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What is Comenius? Challenges, opportunities and inspiration European Schools Project Associations March 9th-13th 2011.

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1 What is Comenius? Challenges, opportunities and inspiration European Schools Project Associations March 9th-13th 2011

2 Knowledge and information centre for internationalization of education and training in Denmark Administration of European and Nordic multilateral and bilateral education programmes Assessment of foreign qualifications Marketing of Danish education abroad

3 Comenius School education Erasmus Higher education & advanced training Leonardo da Vinci Vocational education and training Grundtvig Adult education Transversal Programme (4 key activities) Policy Cooperation – Languages – ICT - Dissemination and exploitation of results (valorisation) The Lifelong Learning Programme

4 Comenius Objectives Develop knowledge and understanding among young people and educational staff of the diversity and value of European cultures and languages Have young people acquire the basic life-skills and competences necessary for their personal development, for future employment and for active European citizenship

5 Decentralised actions School partnerships Preparatory visits Contact seminars In Service Training Individual Pupil Mobility Assistants eTwinning

6 School Partnerships PartnershipsPupil and development activities Class exchanges PartnersMin. 3 countries2 countries - min. one EU-member Timespan2 years contract ThemeThematic cooperation between classes/ teachers/ heads/ departments Reciprocal pupil exchange 2 x 10 days Focus on language

7 Ingredients Curiosity Creativity Commitment

8 What do you get in return? Pupils and teachers with  Reflections on own practice, school system and self  Intercultural competence  A lot of interesting work  International network and contacts  Better language skills  European insights

9 What did they get in return? Comenius School partnership survey of 2007 Students 80% more interested in and knowledgeable about other countries 75% improved specialist and ICT knowledge 75% more motivated to learn other languages 70% boost of social skills and ability to work in teams 62% increased proficiency in foreign languages Teachers 90% improved knowledge and understanding of partner countries 82% established long lasting contacts with other schools 79% stronger European dimension 75% improved capacity to work interdisciplinary with new teaching methods 66% improved language skills 60% better school climate

10 Activities Presentations of school, country, history… Dancing, singing, music, art, drama Games ICT communication Development of teaching modules Policy development 50 ways to international projects www.roots-and- wings.dkwww.roots-and-

11 Products Joint websites and e-journals Folders, posters, CD-roms, cartoons, booklets Teaching modules Policies, guidance materials and so on….

12 What to submit Format Joint Project Application Form - online Deadline February 2012 Application content Project basics Information about partners Project content and organisation Project calendar Budget

13 Tools for sustainability of the partnership Four ways to sustain the partnership 1.In service training, incl. job shadowing 2.Individual Pupil Mobility 3.Comenius Assistants 4.Networks

14 14 Comenius Regio at least one other relevant local organisation or institution a local or regional authority with a role in school education at least one school Consist of 2 partner regions. Each partner region must involve: “Other Relevant organisations” can include youth or sport clubs, parents and pupils associations, local teacher training institutes, other learning providers, VET institutions and local employers, museums and consulting services/ advisory boards …

15 15 In Service Training For teachers and other education staff Both school and participant benefits Courses, conferences and job shadowing Duration varies – up to 6 weeks Grant: course fee, transportation and subsistence 3 deadlines a year – January/April/September

16 16 Assistants Students and newly graduated teachers 13-45 weeks as assistant teacher No expense for the school - but work plan, contact person and support Deadline: January 2012

17 Individual Pupil Mobility Exchange of pupils between previous/ existing partners Grant for travel, stay and administration Pupils should be between 14 and 18 years old 17 countries: Belgium (German and Dutch speaking), Austria, Italy, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Finland, France, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark – In 2012 all countries? Application deadline: 1 December 2011

18 For more information on Comenius: European Commission National Agencies:

19 Congratulations

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