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ORIENTATION Grants Development Office. Who We Are Grants Development – GDO (“Pre-Award”) is part of the Division of Academic Affairs, Office of Academic.

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1 ORIENTATION Grants Development Office

2 Who We Are Grants Development – GDO (“Pre-Award”) is part of the Division of Academic Affairs, Office of Academic Programs o Kathy Meeker, Director o Christine Barberio, Senior Grantswriter Sponsored Programs (“Post-Award”) is part of the Division of Finance & Administration o Denise Straut, Director o Aleksandra Andreic, Sponsored Programs Manager o Melissa Nicosia, Human Resources Manager o Kimala Clark, Purchasing/Travel o Lara Woods, Payroll / Cost Share Grants Development Office

3 ″The Grants Development Office assists faculty, staff, and external collaborators, when relevant, with conceptualizing, planning, preparing and submitting proposals for externally funded grants; and promotes academic excellence at the College through facilitation and support of research, creativity, and scholarly activity, including that which engages students.″ Mission Statement, June 1, 2010 GDO’s Mission Grants Development Office

4 Pre- and Post-Award Services Pre-Award (Grants Development Office) Helps you identify, apply for, and obtain the funding Post-Award (Sponsored Programs) Helps you manage the funding and comply with various policies, both internal and external We collaborate closely. By working with us, you can design a program for external funding that complies with guidelines, avoids conflicts, and provides maximum flexibility. Grants Development Office

5 It is the policy of the College that all grants and contracts submitted to external sponsors must be cleared through the Grants Development Office (grants and some contracts) and/or Sponsored Programs (contracts), and approved by the College’s Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR). Link to Policy Library: Institutional Relations Grants Development Office

6 Regardless of value, all externally funded awards to SUNY Oneonta for research, training, programs, curriculum development, etc. are fiscally administered by the Research Foundation for SUNY (RF). The RF is a private, nonprofit educational corporation whose primary responsibility is the administration of externally funded contracts and grant s for and on behalf of the State University of New York. Research Foundation for SUNY Grants Development Office

7 For fiscal year 2013-2014: SUNY Oneonta ranked second (behind Buffalo State College) of the twenty-one SUNY University Colleges and Technology Colleges in sponsored program expenditures. (SUNY Oneonta total = ~$6.5 million in direct and indirect costs.) Source: Research Foundation for SUNY Sponsored Program Activity Grants Development Office

8 We help to: o Brainstorm project ideas o Research funding opportunities o Strategize approaches for seeking funds o Develop and edit proposal narratives o Draft proposal budgets o Facilitate the support of administration and external partners o Ensure compliance with sponsor requirements o Work with Sponsored Programs to secure campus approvals for submission o Submit applications, electronically or otherwise Proposal Preparation Grants Development Office

9 32 grant proposals submitted in 2013/14 (requesting a total of ~$4.3 million) 9 grants awarded in 2013/14 (total funding = ~$2.5 million) Current RF grant portfolio includes awards from: NSF, NIH, NASA, US Dept of Education, American Psychological Assoc, Spencer Fdn, NYC DEP, SUNY competitive grant programs, and others Recent Grant-Seeking Activity Grants Development Office

10 Grant-Seeking Resources Grants Development Office

11 Life of the Mind The GDO organizes and produces the Life of the Mind Grants Development Office

12 The 2013 LOTM featured: o 65 presentations o 119 faculty, students and collaborators o Nearly 30 departments and affiliated institutions The full program with abstracts is available at: LIFE OF THE MIND V – November 6, 2014 Life of the Mind (cont.) Grants Development Office

13 The GDO organizes and produces Student Research & Creative Activity Day; the 2014 SRCA Day featured: o 127 projects o 191 student co-authors o 73 faculty sponsors o Keynote Speaker: Chuck Bogosta ‘80 (Executive VP, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; President, International and Commercial Services Division; President, UPMC CancerCenter) For full program including abstracts see Grants Development Office

14 Faculty Grant Programs Administered by the GDO o Competitively peer-reviewed campus grant programs that fund research ($3,000 max) and creative activity ($2,000 max) projects o Funded from Research Foundation for SUNY indirect cost recovery (and a 3-year StAR award) o Applications due in early spring semester for funding on a fiscal year basis (July 1 to June 30) o 2014 round: 23 awards (17 research, 6 creative activity) totaling ~$56,000 Grants Development Office

15 Student Grant Program Administered by the GDO Student Grant Program for Research and Creative Activity o $1,500 maximum request per project (+ fellowships) o Submitted by student(s) with faculty sponsorship o Funded by College at Oneonta Foundation, Alumni Association, and others (~$60,000 in 2013/14) o Applications reviewed by Committee on Research; 47 grants totaling ~$77,000 awarded in 2013/14 o Recipients present at SRCA Day o See for Grants Development Office

16 Other Services o Promotion of faculty and student research and scholarly activity through special projects and initiatives o Outreach (campus and community) o Grant writing workshops/classes o Support to the College’s significant private fund raising efforts o Service on College Committees Grants Development Office

17 We THANK YOU and look forward to working with you!

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