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CEFPI 2007 Technology and School Safety. CEFPI 2007 CEFPI 2007 Technology and School Safety Presented By: Joe Baumgartner 513-518-3876

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1 CEFPI 2007 Technology and School Safety

2 CEFPI 2007 CEFPI 2007 Technology and School Safety Presented By: Joe Baumgartner

3 CEFPI 2007 Mission Statement The mission statement of education and professionals in the education is To provide an environment that is safe and conductive to learning

4 CEFPI 2007 As CEFPI Members This is only part of our responsibility At one time the local school was the safe place in town. If the were problems we were told that the school is a safe place.

5 CEFPI 2007 This is no longer true With everything that has happened in the last decade. We have to give educators the tools and technology to make schools safer. How can we help?

6 CEFPI 2007 Before the Hardware Equipment and technology in school safety is not the end all for solving emergency situations. School Safety & School Emergency issues are a matter of proper training. Before the hardware is planning –What, why and when After – –TRAINING – TRAINING - TRAINING

7 CEFPI 2007 Listen to the Client What are their problems and Issues? Ask them to tell you their needs Why this solution? Will the solution that you are proposing answer the needs of your client? Will the solution also add value by being used daily? When is it required (proper timing is a satisfied client)

8 CEFPI 2007 Technology Solutions then, now, and tomorrow

9 CEFPI 2007 The Past (1950 – 1990) The safety solutions that we had to offer were simple. –Teachers and administrators with the authority to deal with the day to day issues that came up Calling a student to the office was a simple switch able intercom link. –Just over head speakers wired to an amplifier.

10 CEFPI 2007 The Past (1950 – 1990) Switched technology for the small school and the large give up the office model.

11 CEFPI 2007 The Past (1950 – 1990) Then a stand alone talk-back amplifier was added with call switches. –Teachers with a push of the button could call the office and have a conversation. –Because their was a call switch teachers could also key in an emergency call that could not be canceled until it was addressed. –The 8 overhead speaker gave clear and concise conversation for normal and emergency calls. At the same time stand alone B&W cameras were added with a recorder.

12 CEFPI 2007 The Now (1990 – 2007) The audio solutions today –One way paging An amplifier and speakers –Gives all call page and emergency messages to 8 classroom speakers (Self amplified or Centralized) Telephone paging –2.5 speaker great for office paging »But hard to overcome classroom noise –Two way intercom Talkback amplifier to phone in office –Telephone intercom Telephone to 2.5 speaker phone (good for offices)

13 CEFPI 2007 The Now (1990 – 2007) –Microprocessor Intercommunications Hands-Free Communication in Every Classroom Intercom for quick conversations so that class work continues or an emergency the teacher does not have to pick up the phone. When more privacy is needed, simply lifting the classroom phone handset automatically transfers the intercom conversation to the telephone.

14 CEFPI 2007 Rack and Wall Mount Units are now mount in an equipment room Dedicated A/C power and Air Conditioned

15 CEFPI 2007 The Now (1990 – 2007) –Microprocessor Intercommunications Intercom phones in classroom interfaced to office PBX (features for office 300 to 10) Intercom emergency calls are latching and cannot be canceled until they are answered. With both an intercom speaker and a classroom telephone, there is always a communication path to every classroom (even if the phone is busy or becomes disabled).

16 CEFPI 2007 December 9, 2004 Technology Solutions for Schools

17 CEFPI 2007 The Now (1990 – 2007) Emergency DISA Emergency 911 All Call loud and clear to all speakers Emergency Over Ride over rides all programming Emergency Link unanswered emergency calls can be linked to security office 4 Emergency Tones tornado, earthquake, etc.

18 CEFPI Emergency-All-Call Multicom 2000 LAN / WAN / Internet MVP-210BG Multicom 2000 System #1 System #2

19 CEFPI 2007 Emergency Messaging Multicom 2000 LAN / WAN / Internet MVP-210BG System #1 Multicom 2000 System #2 Multicom 2000 System #2 MVP-210BG

20 CEFPI 2007 IP Intercom-- The Concept Utilizes state of the art TCP/IP technology Employs IP routing and multi-cast technology Built-In Software: Direct URL access to key system cards from any computer Supports Standard SIP Compatible VoIP Phones

21 CEFPI 2007 IP Intercom Linux-based OS Network Interface Manages VoIP functions Power PC QUANTUM Commander Interface Remote Programming Remote Diagnostics Remote Control Much smaller fits in IDF

22 CEFPI 2007 From today to the future; IP Intercom Lower cabling/labor cost vs. traditional intercom systems Accommodates the latest campus-style classroom configurations Better/more economical communications with temporary classrooms Easier Programming/Changing of Time Schedules Security Zones can provide real time notification of access into sensitive areas

23 CEFPI 2007 Interconnected Distributed IP Facilities Through IP Intercom, Board Of Education can: Perform Emergency All-Call announcements Call Any Classroom Or Individual area - Station Listen-In To Any Classroom*

24 CEFPI 2007 The Security Zones Security Zones –Multiple Stations Comprise A Security Zone –A Station Is Dedicated To An Individual Sensor –N.O. Or N.C. Contact Closure Sensors Can Apply –Security Zones Report To An Admin Phone, Admin Group And/Or Wall Display –If State Changes, Call-in To Administrative Phone, Group And/Or Wall Display Is Made Automatically

25 CEFPI Connecting Tomorrow's Technology with Todays Facilities GIS, Map- Based Facility Information Building CAD Plans Live Security Camera Monitoring HazMat Inventory Complete Web-Based Facility Emergency Preparedness Information System From today to the future

26 CEFPI 2007 From today to the future CAD-driven Viewer To Display GIS Maps And Plans –Web Native –GIS Based –A Graphical User Interface (GUI) For Building Systems Such As CCTV Works With Building Systems –Intercom via security DISA –IP Addressable DVRs - Cameras

27 CEFPI 2007 Web-Based Facility CCTV Functionality: –Locate CCTV Cameras and Audio Interface On Building Plan (DVR or IP Camera) –Access Them Via a Mouse Click

28 CEFPI 2007 Web-Based Facility Emergency Preparedness Product Enhancements: –Hazardous Materials Inventory –Fire And Safety Floor Plan With Interactive Layers –Emergency Preparedness Documentation –Emergency Exit Routes –Tornado Safety Zone / Shelter Interactive Layers –Digital Photography Links –Enhanced CAD Floor And Site Plans

29 CEFPI 2007 Digital Recorder

30 CEFPI 2007 Digital Recorders ? Digital voice recorder designed to meet the critical needs of 24 hour per day / 7 day per week applications Systems provides continuous recording of all channels, while also allowing simultaneous playback - never interrupting the record process.

31 CEFPI 2007 Digital Recorder Security Solutions Today Emergency Messaging Emergency Link Emergency Lockdown Voice over IP Emergency Web Access Security DISA

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