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FpML Editor/Viewer Tutorial

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1 FpML Editor/Viewer Tutorial

2 FpML Editor/Viewer Version 2.1

3 Summary of Features (1) Open FpML trade documents
From local file system From Web Created new from samples View or Edit trade documents Uses drop down lists and radio buttons to select values and cases where possible Save documents to: Local file system Web server

4 Summary of Features (2) Launch page features
List of FpML examples and built in trade types Viewer and editor features Outlining mode for navigating complex documents Appearance can be customized using CSS Layout/captions can be customized using templates Auto-launch Allows editor to be invoked automatically when a saved FpML file is loaded into IE, e.g. by double-clicking or by browsing it in.

5 Summary of Features (3) Product support
Most IR Derivative, Credit derivative, Equity derivative, FX products covered in FpML Swaps, caps/floors, swaptions Mandatory and optional early termination Cancellation and extension clauses FX spot, forward, swap, and options FX barrier, digital, and average rate options Equity Derivative Forwards/Swaps Credit Default Swaps Limited Schemes Support New product/feature support can be added using templates

6 Summary of Features (4) It supports FpML versions , v 4.0 IRD, FX, and CD, and v 4.1 EQD. supports FpML documents embedded within other XML formats. Some FpML 4.0 message types supported. ISDA-confirmation style display mode, providing a format similar to an ISDA confirmation. Built in schema validation for generated documents.

7 Opening and Viewing files
From web From local file system Demonstration of outlining features Confirmation style

8 Opening and Viewing files

9 Opening and Viewing files

10 Opening and Viewing files

11 Opening and Viewing files

12 Opening and Viewing files

13 Opening and Viewing files

14 Opening and Viewing files

15 Opening and Viewing files

16 Editing files Create new product (based on defaults) Demonstration of
Drop down selectors Radio buttons for case selection Quick entry of numbers Displaying FpML

17 Editing files

18 Editing files

19 Editing files

20 Editing files

21 Editing files

22 Editing files

23 Editing files

24 Editing files

25 Editing files

26 Editing files

27 Editing files

28 Editing files

29 Saving files To local file system To web

30 Saving files

31 Saving files

32 Saving files

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