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Coping with Cultural Differences By Monroe Brewer.

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1 Coping with Cultural Differences By Monroe Brewer

2 What There Is In Every Culture… Divine HumanSatanic Supernatural Neutral Natural ---------------------------------------- GODLY VALUES CULTURAL VALUES UNGODLY VALUES The hand or finger of God Not wrong, just different Demonic Sin, Evil Depravity Bad Error Curses Societal Preferences Group Personality Not moral or immoral Good Truth Blessing

3 Crossing Cultural Boundaries People reflect their cultural background

4 Crossing Cultural Boundaries You take your cultural baggage with you when you enter a new culture

5 Crossing Cultural Boundaries Some learn to fit in… …and some do not!But with some tools the choice to fit in is yours

6 Fear Suspicion Prejudice Openness Acceptance Trust Cultural Differences Tension Frustration Embarrassment Confusion Coping Choices Approach The Inevitables: ResponsesResults Observe Listen Ask ? Participate Criticize Rationalize Withdraw Trust Rapport Friendship Acceptance Understanding Identification Alienation Isolation Hostility Rejection Failure Fear

7 Basic Values Profile Time 1234567 Event Dichotomy 1234567 Holism Closure 1234567 Non-closure Object as Goal 1234567 Person as Goal Vulnerability as Str. 1234567 Vuln. as Weakness Prestige Achieved 1234567 Prestige Ascribed Linear Logic 1234567 Non-linear Logic Cultural Values Grid Western Values (usually)Non-Western Values (usually)

8 Discussion Questions 1.What do you think are some cultural differences between Americans and Chinese? (Perhaps some you have experienced.) 2.What do you think helps you develop relationships cross-culturally? 3.According to this speech, God sought to cross a huge cultural gap between God and man by reaching out to us through Jesus. How did Jesus demonstrate Gods care for us?

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