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Year 1 First Placement Mentors’ Meeting 7 th November 2013.

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1 Year 1 First Placement Mentors’ Meeting 7 th November 2013

2 Placement within Programme 3 week autumn block 11-29 November Orientation into teaching – focus on impact, processes Theory in University, placement, theory placement 4 week summer block – 16 June – 11 July Paired placement Guidance of CT and directed tasks Base class – visits to other classes No grades – feeds into Professional Studies outcomes Post-placement tutorial with Personal Supervisor

3 People and their Roles Programme Director – Sue Pierce School Experience Coordinator – Kay Fraser Partnership Coordinator – Cecily Simpson Partnership Office – Kim Metcalfe Placement Tutor PAT – Sarah Teasdale Mentor Class Teacher Contact details in handbook

4 Overview On website Suggestion – focus on learning experience, impact on pupil progress, gaining knowledge and understanding

5 Website Google – University of Hull Primary Partnership Handbook Contact details Dates Documents

6 Conduct and Absence Information in front of handbook p.7 Behaviour Appearance Conform to school discipline system Inform school of absence, leave message at University – repeated for each day of absence. Maintain record of attendance

7 Weekly Meeting Crucial Agree when and where with trainee at start Private, uninterrupted, appropriate length of time Weekly evaluation form – complete and sign with trainee Questions – how do they know, evidence, impact on pupil

8 Standards Standards 1, 3, 4, 7 and 8 – focus on these in discussions and meetings Standard 1 – Set high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils Standard 3 – demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge Standard 4 – plan and teach well structured lessons Standard 7 – Manage behaviour effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment Standard 8 – Fulfil wider professional responsibilities

9 Tasks 11 directed tasks – in base class and other classes Task 1School Context Questions Task 2Plan of Learning Environment Task 3Introductory talk with profile child, guide questions/obs Task 4English – reading material and experience Task 5Making an Impact! Comprehension with profile child

10 Tasks Task 6English – Phonics observation, highlight elements Task 7EYFS – learning environment, routines, school day Task 8Science – plan activity with small group to elicit understanding of science concept (plants and animals) Task 9Science – observe teacher carry out science investigation Task 10Maths – observe lessons – learning behaviours of profile child Task 11Maths – partner task –plan group activity – game, problem solving – given pro forma

11 Profile Child Trainee to follow profile child Discuss who at start of placement – doesn’t need to be SEN Focus – observing learning, assessing and impact of own input Tasks 3,5 and 10

12 Daily Diary Daily record of activities to be completed throughout placement Discuss at weekly meetings – what do they think record tells them? What do they notice? What questions does it raise they want to ask?

13 Issues Inform Partnership Area Tutor – as early as possible Discuss with Personal Tutor/Placement Tutor School Experience Coordinator alerted Action taken – Placement Tutor

14 Feedback Sheet Mentor Feedback Sheet will be available on the website at the end of the placement We value your contribution THANK YOU!!

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