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Constitution Revision Brian Dodd Brasov, Sept 2007.

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1 Constitution Revision Brian Dodd Brasov, Sept 2007

2 Why Revise? Not updated for a long time and has become out of date. Written before the electronic communications age. Some aspects are unworkable and therefore are not being followed.

3 Process IRPA EC individuals and a working group reviewed and revised. Executive Council discussed and revised further. Sent to Associate Societies in time to bring to the General Assembly at IRPA-12 Vote will be in 3 or 4 stages: –Basic revisions –Two or three separate amendments

4 Basic Revision (1) Corrected English, format, added revision date. Made gender neutral. Expectation of an International Congress changed from 3 to 4 years. Changed dues date from Dec 31 to Jan 31 to avoid holidays Moved some of Executive Officer responsibilities to the Treasurer for easier functioning.

5 Basic Revision (2) Deleted the requirement for all dues to be the same. Now dues decided at International Congress General Assembly. Treasurer revisions – another slide. Clarified text regarding International Congresses and Regional Congress Added the definition of country to be consistent with the UN definition. Changed assumption of hard copy to electronic communication.

6 Basic Revision (3) Added requirement of new members to have a Code of Ethics (or adopt IRPA one) Deleted Article II, Section 3 regarding trade unions…appears unnecessary and out of date. Changed some deadlines related to the International Congressess for ease of administration and to account for the electronic age.

7 Basic Revision (Treasurer) Deleted requirement for two signatures on checks and wires because it is unworkable and has not been done. Treasurer can disperse funds in accordance with budget Revised audit requirement to allow for reviews as well. Following advice and guidance from our USA CPA. Audit has a very precise definition and it is very difficult to find anyone to do one for us and would be very expensive if we did.

8 Basic Revision (Treasurer) Removed the requirement for the submission of a list of members names, addresses and membership status. Other consistent revisions in Treasurer section.

9 Amendment 1 Changed Article VII, Section 2 to require that there be at least one member from each region of the world. Details to be in the Rules

10 Amendment 2 Added new Article VII, Section 6 to allow advisors to the EC. –Likely examples include Past President, Chair of ICPC…

11 Other Amendments? Allow for expressions of interest with regard to future congress eight years in advance. Others…

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