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Harriett Chaney PhD, RN, ACNS-BC May 2009

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1 Harriett Chaney PhD, RN, ACNS-BC May 2009
American Nurses Credentialing Center MAGNET RECOGNITION: A Journey in Excellence Harriett Chaney PhD, RN, ACNS-BC May 2009

2 Discloser Statement I am not employed by ANCC
I do not represent ANCC in this presentation I have no relationship with any vendors, publishers, or consulting firms I am Magnet appraiser compensated by applicant organizations An honorarium was offered but not accepted by me

3 What is ANCC Magnet Recognition?
Highest international award for nursing excellence An institutional self study with a specific focus on nursing A reflection of leadership’s impact on patient care and the nurses providing the care

4 Magnet Recognition History
A study in 1983 of 163 hospitals, 41 were nursing “magnets” University of Washington was named the 1st magnet hospital in 1994 Magnet is the first research based accreditation process in health care Magnet related research is ongoing with up-dates generally every 5 years

5 Magnet Recognition Today
~ 5.8% of US hospitals have achieved Magnet Recognition The Magnet Model serves as the foundation of the program Magnet requirements are both quantitatively & qualitatively focused 2008 Application Manual, Magnet Recognition Program® is now available

6 Benefits of Magnet Magnet hospitals successfully retain & recruit nurses (L. Aiken et al) Magnet hospitals consistently provide higher quality patient care (Center for Outcomes and Policy… U of Penn) Seven of the Top 10 Hospitals also have Magnet Recognition (US News & World Reports) Seven of the 11 Best Companies to Work For also have Magnet Recognition (Fortune)

7 Magnet Application Processes: A Brief Summary
Obtain the Magnet Manual Review the Magnet website Conduct an internal analysis Use of consultants Focus on outcomes & national benchmarks for a 2 year period Review budget requirements Apply online & receive a document submission date.

8 Magnet Application Processes: A Brief Summary
Prepare & submit the Magnet documents Documents are reviewed by an appraiser team A site visit will be scheduled if the document scores within the range of excellent Post site visit documents are prepared

9 Magnet Recognition Magnet appraisers do not make decisions nor do they make recommendations The ANCC Magnet Commission decides if Magnet Recognition is to be awarded.

10 Magnet Model & Components

11 Transformational Leadership
Strategic Planning Advocacy & Influence Visibility, accessibility , & communications

12 Structural Empowerment
Professional Engagement Commitment to Professional Development Teaching & Role Development Commitment to Community Involvement Recognition of Nursing

13 Exemplary Professional Practice
Professional Practice Model* Care Delivery Systems* Processes for Staffing, Scheduling & Budgeting Interdisciplinary Care* Accountability, Competence, & Autonomy

14 Exemplary Professional Practice (continued)
Ethics, Privacy, Security & Confidentiality Diversity & Workplace Advocacy Culture of Safety Quality Care Monitoring & Improvement

15 New Knowledge, Innovations & Improvements

16 New Knowledge, Innovations & Improvements
Research Evidence Based Practice Innovation

17 Testimonial Qualified Medical Librarians
are essential for the deep smarts, effective and efficient work required to achieve the last component of the Magnet Model

18 New Knowledge, Innovation & Improvements
Research Evidence Based Practice Innovations

19 Research Evaluation and application of published research
Ongoing & completed nursing research Knowledge about human subject research Professional nurse participation in the IRB

20 Nursing Research The themes are: The generation of new knowledge
Education about research Nurses as researchers / principle investigators Institutional Review Board review & approval of nursing research proposals Resources for conducting research Dissemination of research findings internally & externally

21 Magnet Related Opportunities Immediate Contributions
Inquire about the Magnet goals Know the Magnet definitions for Research EBP QI/PI Request membership on the Nursing Councils & Committees Research & EBP Clinical Practice

22 Immediate Contributions (continued)
Review your library website. Does the website: Reflect a clinical orientation Provide links to a wide range of search engines Supply information about the preferred model for evaluating published nursing research Incorporate links for human subject research

23 Immediate Contributions (continued)
Promote fishing not feeding Facilitate mastery of the basics How to apply search limits Which engine is best for certain topics Invite chair-side searching Use green strategies How to document sources

24 Evidence Based Practices

25 Evidence Based Practice
The themes are: Bench to bedside, science to service Structures and processes within the organization Translation of EBP into medical & nursing practice EBP patient outcomes

26 Evidence Based Practice Drivers of the Movement
Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) Pneumonia, flu vaccinations, National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators Falls, pressure ulcers, etc Pre-established EBP guidelines

27 Evidence Based Practice
Request to be on all EBP / guideline teams Ask, what EBP process is the organization using? If one is not selected, here is an easy & beneficial resource: Ensure agreement on key words & limits

28 Evidence Based Practice
Use EBP yourself Work beyond obtaining published articles for your clinical colleagues Stay current regarding the changing value of published work Expert opinion, consensus opinion Randomized controlled trials Etc. Negotiate credit for partnership / team contributions

29 Innovations

30 Innovations Innovation is a field of study Innovations are rare
Single individuals generally innovate Creative ideas, adaptations & applications are common & highly valued Assist professionals with how they use labels

31 Performance Improvement
PI / QI can lead to: Research EBP Innovation & creative adaptations

32 Magnet Recognition Achieved

33 Requirements for the Magnet Recognized Organization
Interim monitoring is due at year two post award During the 4th year, the process begins again The re-designation process is less broad but deeper in scope Mentoring other organizations pursing Magnet Recognition is expected

34 Closing Remarks Magnet is of benefit to the entire organization
Nurses & their colleagues learn about Magnet together Medical librarian participation is extremely important to Magnet success Achieving Magnet Recognition is part of your professional success story

35 Thank You for all you do for nurses & all clinical colleagues

36 Harriett Chaney PhD, RN, ACNS-BC
Questions / Comments Harriett Chaney PhD, RN, ACNS-BC

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