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Strategies to Leverage the Bond Program into Educational, Economic, and Workforce Development Opportunities Presented by: Paul Mills LEED-AP Project Manager.

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1 Strategies to Leverage the Bond Program into Educational, Economic, and Workforce Development Opportunities Presented by: Paul Mills LEED-AP Project Manager /Business Development Manager Parsons April 2011

2 San Antonio san – anne – TOE – nee - o sahn – ahn – TONE - yo san – anne – TONE san – TONE

3 New Orleans You say potato, I say: new – OR – lens new – OR – lee – unz n – WAH – lunz NAH – lens (Please, please dont say: new – or – LEENS )

4 "I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people." Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1932 Its the Economy, Stupid President Bill Clinton 1992 President Barack Obama Signs $787 Billion Stimulus Bill. February 17, 2010

5 5 Source: Latoya Egwuekwe using Bureau of Labor Statistics, Local Area Unemployment Statistics. Visit

6 6 Measured Results: Los Angeles USD $698.3M in wages earned by Local Labor $3.6B Awarded to Small Contractors Trained 1,395 local district residents Trained 870 small contractors Trained 423 high school students Programs applicable to any public works project or area! Proven Work Force Development Programs

7 7 7 Procurement Policies & Methods Contractor Training Seamless Union Interface Labor Compliance Local Worker Training Job Creation Model for Public Works

8 8 8 Construction Low Bid Contracting Best Value RFP Job Order Contracting (JOC) Enforceable Contract Provisions 25% Small Business Goal 50% Local Worker Requirement/We Build Participation Professional Services Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Request for Proposals (RFP) Selection Criteria 25% Small Business Participation Goal 10%-20% Evaluation criteria value for Small Business We Build Green Participation for Solar Contracts Procurement Methods & Agreements Types

9 Small Business Goal & Participation 25% Goal on all District Contracts $3.6 Billion, or 45%, awarded to small contractors Small Business Boot Camp Introduction to public works How to Bid & Prequalification Bonding & Certification Public Contract Law & Govt. Regulations Safety Labor Compliance/PSA Estimating/Scheduling Contractor BondWorks Eliminates barriers to bonding and capital MOU with Government partner – No Cost Program Benefits Earned Board and community support Increased competitive bidder pool and diversity of contractors Low cost through leverage of public and non-profit resources Contractor Training/Small Business Program

10 Journeyman Foreman Superintendent Company Owner Union Apprenticeship Local Labor Training Programs Pre- Apprenticeship Programs

11 Six Los Angeles training locations through local education partnerships Placement in Union Apprenticeship Programs Help fulfill PLA 50% Local Worker Participation Requirement Stimulate local job creation Low cost implementation through leverage of existing public and non-profit resources Strategic outreach through CBO network, career fairs and workshops Increase diversity of local workforce 11 We Build Program: Cultivating Local Skilled Labor

12 12 We Build Green Workforce Development BENEFITS: We Build Green Completion Certification Competitive referral to union building trades and contractors Develop skilled workforce to support LAUSD Solar investment Photovoltaic Installation Introduction (160 hrs) 10 weeks Unit 1: Intro to PV Technology (80 hrs) Unit 2: Intro to PV Installation (80 hrs) Photovoltaic Installer Certification Preparation Level 2 & 3 (240 hrs) Level 2: Intermediate (140 hrs) Level 3: Advanced (100 hrs) Content: Introduction to electricity Basics of PV cells, modules, and arrays PV system sizing and system costing PV electrical systems & Safety Hands-on design and installation of PV systems Instructional guidance to the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification

13 On-Line Labor Compliance Reporting System Assists contractors with prevailing wage compliance Gathers labor breakdown statistics Increases transparency Available to other public agencies – PARSONS would facilitate implementation Positive Interface with Craft Unions Work Preservation Group Partnership Increased efficiency in identifying violations Labor Compliance Program

14 Local Worker/Small Business Programs work with Project Labor Agreements Parsons PLA management is nationally recognized Feed local workers into Union Apprenticeship Programs Supports PLA local hire requirements Assists with apprentice participation requirements Small business participation and growth is attainable PLA is not required for Local Worker/Small Business Program Success Contracting requirements for local hire and small business participation Proper program development and implementation Compliance is key Labor Relations is still available through Parsons Collaboration with Trade Unions

15 Beaumont ISD 2007 Bond Program Duration 2007 - ongoing Projects $389 million program 10 New Schools - $219M 2 New Auditoriums - $24M 1 New Multi-Purpose Complex - $44M 11 Classroom Additions - $50M 36 Modernizations - $31M Parsons Role Facilities Assessment and Capital Plan Full-Services Program Management LMWBE Program - 59% vs 35% goal Prototype Design Implementation Status On schedule, $10M under budget

16 Local/MWBE Participation Contractor Outreach Networking Forums To date: 59% vs 25% goal Recognition by National Association of Minority Contractors

17 Beaumont Independent School District / Lamar University Women in Construction Summer Camp Educational Opportunities Palm Beach County Public Schools Start of School Supplies Giveaway for Haitian Refugee Students University of Texas / Texas A&M University Building Schools and Colleges Seminars Pasadena Unified School District Future Scientists and Engineers of America Mentorship 17 Dallas Independent School District Kids Fest Community Events St. Philips College Rooftop Solar Array Project for Alternative Energy Degree Program

18 Small Business/Local Worker Programs create jobs. Job creation is a national, state, and regional priority with maximum elected official appeal. Community Support


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