces : CORBA, TCP/IP, XML (preferred) Support for legacy network and systems Flexible customizations on user requirements

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