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That’s me: Vidrascu Olimpiada

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1 That’s me: Vidrascu Olimpiada

2 Hello…My name is Vidrascu Olimpiada,but my family and my friends call me Olimpia. I’m 17 years old and I was born in Rep.Moldova. I am an ambitious, dynamic and friendly person. I like animals and I have a cat and a turtle at home.

3 That is my HighSchool My classmates…

4 My favorite subjects are: Chemistry, Romanian and English.
I want to become a judge because i hate lies and injustice.

5 My hobbies are reading, listening to music, surfing on internet, go shopping, watching TV, and playing games on computer . My favorite book is ,I kill,by Giorgio Faletti.

6 My desk mate and also a good friend of mine is Gabriela
My desk mate and also a good friend of mine is Gabriela. She is funny, nice and stuborn. I like spending time with her. We are like sisters and we have the same tastes and principles.

7 I want to participate in this project because I am interested in GIS technology and I want to find out more about other countries, about other educational systems and to meet students and teachers from Turkey and Italy. Contact:

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