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Domains of Controlllllllllll. Signal processing in aquatic ecosystems.

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1 Domains of Controlllllllllll

2 Signal processing in aquatic ecosystems

3 Mission statement Developing approaches to detect change and characteristic frequencies in GLEON monitoring data at differing regional and limnological scales

4 PLAN! 1. At this meeting: test datasets using the Excel add-in Rodionov shift detection method(detecting significant changes in mean and variance) 2. ID other datasets that we want to work with – particularly biological, chlorophyll, DO... Sergei Rodionov (Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean, University of Washington) A sequential algorithm for testing climate regime shifts GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 31


6 PLAN 3. Are there indices of lake mixing that we can work with? 4. Look at when an ecological shifts occur in different datasets – zoo fish? Are there characteristics frequencies? 5. Compare traditional sampling and high frequency monitoring? 6. Long-term goal: try to utilise s-scan data (in three lakes in Sweden, Finland and Estonia) = sub-surface spectrophotometers – range of absorption bands); need first to develop methods first; deploy more in western lakes?

7 Next six months...... We want to encourage maybe a student (?) to join us who like add a chapter to their thesis and maybe get a publications out of this but who would time to give to data analyses.

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