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Better Salaries/Compensation MLGSCA October 2, 2003.

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1 Better Salaries/Compensation MLGSCA October 2, 2003

2 Compensation Presentation Provide overview of issues Facts and figures ALA Campaign for Americas Librarians MLA activities and resources Making your case Your ideas – resources, tools, activities

3 Key Issues Librarians willing to accept less pay due to their passion for the field Female dominated profession Critical factor - shortage Nurses, teachers Equity among positions IT staff -- Hay study Data on national level more readily available and up-to-date

4 Facts and Figures -- Age Aging profession 25% of 125,000 librarians will reach retirement age by 2009 Median age 47 60% of AAHSLD directors will retire in next 10 years

5 Facts and Figures --Salaries Bureau of Labor Statistics – 2000 – all libraries Median $41,700 Mean $42,730 College and universities $43,050 median

6 Facts and Figures -- MLA Hay/MLA Study 2001 Median $47,300 Mean $49,995 [average] 1998 mean $45,016 CAPHIS informal 2001 Little more than $40,000

7 Facts and Figures -- Others SLA – 2001 $54,400 AAHSLD Department head -- $48,245 median 5-10 years experience -- $46,413 tremendous range in both categories

8 Other Professions US Labor Dept. – comparable education, analytic and technical skills Computer systems analysts $59,330 median Database administrator $51,990 median Computer or information scientists, research $70,590 median Computer and information systems managers $78,830 median

9 Other Female Dominated Professions Registered dieticians$45,000 [median] Teachers $41,280 Nurses $44,480

10 Campaign for Americas Librarians/Libraries Better Salaries and Pay Equity Task Force Created a handbook and training session Americas campaign June 2002 Economic downturn – focus on survival Debate within ALA National attention

11 Nonprofit Associations Tax status limits activities Setting salaries prohibited Dictating salary within an institution not possible Provide tools, resources, salary data, etc. ALA created unit with special tax status

12 MLA Activities Advocacy toolbox and other resources MLA salary surveys Advocacy materials Value of Information study Value of AHIP MLANET resources

13 Making Your Case Do your research Salary data Benchmark against comparable hospitals / institutions Talk to HR people Find out institutional guidelines for addressing equity Data may differ by location

14 Compensation Package Benefits Flexible schedule Vacation Support – travel, tuition, training Commuting Quality of life

15 Fair Salary Level Average statistics Education Seniority or years of experience Level of responsibility Put in management terms Relation to those in institution

16 Making Your Presentation Think like an administrator Benefits to institution More stable work force Less costly then to recruit Continuity of services Recruitment problems Small pool of librarians Salary perceived too low

17 Think Costs Savings Reduce likelihood malpractice Evidence-based practice and error reduction Success in grant submissions Involvement in service development More efficient/effective use of clinicians time

18 Demonstrate Your Value What we do every day Articles on value of libraries/librarians Promote externally starting now Adopt management and evaluation approaches Take on leadership roles Make sure staff promotes library

19 Making the Pitch Put it in writing Avoid jargon, but use management terms Set up a meeting Follow up on questions from meeting Do not assume NO is final – view as a dialogue over time

20 Negotiating Know what you want Know what you will accept Be clear Prepare for tough questions Redirect negative comments Dialogue may continue, even if NO now

21 Your Successes, Concerns, Obstacles How have you been successful? What has or has not worked for you? What support do you need? What are the major issues that you face in your institution concerning salary, budget? What can MLA do to support you?

22 Time for Discussion… Your turn

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