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+ Why School Furniture is Critical to Learning Outcomes Nichole Moser.

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1 + Why School Furniture is Critical to Learning Outcomes Nichole Moser

2 + Learning is IMPORTANT Noun: 1. The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, practice, or study, or by being taught. 2. Knowledge acquired in this way. True learning affects achievement – true learning affects future – true learning affects success

3 + Key factors affecting learning: Resources – community, school Attitude towards education and learning Home environment Personality Teacher and pedagogies Education facilities

4 + Mr. Maslow says…

5 + Assure the foundation… Physiological state must be addressed – primary need Ones physical state – fed, hydrated, rested, This includes being physically comfortable and free of pain

6 + What factors can schools affect? Resources and learning environments Curriculum Comfort Security

7 + What factors can facilities affect? How can facilities folks contribute to positive learning outcomes? Appropriate learning environments – engaging, allowing for multiple pedagogies, readily available resources, etc Comfortable/pain free experience – ergonomics and movement supported

8 + Furniture is key

9 + Problem with the one armed bandits… Hard, static seat prohibit movement of the user Seat and back create points in the body that inhibit blood flow and circulation Inherently difficult to move These issues apply to many currently employed furniture solutions in the classroom

10 + Additional concern QUALITY! Quality affects: User experience Mobility of the product Ongoing function of the product Asset versus liability – Budget! save $ with quality products

11 + Audience participation… Just a little exercise for everyone… Stick one arm straight out from your shoulder to the side – and hold it steady there for 2 minutes Ask yourself How does it feel? – sore, fatigued Now stick your other arm out to the side but continuously bend and the straighten it at the elbow to keep your arm moving – do this for 2 minutes Ask yourself How does it feel? Thats the beauty of movement

12 + Movement and Learning Say hello to the Cerebellum…

13 + Cerebellum – not just for movement … The last place in the cerebellum where information is processed before entering the cortex – the Denate Nucleus – is actually missing in most primates…only those that have demonstrated the highest learning capabilities possess Denate nucleus is required for the cerebellum to communicate with any part of the body – including the parts of the brain that compose and conceive coherent and creative thought – ventral side is responsible for higher cerebellar function Processes movement and processes learning

14 + Movement and blood flow Movement and brain function are further correlated when one considers blood flow. Blood flow is paramount to the life and function of all organs – including the brain Movement = increased blood flow = more oxygen to the brain

15 + Additional considerations Movement triggers the body to release more brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) – which is a natural substance which boosts the ability of neurons to communicate with one another Movement allows the body to properly manage stress – ongoing stress has been linked to cognitive function and dysfunction onset for decades

16 + Movement applies not just to bodies

17 + Movement empowers learning Physical environments that plan and allow for movement and mobility of the furniture empower learning Furniture that is easily moved allows for a classroom to serve multiple teaching and learning styles Teaching and learning styles that are shown to increase learning retention

18 + Furniture layout Lecture – traditional style Instructor lead small groups Group work & discussion Multiple posture support Maximize floor space

19 + So why arent we? Dont believe there is a link to learning Product not available Cost

20 + Maybe should be budget discussion – not cost The true cost versus benefit is full of tangible and intangible elements The intangible – what if we dont support the learning of the child who could have cured cancer? solved for renewable energy source? negotiated world peace? started the business that would have hired your children or grandchildren? … paid the taxes that will pay for your CPP and ongoing healthcare costs?

21 + Lets talk tangibles Price versus price – your budgets and purchasing should consider MUCH more than simply price… Tangible costs that need to be considered: Price Quality/durability and therefore repair costs & future prices Waste – environmental and handling costs Liability Cost of acquisition – labour and time

22 + Ask yourself this How many folks are involved in making a purchase within your organization? Who are they? How much does those individuals earn per hour? How many hours and days does it take to complete the purchase process?

23 + Average Salaries Buyer $54,339, Purchaser $48,590, Senior Buyer $63,094, Junior Buyer $39,152 School Custodian: $30,847 Facilities Operator: $41,451 Facilities Manager: $63,552 Accounting Clerk: $32,938 School Principal: $77,632 Director within school board: $82,628 Salaries as of 1/23/2013 in CAD – reference:

24 + Purchase process How do you know you need product a? How do you know that product a exists and is the right product? How do you know if its better or the same as b, c, etc How do you know when to purchase? How do you know who sells product a? How do you notify sellers? …

25 + Everything considered Furniture is indeed critical to positive learning outcomes We can only control certain aspects of a childs learning in the positions we are in and we are all committed to doing what we can to best support and improve those outcomes Furniture is a big piece of the what you can control

26 + Furniture is a key component Furniture physically interacts with the student – you need to support movement and circulation to positively impact a students ability to maintain concentration, and actively engage their minds into the lesson Further, furniture that is mobile is needed to allow for multiple learning styles to be easily transitioned into and out of to engage the student and allow for greater retention All factors of cost need to be considered – not just price – when determining what we can do to help students succeed Benefits all of us – job well done today, future better supported for us and the employers/employees of tomorrow

27 + Furniture is a key component Allow their bodies to move – allows them to learn Allow the furniture to move – allows them to remember what they learn An engaged learner will be more successful in the classroom and in life

28 + Questions? Discussion… Thank you for participating

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