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1Presentation to OECD/CCP COPOLCO 2006-03-27 International Organization for Standardization.

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1 1Presentation to OECD/CCP COPOLCO 2006-03-27 International Organization for Standardization

2 2Presentation to OECD/CCP COPOLCO 2006-03-27 Mission and recent activities of ISO/COPOLCO by Ms. Jai Ok Kim Chair of ISO/COPOLCO 71st session of the OECD Committee on Consumer Policy, Jeju Island, Korea 29-30 March 2006

3 3Presentation to OECD/CCP COPOLCO 2006-03-27 Background: COPOLCO Established in 1978 94 national members of ISO (51-P, 43-O) Chair: Ms. Jai Ok Kim (Republic of Korea) COPOLCO Secretariat: ISO/CS, Geneva Liaisons: OECD, Consumers International

4 4Presentation to OECD/CCP COPOLCO 2006-03-27 ISO Committee on consumer policy (ISO/COPOLCO) Help consumers benefit from standardization Provide forum to exchange information Make recommendations on current and potential standardization work Advise ISO on policies and actions to respond to consumers needs COPOLCOs role

5 5Presentation to OECD/CCP COPOLCO 2006-03-27 COPOLCOs impact (1) : Feedback Feedback on technical and policy matters Proposals Proposals for new areas of technical work representation Consumer interest representation in technical committees Guides Publication of ISO/IEC Guides on consumer- related subjects, for standards-writers Enhances market relevance of ISO standards

6 6Presentation to OECD/CCP COPOLCO 2006-03-27 COPOLCOs impact (2): Promotes effective policy-making in ISO ISO Code of Ethics and ISO Strategic Plan 2005-2010 incorporate consumer views ISO/IEC policy statements (elderly and needs of disabled,consumer participation) Influence on ISOs governing / advisory bodies Actions to encourage consumer participation (awareness-raising, training, publications)

7 7Presentation to OECD/CCP COPOLCO 2006-03-27 Standards projects from COPOLCO Recent examples: Standardization proposal on Network services billing (just approved for development in ISO ) Research on Tourism and related services (new ISO/TC 228) - 1st meeting in March 2006) « Consumer satisfaction » standards being developed Code of conduct - ISO 10001 and External customer dispute resolution systems - ISO 10003 under way Complaints handling (ISO 10002) - Already published Establishment of ISO Technical Advisory Group on Second- hand goods (1st meeting in May 2006)

8 8Presentation to OECD/CCP COPOLCO 2006-03-27 Policy-related activities Recommendations on Security, Stakeholder issues Representation in ISO/IEC Advisory Group on Security Use of « Privacy Impact Assessment tools » Disaster response, esp. vulnerable populations, accessibility issues – Societal Security (ISO TC 223) Participation in ISO Standing Committee on Strategies: Stakeholder representation in ISO: benchmarking, identification of best practices and priority technical areas. Consumer input to ISOs annual Strategic Plan

9 9Presentation to OECD/CCP COPOLCO 2006-03-27 Forthcoming events COPOLCO events in Kuala Lumpur: 22-26 May 2006 Plenary meeting: Discussions incl. on product safety, product recalls, consumer participation, compliance management, rechargeable batteries, priorities for e-commerce standardization. Workshop: How can environmental standards promote sustainable consumption? Training seminar: Policy-makers, consumers and standards bodies - working together to improve consumer services (ISO/IEC Guide on services standardization, case studies)

10 10Presentation to OECD/CCP COPOLCO 2006-03-27 Opportunities for cooperation ISO/COPOLCO and OECD/CCP Summary of a few shared interests « Consumer satisfaction standards », e.g. dispute resolution systems (ISO standard under development) Compliance management (under study in COPOLCO) E-commerce issues: e.g. security, privacy, « spam », fraudulent sales practices, e-certification (under study) Billing by network service providers (including contracts) – approved for further processing in ISO

11 11Presentation to OECD/CCP COPOLCO 2006-03-27 ANY QUESTIONS? I am pleased to answer any questions Or, for further information about COPOLCO: Contact Ms. Dana Kissinger-Matray, COPOLCO Secretary, at ISO Central Secretariat For further information about ISO: see or contact: THANK YOU

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